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Dear ISP, I am not a target market

Greg Berlin


The fact that they are targetting ads at me is maybe not to bad - I actually consider the fact that there are ads on the pages to be much more of a problem.

The number of times that a Register page does not render because it is waiting for ad.doubleclick.com to respond is far to much, and very annoying!

MySQL defends paid tarball decision

Greg Berlin

MYSql licence

I recently contacted mysql about the fact that the commercial licence for clietns had disappeared off their website, and was told that as a developer, I had to take a licence.

I asked for the agreement, and was amazed to discover that I had to collect their fees for them, and additionally I had to agree on behalf of clients that I know nothing about (they are not clients at the moment) that they would not use MySql for anything else other than my product, and that if my agreement with the client ended, the client would remove MySql from their system.

Ridiculous terms, and I am now looking at Postgres!

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