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Well now you node: They're not known for speed, but Ceph storage systems can fly


6ms+ w NVMe

The only way to achieve such abysmal write latency is to have the world’s slowest data protection algos.

Are they sending the acks via pigeon carrier?

Nice one, former Cisco staff: Switchzilla is absolutely coining it


Re: Good for Cisco

What a complete bullshit story.

Where in the world does a signed purchase order and invoice change its value? FOREX fluctuations are completely irrelevant to you buying from Cisco or Arista or Juniper, that's something your procurement guys and the CFO worry about.

You sign PO, that price gets invoiced according to T&C after merchandise ships, then you pay with 30 days or whatever your payment terms are. Alternatively, you have some sort of financing in place to spread the payments over time.



Yeah right.

You've been served: Market rakes in $22bn, Dell does rather well – IDC


Re: I don’t get it

I should have looked at the entire table. Yikes! The whole market grew by 50%. Well played Dell, nice execution.


I don’t get it

What’s up with Dell and these WILDLY fluctuating numbers? Same with HP. Dell’s server biz grew 50% in one year? Do you really believe this?

Wasn’t it HPE who had massive changes in storage and server sales lately?

Is this just accounting and reporting shenanigans?

HiveIO claims latest HCI software 'eliminates' complexity... Isn't that the whole point of HCI?


So why wouldn’t I just use Turbonomic?

Supermicro breathes in, shimmies a PB of Intel flash into one rack unit


No RAID for NVMe

NVMe has no SAS stack and hence no RAID. You have a bunch of individual devices which are very very fast. Usual limitation is 10 per servers due to lack of PCIe lanes.

I need to take a closer look at this box and see how they upped the number of available lanes for a 2 socket system, if they didn’t it will be a world of pain.

This box needs a fast SDS layer to control all those individual devices, VSAN and Nutanix for example.

Future is bright for NVMe-over-Fabrics with TCP and Ethernet, say Solarflare, Lightbits


Re: NVMe/TCP is on the fast track for standardization

Fair enough. The issue is with who carries the burden of support and code maintenance. Is it *you* writing and maintaining drivers for Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, Vmware, KVM, etc. (in all their glorious versions and patch levels) permutated with all possible array models and versions, or is it those vendors writing and maintaining their code to adhere to this standard. The difference is monumental.

And yes, it’s true, TCP is everywhere. But NVMe’s biggest advantage is getting rid of the SAS stack. Why would I introduce the even crappier TCP stack unless it’s just for tier 2 and 3 but why use NVMe at all then?


Right. I am totally going to install a KERNEL EXTENSION from some small outfit. Into all my tier 0 and tier 1 app servers, change management will wave this trough no problemo.


And then, instead of a standards based architecture (RoCE) which is actively supported and maintened by all my vendors Oracle, Red Hat, Msft, Vmware, Dell, Pure, and Cisco I would have to rely on these guys to maintain code and drivers in a stable and timely fashion for all mentioned above. Yeah right.

Ex-Intel exec Diane Bryant exits Google cloud


I am confused

I want to up vote it but I don't want encourage more such comments

Disk firmware can kill a whole cluster how exactly? Cisco explains


Re: Who else?

Reason for custom firmware, or rather validated and certified firmware, is interoperability. No-one really cares if your desktop PC goes on the fritz and you lose your photo collection.

If that happens to a corporation someone will be held liable, including public egg on face.

What I find more interesting lately is that apparently Cisco is really testing the crap out of their component suppliers and finding all these bugs. Someone mentioned below that this is an Intel bug, so not only kudos to Cisco for finding it but more importantly, shouldn't Dell and HPE with their much larger server orgs be the one who catch it?

All is swell at Dell: Look, first storage share gain since closing EMC deal


I have a stupid question

Why is this 41% leap being reported without asking the obvious question? Why and how?

What happened last year? And what changed this year?

NAND I... will always love you, says Micron as it emits 7.68TB QLC SSD


Journaling for write leveling

This will be very helpful for HCI vendors with journaling filesystems because they can level writes for the persistent storage tier. We can also expect storage array vendors to take full advantage of it after they have tuned their write caching/de-staging a bit.

Cisco cancels all YouTube ads, then conceals cancellation



What's the point of this article? Is this some sort of fncked up gotcha journalism? What exactly is being concealed? It was done relatively quietly without big press release or false virtue signaling, then someone thought the wording could be better and changed it.

What exactly are you implying?

Cisco took the high road and did the right thing. Instead of reinforcing good behavior, and I think we can all freely admit this is exactly what should be done to force Google to finally police the cesspit that is YouTube, you guys are egging on the first major company to dare do this. Are you out of your mind?

I am appalled by your behavior. You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr Sharwood. Have you no decency?

Highway to the auto-zone: Cisco is catching up to Brocade in Fibre Channel speed race


Re: Buying Cisco gear for FC...


Brocade ALWAYS sucked with directors, switches were kinda ok.

Brocade never had FC director leadership. McData had. Once Cisco grabbed leadership Brocade bought McData only to kill the tech and keep DCX.

Cisco FC biz is way bigger than Brocade.


MDS Diagnostics

MDS Diagnostics is Virtual Instruments, OEMed into Cisco MDS switches. Doesn't require TAP and SAN rover which is a huge deal.

We ran a massive array of VI instrumentation across all our VMAX arrays and it's a storage admins dream. We could pin point individual FC frames and IO, correlate with DB IO, determine application performance on the SAN in real time. Cache hits, cache misses, we could identify misconfigured RAID sets just by looking at FC frame statistics. Ridiculously good stuff.

If I understand correctly it's now available in all 16 and 32G MDS switches.

HPE shines in IDC Converged Systems tracker, Cisco does not


Re: HP shining but

You can extrapolate that. Take all external storage revenue numbers plus all blades revenue across all vendors and you have a pretty accurate number for all server plus SAN implementations.

If you've got $1m+ to blow on AI, meet Pure, Nvidia's AIRI fairy: A hyperconverged beast


Re: similar to HP?

The HP box has PCIe which is a huge bottleneck whereas the DXG1 has NVlink


You bet your DRaaS: Infinidat squeezes out new backup, array and cloud compute products



It's cool tech but never got any traction. It's one of those thing everyone loves to take a meeting about, listen to the pitch and imagine its implementation, but when it comes to allocating a budget, it's the first thing to be dropped from a BOM.

To Infinity Storage... and beyond! Cloudian gobbles Italian minnow


This is good.

Most object storage products lack robust file services. Either functionality or scalability or availability, or all of them at once.

A robust object/S3 with robust and well integrated SMB/NFS ... at a good price? A boy can dream!

We three kings of Dell EMC are; bigging up storage we traverse AFA


Re: The problem is implementation

What is scale out to you is pretty much useless because what you describe is a single namespace with individual controller pairs, a federation.

NetApp has no scale out besides SolidFire. That on the other hand is superb.


Re: The problem is implementation

"NetApp on the other, who finally figured out how to get scale-out clustering and all-flash working"

Oh man, this statement really bends the truth lol

First, it took NetApp only FOURTEEN YEARS to get Spinnaker finally working. Congrats, I guess?

Second, "working". Working it does but scale out it is not. It's a federation, not scale-out.


Re: With EMC leadership team effectively out, storage is just a commodity for Dell

VSAN has terrible performance and ease of use only goes so far.

Vmware better rewrite it fundamentally. Which they probably are, they aren't stupid.

Hyperconverger Nutanix gobbles Netsil


Re: Better research please

No dog in this fight but $500m in the bank? Not really. I was looking to buy some stock for long term investment and am following their fundamentals for quite a while.

It’s $500m line of credit to cover negative cashflow and get disbursed quarterly. Unfortunately, their financial health is atrocious and unsutainablr. The company is profitable only if stock payments and liabilities magically disappear, which they won’t and can’t. This is the same problem SnapChat had and has, GAAP accounting always catches up with you. Uber they are not.

I really like how much they disrupt the status quo and speed up innovation even if I disagree with the style due to my advanced age. But at the same time I feel there is an almost cultlike following which ignores reality and facts. This won’t end well.



NewRelic is good but geared towards cloud born apps which were designed and written by the same developers. Perfect for greenfield/startups. It breaks down fast in multisilo and multiplatform/provider environments.

Cisco to trial direct online sales


Re: The resellers will hate it.

"We have more than enough CPU to run things inefficiently and not care about it if it means we can cut a network admin."

That's a surefire way to have a massive network outage.

SDN does not make network admins obsolete, it only means that admins require more architectural skills than before when flying by the seat of your pants was kind of ok.

Server sales dead? No sir, not in Q4


Look at those Inspur guys. Can we please get more info on them?

Dell results: Well done, ice cream for everyone! Er, not you, storage


Re: Servers and VMware up Storage down

No one is denying that NetApp and others are growing. Also there is definitely decline in VMAX and XtremIO. But ponder this:

VSAN/VxRail teams are cannibalizing Unity by snatching up VNX refreshes. NetApp does not have this problem yet but might once SolidFire HCI starts replacing FAS.

As of time of that IDC report, HPE hadn't pushed SimpliVity into their 3Par, EVA, Nimble, and MSA base yet but I am hearing changes in compensation structure are driving such behavior.

I agree in all points except we will see continued growth in others. I am convinced we will see the same erosion EMC is being in other vendors installed base because of lower revenue HCI solutions replacing legacy SAN/NAS.

Tintri finally opens wide, bites restructuring bullet


Re: Huh?

Must be a typo because component prices have been going up.

Nutanix shrugs off loss, rivals, buys another firm


Re: And your point is?

Where do you get those numbers?

Pure now a billion-dollar revenue biz as Dell EMC, HPE take eyes off prize



This is actually quite impressive, who would have thought?

For what it's worth, the chatter I am hearing (from Pure reps and SEs as well as channel) is that they are -very- successful in healthcare. The Pure SEs are also bragging about a large number of VxRail VDI implementations which they fixed by adding a FlashArray.

Executing the DIMM sidestep: Movements in High Bandwidth Memory


That should take care of some of the Spectre/Meltdown performance problems.

Want ScaleIO virtual SAN software? You'll need to buy Dell servers



I fondly remember deploying ScaleIO on 500 t2.micro EC2 instances and (jokingly) needling my EMC rep why my VMAX AF can’t keep up with the IOPS.

But a bit more seriously, does Dell have ARM servers? One of the great advantages of ScaleIO is/was its capability to run on ARM. This seems to be gone now.

As HPE trousers soaring profit, new CEO looks at cost-cutting Next plan and thinks: More of that!


Re: Evryone is doing well


Bullshit. During layoffs, the most talented leave on their own because they have options. Everyone wants to change jobs on their own terms not by decree of some anonymous director/VP far away.

Case in point, in my region all the talented Nimble sales reps and systems engineers have already left.


Re: Evryone is doing well

True that. I wish they hadn’t so many people let go recently. I am not sure that brain drain is easily replacable.

Hot NAND: Samsung wheels out 30TB SSD monster


Re: nate1981

Thanks. That sucks. 30TB in a 2.5" factor would have been great, in 3.5" not so much


Re: urrrm

The RAID controller on the Apollo can't handle it.

Scality CEO: About that C-suite throttling...


Re: Mr. Lecat says we don't need a stinking C-suite at Scality

I was engaged with Scality in a number of opportunities over the years. For a while they kept ignoring us because our HPE relationship is lukewarm at best. We worked a lot with SwiftStack and lately also with Cloudian.

Frankly, we saw Scality as a soon-to-be-acquired by HPE company and didn't want to bring them into our accounts as we feared we would suddenly an HPE footprint. To us it also looked like they were only working with HPE reps on HPE opportunities. Then suddenly a year or so ago we noticed them knocking at our door (we are a large regional SI/VAR) which always struck us as weird. All their enablement decks were still full of HPE products, logos, success stories, etc.

Unfortunately for them, we don't trust them anymore.

Storage snow big deal? Products vendors hope will sleigh, pole position startups and more



Seeing some solid activity from Cloudian. Their HyperFile gateway is very useful, especially the scale out controller functionality. Only downside so far is the shared storage/SAN requirement for the filer cache, which prevents a true commodity server play.

Say HCI is an enhanced server. If you don't already sell 'em, it could be game over, man


Re: Market share

Don't know but the data centers I see have a lot of UCS. You walk down any of the Switch NAPs and all larger sections are mostly commodity or UCS (still plenty of Dell, HP not so much). Of course, I've only walked a few NAPs and SuperNAPs, for all I know the other NAPs contain a million sqft of Dell and HPE all stacked 60RU high.

Cisco surges after pricing switches-plus-subscriptions just below old hardware prices


Re: It's another rip-off in the making

Yes, but the license/functionality is no longer tied to the hardware. You subscribe to the functionality and change the hardware underneath as you see fit.


Re: It's another rip-off in the making

Wall Street demands a change to the business model. This is across the entire industry.

How do you win at HCI? It's SimpliVity ... or maybe not, right Dell?


It's a total mess. I've read the complete report now (thank you Nutanix for spamming my inbox) and pinged two buddies at VCE/Dell and Cisco. Quite some interesting opinions.

The software only requirement is completely ludicrous IMHO. One poster below already said that this should disqualify HPE Simplivity. I would add it should also disqualify VxRack (requires high performance Nexus 3000 switches) and theoretically also disqualify Cisco UCS as it requires UCS fabric interconnects (high speed network fabric).

But if we accept that as a criteria, then we also have to disqualify Nutanix. While their new "Turbo" feature is theoretically available for all platforms it only makes sense with RDMA. For that you have to use specific Mellanox or Arista switches and RDMA adapters.

This "hardware independent" requirement is so 2016 to be honest. After years of general purpose computing we are seeing more and more specialization in hardware, esp for encryption, compression, and low latency data transport. We will have vendors like Nutanix who will try to do everything in software (because they have to) and vendors like Dell, HPE, and Cisco add custom ASICs and FPGA (or specialized merchant silicon such as Nvidia and Qualcomm). Perhaps SimpliVity was just ahead of their time.


This MQ is useless

The cutoff date was April 2017. That was a year ago, the industry moves too fast.

Dell bleeds converged infrastructure unit into existing divisions


A bit flamboyant for a CEO in the eyes of people who have a say in that. Not necessarily my opinion but there's that.

Look at stupid, sexy Kubernetes with all the cloud firms hanging off its musclebound arms


Re: Supporting Kubernetes is good, but how long for?

Worse, he assumes that companies won't update for 10 years. Literally no one does that. The longest you see is infrastructure software like Vmware, where there are still idiots running 5.0 because they can't be assed to upgrade to 5.5 or 6.x.

When it comes to development platform, esp containers or anything else cloud native, 9 months is like 5 years. This fellow definitely does not grok the concept of microservices.



One of the reasons for Google and Kubernetes showing up together in search results could be, you know, the fact that GOOGLE INVENTED KUBERNETES?

Dell confirms: We're either going public – or VMware's gobbling us (or nothing will happen)


Re: Honest question

Pivotal is being spun off and sold according to rumors.

Ugly, perfect ten-rated bug hits Cisco VPNs


Re: Credit Where Credit Is Due

Legal reasons after some weird incidents with Chinese grey market resellers.

DRAM, it's good to be in storage... for some



No Nutanix news so you ignore Cisco HyperFlex launching 3.0 including stretched cluster/synchronous replication with Metrocluster support.

Laggard Cisco stumbles over, puffing: 'HyperFlex now supports Hyper-V'


Re: Huh?

You have obviously never deployed S2D, which is a completely and utter disaster. So much so that MSFT has pulled ALL validated designs and forces OEMs to submit plans for S2D Ready Nodes. They want the OEMs to hire headcount for that as well. So this whole initiative is DOA, buddy.

Thanks for playing.


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