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BBC goes live... over Wi-Fi

Simon Proctor


Well I just tried it with my G1 and got a lovely 'Your phone is not supported page'. Maybe they mean it'll work after the next update which is possibly bringing us Flash?

Or maybe not.

Flash-based iPlayer is go

Simon Proctor


No 64bit Linux then? What with the Flash Player for 64 bit Linux still not available. Of course this does mean I'm able to get some work done as I can't go to You Tube at work.

Land Registry denies ID fraud risk

Simon Proctor

Not JUST £3 a search

As someone who works at a company who makes serious usage of the Land Registry website I'd make one quibble with this ongoing story of how insecure it is. Both here and in other media (including the BBC's morning scare-a-thon) a big deal is made about "for just £3 you can search someone's details"...

Except before being able to do this you need to be a registered user and that really isn't easy. The hoops they make you jump through to become registered would deter the simply curious and the Land Registry do keep tabs on all the searches. I think NO2ID (who I respect in their campaign to make sure we don't get ID cards, even if they aren't doing so well) should be focussing on making sure the Land Registry vet all applicants for registration thoroughly than trying to scare us with this 'just £3'... i was going to say something rude but i'm too polite for that.

Anyway, just my 2 penneth.

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