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Awoogah, enterprise bods: Tintri recruits Echo Alexa speechbot


Many of you have seen, used, connected or know how to connect Alexa to other components, but the real value comes down to the actual tasks that can be performed.

For example, creating a storage LUN is not applicable to a cloud end user, and neither is understanding LUN statistics. Having deep insights at the VM, application, VDC or Cloud level is very powerful, but it requires complex management and self-service stack. Most importantly, the infrastructure has to support it.

In this demo, Alexa is used as a cool front-end to a Tintri based infrastructure that natively has the required granularity, abstraction layer and API. Adding Alexa, Slack or any other interface is simple and provides huge value, especially compared to “traditional” self-service portals that are heavy and complex.

Here is a copy of a Slack snippet I use multiple times a day:

tomer [12:16 PM]

get stats for vm build-server7

tbot [12:16 PM]

IOPS-> Read: 1424, Write: 1425, Total: 2849

Latency-> Host: 4.2ms, Network: 0.2ms, Storage: 0.2ms, Total: 4.6ms

Space Provisoned GiB: 2209.0

Normalized IOPS: 22797

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