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A third of London boroughs 'fess to running unsupported server software

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Re: Lies, damn lies and FOI

You know that there is something called operational risk, in addition to the security risk.

Your box can be firewalled to death or completely cut off from the network, it won't help you if something f**ks up with the OS or the DB and you are left on the mercy of "best effort" support by MS.

What irks me the most is that such systems are dubbed "critical" so can't be migrated, yet there are rarely provisions for what happens if they just die one day.

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Re: Universities

Can't comment for all, but I have worked in IT of 2 major London Universities and both were the exact opposite - always pushing for the latest versions as soon as they come out.

Sure they had some other "skeletons in the closet", but keeping old OSes around wasn't one of them.

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.

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Re: Be much more interested in...Power-Outlet-Sockets being universal

I have been in at least 2 Hotels that had USB ports in the outlets, which semi solves the problem. At least as far as phone charging is concerned.

A universal alignment of power plugs is not going to happen, simply because it's too costly and difficult to implement even if by some sort of a miracle all the world comes to a consensus on the type to be used.

ZX Spectrum reboot latest: Some Vega+s arrive, Sky pulls plug, Clive drops ball

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Re: Over on eBay

That's silly IMHO, they have so much bad press and i understand they are quite rubbish, but in 5-10 years time might fetch much more as collector items, being so rare and infamous.

TalkTalk shrugs off moaning customers to claim 80,000 more

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It only goes to show how much penny pinching Brits value their privacy and security. £10-20/year....

Capita strikes again: Bug in UK-wide school info management system risks huge data breach

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Crapita SOP

sal II

Isolated, limited, rare

Ahh I love the smell of a BS apologetic statement

Test Systems Better, IBM tells UK IT meltdown bank TSB

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Not enough testing

"IBM suggested that the bank's testing was not up to scratch, saying it "has not seen evidence of the application of a rigorous set of go-live criteria to prove production readiness"."

I could have told them that for free, no need to spend couple of £100k on IBM "expertise"...

UK Home Office's £885m crim records digi effort: A 'masterclass in incompetence'

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No Clue

"The Home Office and TCS now accept that, when the contract was signed in 2012, no one had a good enough understanding of what it would take to make the programme successful"

The real problem is that 6 years later they still have no understanding of what would take to make it successful...

Google shoots Chrome 66's silencer after developer backlash

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Re: Sorry...

ads? what ads?

More Brits have access to 1Gbps speeds than those failing to muster 10Mbps – Ofcom report

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The devil is in the details

What is not mentioned here is that the statistics are based on capability, not actual metrics.

Meaning that everyone who has ADSL2 connection is considered to have 10Mbps+ connection, regardless of the actual speed delivered by the provider. Large swats of London can't get more than 5-7Mbps due to busy lines, can't even imagine how it is in the rural areas with aluminium cables and the like.

Similarly everyone with FTTP is considered in the 1Gbps+ category, regardless of the actual ability of their provider to offer, let alone deliver such speeds.

Re Hyperoptic - I used them 2 years ago with their 100Mbps offer and it was brilliant - symmetric (same upload speed) which is important to me (offisite backups) and never had issues with contention/throttling. They offer 1Gbps residential at an attractive, but IMHO it's an overkill and more of a barging rights/point with your mates, than actual need for it.

US spanks EU businesses in race to detect p0wned servers

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EMEA =/ Europe

EMEA stands for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Europe is just a subsection of that and then the EU is just a subsection of Europe.

So not sure what bearing a numbers for EMEA have on EU businesses.

Here's the list of Chinese kit facing extra US import tariffs: Hard disk drives, optic fiber, PCB making equipment, etc

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Re: Should have happened decades ago

>>The two decades of currency manipulation, direct and indirect subsidies have killed near all of the non-Chinese electronics manufacturing.

South Korea begs to differ.

Electronics assembly - maybe, Electronics manufacturing not so much

What a mesh: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi users moan over update

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Re: Mesh Networks

Not everyone have the skills to run cat5 cables and if you are renting it's not an option at all.

Your individual APs are unlikely to handle device handover between them correctly so you will get disconnections while roaming at home

Lloyds Banking Group to splash £3bn on tech

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Time to buy TCS shares !!!

Mobile network O2 UK leaps into 5G test bed with Greenwich trial

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Big four...

" It was ranked as the worst of the four big mobile players in the UK"

There are only 4 mobile players, the rest are virtual networks piggybacking with performance dependent on the physical network they are running off, so not really comparable.

Three become one: Dell EMC's VxBlock range is now a seriously big iron

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Re: "Hyperconverged"

>get all your support and lifecycle management from one place

That sounds good on paper, in reality is the same shambles as you still need to deal with different vendors or arms of the same vendor that don't speak to each other. For example the offering in the article has Cisco kit and most likely vCenter or hyper-v to handle virtualization

I mention my sour experience with HPE VS3 - we spend 3 months going back and forth between Microsoft, HPE and 3PAR (that wasn't fully absorbed into HPE back then) to figure out why we can't integrate the storage array to SCVMM 2012 R2 as it was giving generic error. Until a guy from 3PAR joined the case one day and simply stated - ah it's a known issue, was fixed with inForm OS update months ago...

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Re: ehhh! No.

My post was partially sarcastic.

The thing with converged is that you must adhere to the strict list of supported hardware. So replacing individual bits although possible in theory is hard in practice.

But maybe I'm biased from my experience with HPE VS3, couple of years ago. Which looked brilliant on paper, but in reality was piece of manure.

sal II

Dell/EMC Russian roulette

We couldn't make our minds which branches of our now extensive product portfolio to keep. So here is a Russian roulette offering that includes all of them converged. This will increase the chance of one of them being discontinued in the near future, forcing you to replace the whole shebang, instead of individual bits, helping us pay off our massive debt...

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus

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Forced updates

Pffft, they should follow the example of Microsoft - hook them to the internet and force the auto updates.

It can hardly go any worse than it is now...

Dell board meeting: What've we got on the table? Sparkling, still, sarnies... and oh, IPO?

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Re: Public Clouds are built on Software

>and the software is running on? air? Crystals? Ohh, yes, Now I remember, it´s runing on hardware

Yeah but the x86 hardware market is well established and the iron is mostly the same irrespective of which of the dozen or so major vendors. Purchase decisions are mostly based on organization preference / what they are currently running etc. It's hard to differentiate yourself from the others and gain market share.

Everyone and their dog is after a piece of the new hot pie - public cloud.

The EU is sooo 2016. We're all about the US now, say Brit scaleups

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Re: @ nick_rampart

Typical Brexiteer blaming the EU for everything and wearing rose tinted glasses...

> Last quarter GDP growth is 0.4% fro UK vs 0.6% for the EU

> GBP value is not mandated or controlled by the EU, but market conditions and BoE

> Housing market is propped not by overvalued GBP, but artificial government caused inflation - a.k.a. help to by and decades of under-investment in new builds. anyway nothing to do with EU membership

> Call me when we have actual signed trade deals with US/China that actually benefit the UK, we can't even renegotiate the exiting "deal" with the EU...

> Trade barriers are there to protect local business - for example UK farmers will be utterly f**ked with by any FTA with Africa/US/S.America

> You will pay a heavy price for "freedom to burn imposed and interfering laws." by relinquishing your right to privacy to begin with and it won't end there...

> What ecenomic dmage has the EU caused to, member states? Are you quoting Greece? If so get your facts together, it wasn't the EU that let them retire at 50 with final salary and have guaranteed 13th salary and often 14th. They had the chance to quite the Eurozone and default, noone foreced them to accept the bailouts, there were no German panzers at the borders...

US voting server in election security probe is mysteriously wiped

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Re: They should have called Saul instead!

They tried but it was conflict of interests as the election officials had already hired him...

Want to keep in contact with friends and family without having to sell your personal data?

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Target demographic?

"And that is the core market for the device: people who are too young or too old to figure out, or want to figure out, how the iPad works when all they want is to use Facetime or look at pictures."

Both my 3 y.o. son and my 78 grandmother can use iPad for basic stuff, so who exactly is this targeted at?

The "discount" price is the same as iPad mini 2 and the normal price is the same as refurbished iPad mini 4, for a fraction of the hardware/software specs and versatility.

Only knobs will buy this for the knobs...

Dell EMC refreshes its entry-level arrays

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Being able to address 1PB of raw storage and being able to effectively serve it to the hosts under load are 2 completely different things. I can't imagine a real world scenario where the amount of compute in the SCv3000 will be able to handle actual load associated with that much sotrage

Still looks like a good option for DR though, where performance won't matter that much

Another month, another malware outbreak in Google's Play Store

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Re: Useless Google

"I wonder just how many new apps and revisions of old apps get uploaded daily to the Google & Apple app stores."

This is not an excuse. If independant researchers can do it, how come multi-billion company can't?

There are many ways to mitigate that like:

- Tier system for developers - by all means use the bots to scan trusted developers apps. If there is something wrong with an app - ban the developer and all other of his apps or enforce penalty etc. Full manual scan for first time devs

- At all times manually verify only basic sanity points like - Why does a flashlight/wallpaper etc. app needs access to calls/sms and internet? This will take 1 min per app and can be done by human drones for pennies.

Couple fires sueball at Amazon over faulty solar eclipse-viewing goggles

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American sue culture at it's best.

What are the chances of them suing the corner shop if they had sourced the allegedly faulty goggles from it rather than Amazon?

New York Police scrap 36,000 Windows smartphones

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Re: iPhone?

Why not? at least the OS is somewhat guaranteed to get updates for the next 4+ years, unlike 99% of the Android handsets

Uncle Sam outlines evidence against British security whiz Hutchins

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Re: Pride cometh....

Haven't you heard about the "special" UK-US relations?

'Other' may yet become the biggest and most useful cloud

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When it comes to full blown Public Cloud migration/deployment SLA and cost are kings. Even if somehow an "others" player manages to convince punters that their SLAs are as good or better than the major players, they have no chance in hell to compete on cost. All of the big players are prepared dump prices bellow cost to fight off the competition (and have already done it in the past) covering the losses on their Cloud from other sources. Even then compatibility APIs etc. are unreachable for small time players.

When it comes to hybrid and managed "Private" clouds, small players might have a chance to compete offering greater flexibility, but these will always be a niche players and can't become the "biggest" clouds

London 'not-spots' look out! Mayor wants team to tackle crap signal

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It's enough to run the air con on the open sections of the lines which will keep the interior cool enough for at least part of the underground portions.

The real problem is that the vast majority of the rolling stock is circa '70/'80 with no air con.

Mediocre Britain: UK broadband ranked 31st in world for speed

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How is it economical for poor EE countries like Bulgaria and Romania to have a better infrastructure and better broadband speeds, when the customers pay much less than in UK, while the cost of cables and equipment is more or less the same?

Who cares about voice network when most people use mobile and the majority of the international calls from landlines are routed through VoIP.

Your car example is a poor one, as it doesn't include requirements, here is a better one:

Exhibit A: You don't own a car but you have to go to work on time every day - spending 20k on a new car is justifiable

Exhibit B: You own a 30 years old executive saloon that does 5mpg, costs a fortune run, fails to start at least once a month, and you are often late for work - according to yours and BT logic spending 20k on a new car is justifiable, as the old one has been serving you well for decades and still runs.

Just because in the past the current speeds (which have not improved for the majority of the UK population even a slightest bit) have been enough doesn't mean it will remain so in the next couple of years. Explosion of online content, music and video streaming becoming the norm and increased demand for remote working are putting the current infrastructure to a breaking point.

ALIS in Blunderland: Lockheed says F-35 Block 3F software to be done by year's end

sal II

The gift that keeps on giving

" Block 4 is said to be already in development, in spite of the delays to Block 3F. New software "drops" will be rolled out about every two years, with Block 4 scheduled for the beginning of the 2020s."

Aaah the gift that keeps on giving, a subscription model with never ending software updates with no need to spend cash on engineers, while still milking the F35 project for decades to come.

Reborn Nokia phones biz loses its head

sal II

Re: Hard to believe

> And where is Ericsson nowadays?

More or less the same place the original Nokia is - milking their extensive portfolio of patents and making some infrastructure stuff

Man facing $17.5m HPE fraud case has contempt sentence cut by Court of Appeal

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Re: This used to be how commerce worked isn't it?

No it goes like this:

- Man sings a contract with HPE to buy and resell large volumes of goods at discounted prices for emerging markets. With explicit clauses forbidding him from reselling the goods in a different region.

- Man breaches the contract and resells in a different region

- HPE sues for breach of contract.

Situation normal, blurts T-Mobile, while network continues to crap itself

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Time zones

13:26 BST

04:00 PST

03:30 EDT

Is it too much to ask to convert all the quoted times i na single time zone, so we can get a clearer picture of the timeline...

Nest leaves competition in the dust with new smart camera

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Re: Sigh ...

>Mum is starting to suffer dementia, and can't recognise faces reliably anymore. Which can be distressing when a nurse has to visit.

What is better suited in this case, a cutting edge tech that requires some degree of technical knowledge to operate/maintain or a small binder of printed pictures with names and brief description of the relevant persons?

Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap

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Re: On the other hand...

>I maybe have different fingers because I find the iPhone 6 Plus fingerprint sensor a pain.

There is a major improvement in the fingerprint reader between iPhone 6 and 6s/7. I have the 6, my wife the 6s the difference between the two is like night and day.

Plutus Payroll clients and staff fell for plausible business model fairy tales

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Re: Could someone please enlighten me, and perhaps others

> Could someone please enlighten me, and perhaps others

Not intimately familiar with the story so this is just a speculation, but it looks like the sham was going all along for years and the recent activity around the Synep takeover drew enough attention from the ATO to unravel the whole thing.

The fact is that the scheme never actually crumbled as much ATO caught wind of it and froze their assets.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?

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Re: With the Samsung Galaxy 8 implementation - yes.

Who is arguing that biometrics are passwords?

Both are 1 factor authentications, both are inherently insecure for different reasons. In the case of a mobile phone that has to be regularly unlocked in public, where anyone can see your PIN, biometric option is more secure.

sal II

Re: Hahahaha!

>Fingerprint reader more secure than facial or iris recognition?

With the Samsung Galaxy 8 implementation - yes. You can fool most of the fingerprint sensors with an image of the fingerprint, but it has to be obtained with a high enough quality and printed to scale first. Whereby you can readily get a picture of a persons face from facebook, Photo ID and what not.

The Iris recognition is more secure, but unreliably implemented here, so not really convenient for unlocking.

As for your claim that PINs are more secure than fingerprint sensors, you would be amazed how easy is for someone to spy your PIN even from a low angle, then lift your phone on the spot, rather than having to procure print outs of your face/fingerprint in advance.

DeX Station: Samsung's Windows-killer is ready for prime time

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Ahh, Windows-killer, now if I can only remember where have I heard that before...

This seems like a nice product and there is definitely a future for it, but it's not doing anything to even scratch the two biggest Windows strongholds - Corporate/Enterprise and PC gaming. The first dislikes change for various reasons and the second is firmly entrenched.

The major downside of Windows 10 is data collection/snooping and forced updates, otherwise it's a perfectly good OS. How is this any different with Samsung's Dex?

Aviation regulator flies in face of UK.gov ban, says electronics should be stowed in cabin. Duh

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luggage throwing competition (aka plane loading/unloading)

The baggage handlers can now claim they are doing it for our safety - any flimsy IED present in one of these suit cases will either fell apart or detonate on the ground after the beating.

Community vid reveals demos of vSphere-on-AWS cloud concoction

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Re: Nothing in it for VMware?

I guess that VMWare released their own cloud solution is not going to take off and instead of falling behind the Hyper-V / Azure hybrid combo decided (correctly IMHO) to just focus on the virtualization part, while teaming with the other major player in the cloud business - AWS.

What is in this for VMWare is i guess fat license fees for the privilege to use that service, on top of the cost for AWS resources.

US Marine Corps chiefs declare WAR on stolen sex snap sharing scum

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Re: Digital is forever

The focus of the story is a facebook group - suppose some f the members where invited without knowing the content in advance - they could have left the group after seeing the content and report it to their superiors. Instead they remained and made derogatory comments about their colleagues/brothers/sisters in arms in a public medium - the Internet, which is somewhat different than a verbal comment like "check out that rack/ass" on a passing woman/man (which is still wrong, but often innocent)

There are no excuses for such behavior, they knew what they are doing and it's time to bear the consequences.

Intel swallows Tesla-hating self-driving car biz Mobileye for $15bn

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Re: A.I. is hard...

>Where's MobileEar ?

I sense a business opportunity here - found MobileEar today, get a multibillion paycheck in a couple of yEars

UK to block Kodi pirates in real-time: Saturday kick-off

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Re: Defendants

"How is something that encourages people to use ISPs other than the big 5 that don't have these blocks in their interest?!"

They are all also TV providers and sports packages are much more expensive than broadband.

Also in many areas there is no alternative

This is where UK's Navy will park its 65,000-tonne aircraft carriers

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>The calcs show that over the lifetime of the carrier a reactor would cost more then oil.

>With a reactor, if it breaks down you got real problems; with oil you can have many separate generators.

It's not just about cost - this is a warship - in a war time you might end up with restricted access to oil and/or refueling points/ships. With nuclear you can ration the food and produce fresh water for the crew and still keep the ship running. Arguably given the fact that you still need oil based fuel for the airplanes on board might counter this point.

That's why US carriers have 2 reactors each, with one being stand-by

Oh, 3PAR. One moment you're gliding along. The next, you're in the rain as HPE woos Nimble

sal II

>Nimble (soon HPE) employee

My sincere condolences

Signed: former HPE employee

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