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Hotel guest goes broke after booking software gremlin makes her pay for strangers' rooms


Abysmal showing from the hotel.

At the very least, they need to repay her money, plus interest, as soon as possible.

They also need to cover any incurred fees.

They also need to restore her credit rating back if it has been affected by their actions.

They need to contact the people she couldn't pay to explain that it was their fault.

They need to provide a decent good will payment ($thousands, not $hundreds) in compensation.

They need to explain to their merchant bank just what they are doing with credit card numbers for this to occur.


Gravitational waves permanently change spacetime, say astroboffins


Re: So,

More like a stretch mark.


Fancy a relaxed boozy holiday? Keep well away from Great Britain


Re: How about taxing other "sins"?

It's not as if you can do those in public in this country either without someone complaining!


Rich professionals could be replaced by AI, shrieks Gartner


I think five years is quite optimistic, even at current development rates.

However in 5 years we could have triage AI in many different aspects of professional work. For example in healthcare, this could keep GP load and A&E load lower, which will help the NHS greatly. In IT, it could investigate all the common causes for IT faults and only require expert assistance once it has exhausted all the tedious reasons.

The long term issue is that people don't become experts themselves without going through the process, and in the future that won't be possible. So all there will be is the AI experts.


Former RCL director: It was me who cancelled their domain names


So let's get this straight.

One guy wanted to get his name disassociated from the domain names that technically he should no longer have had any right to since leaving the company that owns them.

Nominet (a useless entity in general) told him to cancel them rather than transfer the ownership?!

He cancelled them, and the other guy picked them up as he had a watch on them.

These are fully grown men apparently.


Male escort forgot pregnancy protection, scores data protection instead


Seven years?!

It's a long time to wait to try and get child support.

I wonder what the in-between story is such that she only recently went after him.


Oh snap! UK Prime Minister Theresa May calls June election


Re: Who to choose?

The only way to avoid hard Tory Brexit under the skilled watch of Gove, Johnson, etc, is to vote to the most viable party to the left of the Tories in your particular constituency.

So if it's Tory-Labour-LibDem, vote Labour. If it's Tory-LibDem-Labour, vote LibDem. If it's Labour-Tory-whoever, vote Labour. If it's LibDem-whoever, vote LibDem.

Doesn't matter if that goes against all you believe in (apart from opposing Hard Brexit), you don't have to say who you voted for, and if Brexit is cancelled then imagine not having years of Brexit news in the media! So you deal with it. Tactical voting.

If you want hard Brexit, then you cannot trust Shifty U-Turn May, so vote UKIP.


"April, May: June."

Was the best summary I've seen.

The polls make this look like a sensible (if u-turney) move. But there's a lot that can happen in 7 weeks.

Tory MPs in remain areas are at high risk. In addition Tory MPs who scraped a win at the last election (South West in particular). Lib Dems could win 30-50 seats if they get their act together consistently (and that seems likely).

Tories are hoping for Labour to collapse, and whilst that looks likely, it's one thing polling a disillusioned lifetime-Labour voter outside of the election cycle, and what they do when pencil comes to paper at an election. Assuming that Labour actually work together now this has been dumped on them (instead of sniping at Corbyn until he is unseated), maybe they could limit damages. Never mind UKIP's zombie corpse taking critical votes from the Tories (and Labour in some areas).

So 50 SNP, 50 Lib Dem, 200 Labour, some others - enough to mean May could have a majority that isn't that dissimilar to now - i.e., all for nowt, and it would look pretty bad for her.

But she'll dodge the election fraud by-elections.


Why is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ project so delayed?


Re: Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Well there's a crowdfunding idea.

A mobile gaming device that accepts a Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

So a PSP-shaped shell with gaming buttons, a display, a battery, a slot for a compute module, and some break-out I/O (SD card, etc) and charging.


AWS's S3 outage was so bad Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world


Re: @Phil Kingston

Indeed this 'instead of' methodology that many IoT thingies have is a serious worry.

The IoT aspects should be a layer on top of, not instead of, a working self-contained system.

App settings - sure, back them up so you have them preserved or migratable to a new system. But don't have them as the sole storage for settings.


I was authorized to trash my employer's network, sysadmin tells court


Re: What interests me

I guess that is what he is aiming for. His argument:

- What he did was not a criminal offence. He had authorization to access the systems. Therefore the law was misapplied.

- What he did was likely a breach of contract, a civil matter.

I don't rate it a strong hand, but if his lawyer thinks it is a loophole in the law, then maybe it'll stick.

If he wins I don't know what he'll be able to do regarding the 3 years in jail already served. I guess the fine would be repaid (if he has paid any of it), and then I guess he would have to file suit against either the police or the ex-employer, or both, to get restitution.


King's College London bods recruit members for penis ring study


I was imagining one of those lampshade things that dogs wear...


Brexploitation? Adobe gets creative with price hikes


Re: Does not compute

"in order to cover the additional cost of ... erm, what exactly"

An executive's new lear jet.

And the fact that Adobe is a US company and earns in dollars, so the exchange rate means more £s to get the same $ value. But they've gone way over the real world change, unless they didn't change prices since 2014.


Brexit White Paper published: Broad strokes, light on detail


"a list of desired outcomes"

A worthless wishlist that will be devastated by reality.

What is also needed is a detailed cost benefit analysis of various Brexit options, so the least-worst can be picked. This is usually included with a whitepaper, but oddly enough seems to have been excluded from this one...



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