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It's the curious case of the vanishing iPhone sales as Huawei grabs second place off Apple in smartmobe stakes


My IT team just got used to using the P Smart and it being a great phone for the general users at a low price and I myself got the mate 20 pro only a month ago, do I regret amid the news.. not at all, I'll be glad to see what Huawei come up with to run their amazing handsets without all the google slurping stuff built-in.

I always thought I'd go back to Nokia...but it turns out Huawei have old Nokia devs so I think we could be on to a winner in the coming years...

Cheapskate Brits appear to love their Poundland MVNOs as UK's big four snubbed in survey again


Re: PlusNet is BT

EE is BT too....

Windows 0-day pops up out of nowhere Twitter


Seems like a total mischief maker to me, chuck the code out "in anger" knowing it has a good potential to cause a lot of trouble if used quickly amongst the ever wise user base who don't update their machines at patch release..

Outage outrage: TSB app offers users a TITSUP* encore


TSB is actually a good bank, I was with them for over 12 years but changed for other reason prior to their split from Lloyds, a bit of planning gone wrong but I wouldn't make a huge fuss about it, how many great plans in IT go sour. It just happened to be very public for them.. how unfortunate.

Kremlin's war on Telegram sees 50 VPNs stopped at the border


When they target telegram... use Signal instead :-D

He's cheesed it! French flick pirate on the lam to swerve €80m fine, two-year stretch in the clink


Re: This:

Agree totally with Khaptain, it's no wonder there are so many pirates making the money the cinema could be making if they made it more affordable and less of a rip off, we all know they need to make money but most businesses improvise to make money not make it a statutory rip off from the minute you enter the door.

The UK crimewatch posted on twitter recently saying "streamers" were a crime ring, made me laugh so hard. So it's not the content host that's the criminal it's the poor people who stream that are criminals. Suppose that makes sense that the rich get richer and the poor get pushed further into the gutter.

Night before Xmas and all through American Airlines, not a pilot was flying, thanks to this bug


Time and a half or a holiday over christmas

I think I would take the holiday regardless of the wages, stuff flying all over the shop over the christmas period when you could be sitting at home chilling with family. Money can't buy happiness.

Ah, the Raspberry Pi 3. So much love. So much power ... So turn it into a Windows thin client


When you find a monitor with a 2.5a USB port let me know... Pi's run like a bag of spanners without the full power


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