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How's your driving, Elon? Musk tweets that Tesla Model S 'floats'

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Re: Missing the most important question

The biggest problem with rotating number plates is that you'd have to remove at a minimum the supports behind the bumper, and possibly cut a hole in the radiator on most modern cars.

Ejection seats are pretty easy to add, just shockinglyi llegal and prone to disaster on the MOT when the tester tries to adjust the seat when moving the car. Just ask Martin Baker for a couple of zero zero ejection seats. Jets deal with the roof by fitting explosives in the glass and blowing them up at the start of the ejection sequence, and I suppose you could do this with a car. Although there is a good reason pilots wear armoured helmets....

Caltrops are dead simple, just a door dropping a box worth of them.

Machine guns behind the side lights is not impossible depending on which calibre you want. The higher the calibe the bigger the problem and the fewerr ounds you could reasonably have stored. The biggest problem is feeding the ammo in and ejecting the empties. Much easier on older cars that had more space in the engine compartment or something with a rear mounted engine that has the boot space up front.

Boss at 'Microsoft' scam support biz told to cough £000s in comp

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Re: B'stards

The trick was to keep them thinking that they are making progress through letting them "solve" the problems with the IE6 security settings, firewall blocking the program, AV blocking it etc so they genuinely think they are making progress.

It may well be that it's hard to get a decent score these days because a lot more people are playing, but competition is good. At worst, somebody is paying them to talk to you so it costs them a bit for the time, and while they are talking to you then they aren't scamming somebody else.

JESUS battery HEALS itself - might make electric cars more practical

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Re: Off-topic: Electric cars?!?

Chris, when talking about emissions you're missing two important facts.

1)CCGT plants have to distrubute energy via the national grid to the car. This involves transmission losses.

2)The car has to use transformers to transform AC supplied from the grid to DC to be stored in the batteries. This conversion incurs losses.

Was these ommissions accidental? When you take this into account the efficiency difference is not really such a big difference as you suggest in your post, and I would note that you do actually have to use a fair bit of energy to dig a hole in the ground, recover the coal from it, and sort said coal from surronding deposits.

Land Registry denies ID fraud risk

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The Land Registry system is not public and its VERY secure as anybody that uses it will know.

And if your going to start worrying about this, then remember that it simply digitalises the processes that were in place before it! Before this system came along you still got exactly the same information by ringing HMLR telephone services. The only difference now is that its cheaper and in an electronic format instead of a hard copy DX'd out.

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