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US broadband is scarce, slow and expensive. 'Great!' says the FCC

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We don't. We want a win-win solution.

We have a right to demand better service for less prices, same as in any other "free" market.

Except in this case, the market is certainly not "free" since the supply is usually very limited.

It's just frustrating as a consumer that the offerings aren't better and cheaper compared to other countries. If they can do it, why can't the US?

We're not looking to screw anyone over; just getting tired of BEING the ones screwed over. We'd all gladly pay -- even current prices -- for something better: faster, more reliable, etc. Or cheaper for the current products.

(Naturally, yes, profits might drop, and this is -- technically -- at someone else's expense. Is THAT what you refer to? Because it's a common thing across all markets to want better, cheaper, or both, and usually it's made up in increased sales volume. Build a better mousetrap. Should be the same story here; all parties can win in the end if you actually try to satisfy your customers.)

Tech biz boss slipped Detroit's IT chief bungs in restaurant bathrooms to bag software deals, prosecutors claim

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IT Angle

Elsewhere in southeast Michigan

Other bribery scandals involving anything but IT:

- City/county towing contracts, affecting Detroit and the next county to the north, Macomb.

- City/township trash hauling contracts, involving many communities in Macomb County, and resulting in the heads of a family-named "environmental services" company to resign, just after ALSO selling their company to a Canadian firm. (Said firm quickly decided to change the name and logo to their own, adding overlays to or repainting the whole fleet of trucks.)

We're just a whole region full of corruption, aren't we? Making Kwame Kilpatrick proud (look it up!).

Non-'fiscally neutral' defence review is go, minister tells MPs

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Re: Defence is a white elephant

"...an American company masquerading as British - BAE"

Funny... Here I am, sitting up the street from a major BAE USA installation, and we always joke about it being British and masquerading as American! They only appear so after having bought up the defense arm (United Defense, L.P.) of the genuinely-American Food Machinery Company (FMC). I didn't realize how much they had invested in that move and dwindled in the UK.

Aside from "UK" in the name, our own subsidiary doesn't pretend to be British; everyone knows the money flows stateside.

You want wires with that? Burger King backs, er, net neutrality

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Only 330 million?

Given the Big Data / Server vendors in the US -- if only for Patch Tuesday -- what goes on with US networks has the potential to affect THE WORLD!!!

Therefore, "...the other 7,000,000,000 people..."


'The capacitors exploded, showering the lab in flaming confetti'

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I'm truly surprised

...that no one else mentioned having "Dave Seville"'s voice ring angrily in their head:


(With apologies to the Bogdasarian family.)

All aboard the Vomit Comet: Not the last train to Essex, but a modded 727 for weightless flight

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Re: Reassurance?

There are videos of an M1 Abrams in midair off a dirt ramp... for a *fraction* of a second. Despite flexing the suspension a bit, the landing has GOT to hurt!

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Re: Rubber duck

Pig Pen, is that you? I told you to back off; I can still smell those hogs!

--Trucker [lorry driver] "Rubber Duck" (adapted from the song "Convoy")

Hospital injects $60,000 into crims' coffers to cure malware infection

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My son was in a US hospital for a couple days earlier this month. They were having computer issues during a quarter of his stay, roughly

Living here almost 13 years, with ~8 family visits to the same hospital (inpatient and outpatient, including births of all our kids), this has been the only time the computers were completely "down" as opposed to the usual "slow". I feared the subject of the article would be said local hospital -- which would have explained the outage -- but I am also relieved it is not.

Sorry, Indiana. Your problem, not mine.

SpaceX delivers classified 'Zuma' payload into orbit

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Re: Shows my age...

That's Zima, not Zuma.

Edit: And it came in bottles, too, the gimmick being that is was clear.

European court: Let's not kid ourselves, Uber. You're a transport firm, not a 'digital service'

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Re: US place names inherited from England

You can't blame the current US citizenry for the homage they paid to Mother England when setting up towns way back when. If you did, we'd have to rename most of the New England region including that very (unofficial) nickname and a few states!

You want to confuse people where you're from in the US? Try "Buffalo", "Plymouth", "Rockford" or "Rochester". I'm from one of those, and more than HALF the states have one city/town of that particular name. Some have variants of (any/all of) the above in addition (name + "Lake" or "Hills" or somesuch); not only does that add for postal confusion, it's also a real letdown when one hears the name on the radio for weather-related school closings (snow) and they continue to say the other name instead of their own.

(Real tricky Reg readers might now have enough clues to find my former hometown -- or at least come real close -- but would you really want to?)

Storage Wars: Not very long ago, a hop, skip and a jump away...

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"Darth Reg"

Someone PLEASE design a Vader-style helmeted Vulture for the masthead!

Poor NASA sods sent to spend Xmas in Antarctic ahead of satellite launch

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Re: Summer

A summer even Olaf can enjoy without additional assistance from Elsa.

(Oh, I'm sorry... my daughters have made sure my brain is "Frozen". The recent snow dump in our area has got them singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" nigh constantly.)

Murdoch's Fox empire is set to become a literal Mickey Mouse outfit

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Re: News, TV stations, and SPORTS

I agree with others that the right-vs-left Fox News vs. WDC (as a whole) could have been a factor, but I imagine the ownership of competing TV affiliates was the potential deal-breaker from the FCC.

I'm glad, because on the sports side I can only watch my favorite BIG (Big Ten) football teams (that's collegiate gridiron, folks) on either ESPN/ABC or Fox Sports / Big Ten Network (Fox owns half of BTN; the conference owns the other half). ESPN/ABC rarely carry Big Ten, and when they do it seems the commentards are biased towards the non-Big Ten opponent no matter what. Fox/BTN's visuals aren't as good, but at least they try to show some love for the teams, and lately the school marching bands too. (Woo! Go band!!!) As much as I dislike the current situation, making BTN (and Fox Sports) go away would be a "bad thing".

I also like pro hockey, of which ESPN cares NOTHING about, and NBC Sports is as lousy as ESPN above. I'll keep Fox Sport's hockey coverage, thank you. (Except for those wonderful times my local team happens to be on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, despite -- obviously -- not being Canadian. My TV service includes the nearest CBC channel. The resolution isn't always great but HNIC is full-HD and awesome.)

Now excuse me, I have a New Year's Day bowl game to prepare for. I'm thinking a big (crock-)pot of chili. If the game is at noon, I better start the day before and have it simmering by midnight (6 hours minimum, 9 hours desired, 12 hours best).

FREE zero-day for every reader: AT&T's DirecTV kit has a root hole – and no one wants to patch it

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So DirecTV is sh!te

And he used to be a U-verse customer instead, as I still am. Wonder what he found there.

Personally, I've had two (or is it three) different Motorola DVR STBs go wonky, losing recordings when I swap them out, and three or four (or five now?) "gateway" units (mostly Arris) develop issues. And the latest gateway unit has issues handling the multiple Wi-Fi networks that AT&T loves to offer.

Details of feature: simultaneously delivering 802.11b on 2.4MHz AND .11n or -ac) on 5MHz, each with both a "regular" SSID AND a "guest" SSID. My issues:

- The 5MHz barely works at all, the 2.4 sometimes goes missing and needs a reboot. Not sure they're working well together even though it's set to. Doesn't matter anyway because my total bandwidth is a smaller pipe than a prostate with cancer. (Apologies to any mates suffering.)

- Some of my devices aren't working right on the MAC filter (which every time I get a new unit I have to repopulate); I think the "normal" and "guest" SSIDs were sharing the whitelist even though I set guest to not filter.

- For now, I keep the non-guest SSID beacons off, but I'm not sure if things will stay working in that state much longer.

And my only other choice is Comcast. For now, AT&T is the lesser of two evils.

How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine

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I actually would like to take a couple of transducers and find the best frequencies for string transmission. It could pulse on/off, pulse the frequency high/low...

But at longer lengths the frequencies would surely drift too low and might get lost in noise from the mains grid (60 Hz here, 50 at Vulture Central), especially if they shared poles. (And then the wind might be a factor, too.)

At Christmas, do you give peas a chance? Go cold turkey? What is the perfect festive feast?

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A Yank's tale

Christmas Eve: After candlelight service at my in-laws, over to their place (~45 mins from home) for cold cut sandwiches, cheese, crackers, shrimp, and lots of sweets, especially chocolates and my wife's aunt's "crunchy fudge" (imagine Rice Krispy treats + peanut butter + semi-sweet chocolate in the middle -- problem is she's starting to lose memory or taste and her recipe seems "off" lately).

Christmas morning: As big as a breakfast gets in our house (me, missus, 3 kids) -- scrambled eggs, sausage, missus' special hash browns (heavy on the garlic and Lawry's seasoned salt, can't remember if she adds onion too), and various/varied breads (pancakes, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, etc. -- different every year).

Christmas dinner: Used to be a solely ham affair, like Easter, because we get our turkey fill in November (Thanksgiving), but since mother-in-law has been doing the Easter ham, she doesn't feel like cooking it on Christmas after doing the Eve dinner. So we've (my brother-in-law; he hosts, an hour from home) turned to The Honeybaked Ham Store for a pre-sliced ham with glorious sweet glaze and also a small turkey breast with the same glaze; he plans on repeating this year, to everyone's delight. Can't really remember the rest except for dessert: a birthday cake for Jesus (the kids love the tradition) and the kid-decorated sugar cookies (wish I could pass, but Daddy HAS to have one from each).

Then weeks of eating candy from the stocking. Never mind my kids still have half-a-sack each left from Halloween, plus those cookies, plus candy canes near the tree (were ON the tree but needed more room for ornaments). America is hooked on sugar, I swear.

I mostly just want the breakfast. I can't handle the kids fighting over their new gifts (or refusing to take turns opening) until my stomach is about half-full (but not total-full or I need a nap). I'd rather eat first than open gifts, and better yet fill the kids up and slow their excitement down just a notch.

Kentucky lawmaker pushes smut filter law (update: maybe not)

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Article's subhead

" Kentucky sly clickin' "

I see what you did there, El Reg. Nice, but now I'm hungry.

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Re: Seriously?


"There is plenty of that in the Bible, so it is okay."

There is plenty of all kinds of sin & evil in pretty much the whole of literature across all genres. Does that make it okay?

You must not understand the purpose of the Bible or why it contains all that naughty stuff humans have done right from the start.

"It is only depictions of sex as a mutually pleasurable experience that is a problem, really."

Porn is NOT truly mutual; it is clearly exploitive of women and should be stopped. Filters are one way to stop it, since calling on society to clean up its own act doesn't seem to be working very well.

Disclosure: I have past sins. I'm working on it, God help me.

Oregon will let engineer refer to himself as an 'engineer'

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An opinion on US "professional engineers"

I assume this would cover most states, since in years past I've read guidelines from quite a few of the respective state government units assigned to such things (mostly Minnesota) -- details may vary:

"Professional Engineers" are necessary in US state transportation departments to design roads and bridges. I would also claim that the PE's would review each other's work and supervise the construction, inspection* and maintenance of said civil structures. (*And probably do the inspections themselves.)

In the 1960s, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) designed and built a certain bridge carrying a major freeway (motorway) over a major river (Interstate 35W over the Mississippi in Minneapolis; if you knew that already you may know where I'm going with this). I would attest a PE designed it, performed all the safety calculations, and other PEs reviewed the design and co-signed the blueprints. Certain thicknesses of various gusset plates where called for on the drawings, by design. And yet, whichever PE(s) was/were supervising construction did not verify the correct thickness was used in at least one location. And subsequent PEs involved with inspections and maintenance never caught the error in ~50 years. (Add in the politics that MnDOT didn't have proper funding for proper inspections, skipping some and reducing scope on others.)

And in 2007 the bridge came down. Hard.

Mistakes were made, and people DIED.

PEs are people too, and to err is human. Mistakes will be made, but the system is supposed to CATCH them. No, it doesn't help that the politics and finances reduced the opportunities to catch it, but it should have been caught BEFORE a single car crossed over.

THIS is why we have PEs: to address accountability. And yet, the system FAILED from Day One of that bridge's operating life.

The "PE" on anyone's business card means their mistakes can be catastrophic to others, and the testability of their mistakes is nigh impossible. It doesn't make them "SuperEngineer" incapable of error. And it doesn't make other "engineers" inferior, just not accountable to the general public for their results.

(Truth be told, it was a dumb bridge design anyway, without much, if any, redundancy / graceful degradation. But it was the best, or at least sufficient, for its time.)

And another thing...

Not letting anyone working in an engineering field refer to themselves occasional / casually as an "engineer" -- forcing them to name the field -- is akin to forcing doctors to always list their specialty and never just saying "I'm/He's/She's a doctor" at the next Christmas party. Or lawyers: I don't need to know criminal / civil / estate / family / etc. Doctor and lawyer and engineer and firefighter (regardless of truck/engine/squad) and mechanic (HVAC, car/truck, large truck, industrial plant, other) and secretary/admin. assistant (I don't care to whom or which department), blah blah blah. Let someone be generic once in a while.

My claims (and it's all on LinkedIn if you knew me):

Degrees: BS & MS, Electrical Engineering.

Career: over 12 years in a "mobility engineering" role/department that does not require a PE (but does involve the safety of strangers -- see my handle?).

Once took and passed the "Engineer-in-Training" exam en route to a PE title, but my career went elsewhere.

I participate in testing of my own work (and that of others) all the time. Our union driver/mechanics build prototypes on site and shake them out, all while under engineering supervision. We try to catch the design issues before the customer climbs inside, not after. (You can't say THAT for a bridge; you have to trust the PEs that it won't fail, period!)

Apple sprays down bug-ridden iOS 11 with more fixes

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Re: root as the password?

Pitr from webcomic "User Friendly": "God, root, what is difference?"

Once more unto the breach: El Reg has a go at crisis management

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Re: Obligatory Dilbert...

Enough budget to create a color, graphical transparency.

(Oh my gosh, it's an overhead projector!)

Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch Tuesday style

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Re: Dot Matrix, that takes me back.

Not so far back, but I remember when I used an Epson 24-pin parallel-connected unit (2000-2003, but the unit was older). It was second-hand from the same nice church lady who snagged me a second-hand IBM PS/2 386 from the local elementary school that somehow had Windows 95 AND Office 95 on it. The printer and CPU got along great together even with an Iomega parallel ZIP drive in the way. The Epson did 180 dpi decently and 360 dpi if you didn't mind the slow speed and wet paper (took a LOT of ink, and came out a bit smudgy). But for senior year of college when it's all you have, beats paying the school IT for lab printing, and quality didn't matter: WIN!

Mythbuster seeks cash for roller skates to wear in virtual reality

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Re: There's already a solution

> I think that most gamers don't have that kind of fitness.

I think the upper weight limit of 215 pounds is a bit... unrealistic... given that demographic.

Full disclosure: Yes, I'm over that limit. (No, I'm not "obese", but I could stand to get down there. For my height, it would be difficult to maintain anything lower than that.)

But when I think of who has the extra dough (dosh) to waste on this, and the time, and takes risks to try new things, I think of a certain brother-in-law, who is even taller than I, weights more (all muscle), and has a size 16 foot. Mr. Hyneman's proposal as-is would exclude him outright.

Nice idea, but without some scaling-up, this shoe just stinks.

Look, ma! No hands! Waymo to test true self-driving cars in US with Uber-style hailing app

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"Super Cali ... Arizona" subtitle

Still got the right number of syllables -- nicely done!

(Especially to musically-inclined folk like this humble percussionist. Rhythms matter.)

My #95Theses of #Digital

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Re: Flowers

You forgot the chocolate.

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?

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Big Brother

Re: Cats=Evil

For some folks -- like my wife -- there is no plotting involved. Get a cat close enough and it might kill her due to her severe allergy, which also crosses over to many dog breeds.

A former neighbor had a cat. If I went to talk to them, I'd have to immediately wash my hands after coming back in the house.

Cats: So evil, they're unapproachable.

(So why do our daughters think they're SOOOOO cute? THAT must be part of their plan.)

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Re: 'No decisions have been made yet',

I know the opposite: "The plans are all set; I just need funding." -- MEANS: "I have funding to sit and twiddle my thumbs but will NEVER see a DIME to improve the kit in here."

BUT if funding just HAPPENS to come available, they quickly succumb to feature-creep:

1. Start the upgrade project.

2. Get halfway done.

3. Add one more bit of kit off-plan to add features.

4. Realize they need to re-do half the previous work to make space / ensure compatibility / etc.

5. Repeat every time progress hits 1/(2^n).

Result: a never-ending upgrade "project".

At work, this is ongoing in a vehicle lab involving the chassis dynamometer control system, which includes new visual and infrared cameras, displays for visiting vehicle control systems (laptops), and the like.

Even modern churches have this issue: First was a new audio desk (i.e. digital mixer/fader board) and video projectors. Then new projectors. Then they switched from VGA to HDMI-over-Ethernet due to resolution issues. Then stage renovations with new audio junction boxes, including a new keyboard and direct-wiring in the Hammond organ (with the Leslie speaker unit in parallel). Then even the new boxes HAVE to get wired to a new Ethernet-connected remote audio interface unit that supposedly works seamlessly with the main desk. Soon the Leslie is going to be relocated. (Have fun running THAT cable now that the stage is done!) And us in the "orchestra" just want our monitors to work so we can stay on beat -- gah!!!

FCC Commissioner blasts new TV standard as a 'household tax'

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Streaming is cost effective?

Steps to implement on my ancient plasma TV:

1. Cancel AT&T U-verse (yes, I'm one of the holdouts who actually like it**)

2. Sign up for high(er)-speed DSL service on the SAME LINE. See, I only have a choice for home internet between AT&T (twisted pair) and Comcast (coax). Had Comcast once; not going back for ANY reason. Pretty sure either company will make me pay dearly for internet-only service, given what I'm paying now as PART of the U-verse.

3. Sign up for various streams: Netflix, Hulu.

4. Oh, and buy an antenna for the TV -- never needed one since I got it; had U-verse since April 2008.

So, maybe I'd break even on the monthly costs, and maybe I won't. I figure it works now, so why "fix" it? If I do it later and need a new TV/display due to ATSC 3.0, GOOD -- I can retire the old plasma!

** The neighborhood wiring is from 1993-94 and in poor shape. The techs have been improving the junctions at various neighbors' houses between me and the main digital head-node, but when they do -- including when houses sell and new neighbors move in and AT&T comes out for new service -- my line goes full-dark for a few hours. Wouldn't be so bad if the DVR would still play independently, but alas. And the equipment mysteriously degrades over time: I've gone through 3-4 DVRs and 4-5 modems/gateways/Wi-Fi & Ethernet hubs. But overall it works, and actually getting better.

(In that same timeframe, I've had only ONE tiny Vonage VoIP box. There was a second, prior unit which suffered a lightning spike that passed THROUGH Comcast's modem/Ethernet hub without affecting the hub but frying the Vonage box AND my old laptop's Ethernet port.)

GarageBanned: Apple's music app silenced in iOS 11 iCloud blunder

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A whiner is me

My only gripes with iOS 11, since the rest either doesn't apply or got patched:

- The well-mentioned Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so-called "on/off" buttons in Control Center

- The new "Podcasts" app. REALLY hate what they've done -- taken a clean, focused functional design and confused the hell out of it. It won't play new items subsequently (manually start each one); it won't clearly show what's new/unplayed versus what's not; it keeps showing OLD (like, a year ago) stuff instead of newest; does "delete" remove a download, hide the feed item, WHAT; et cetera.

Go ahead and thumb down if you like the new Podcasts; I just don't.

Rejecting Sonos' private data slurp basically bricks bloke's boombox

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Re: Software v. wetware

I am sure you are balancing all that against a nutritious intake of other chemicals we usually call "food", with the scales in favor of the food, not the drugs & wine. Should it be the other way around, I would expect health effects -- as I said, garbage out (insanity being just one possible outcome). And tolerances may vary; I thought that went without saying. (Disclaimer: I Am Not A Doctor.)

Whatever gets you through the day -- cheers!

(I fully believe my blood pressure medication has a mental/emotional effect as well as physical effects, which isn't hard to argue if one believes the brain is nothing more than a chemical stew. Oh, the effect? I'm calm... for now.)

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Re: Software v. wetware

Software/firmware: garbage in, garbage out.

Wetware: garbage ("drugs" from alcohol to over-the-counter meds to prescriptions to the wide range of opiods, amphetamines and hallucinogenics; also junk food and "large" doses of caffeine) in, garbage (insanity) out.

Indeed, the principle works.

Top of the radio charts: Jodrell Bank goes for UNESCO World Heritage status

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Re: 960,000,000GB of data per day

More like "Important insights bring it will."

The first phrase ("good data...") also makes me think of: "Nice data you have there. Shame if something should happen to it..."

Bing fling sting: Apple dumps Microsoft search engine for Google

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Every time I hear "Bing"

...I think of the insurance salesman from "Groundhog Day".

What was his name again? Oh yeah, Ned Ryerson -- BING!

Kebab and pizza shop owner jailed for hiding £179k from the taxman

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Re: How on earth ....

A local story from the States: a secondary school Spanish teacher was embezzling school monies to fund her gambling habit at a nearby casino, specifically "penny slots".

She didn't even bother opening a second checking account to handle these funds.

Nor did she keep her classroom clean, where casino receipts were mixed in with the now-empty money envelopes from Homecoming ticket sales.

The sign of an addict: WAY too much of an evidence trail; easily found out. She didn't even THINK about getting caught.

Sensor-rich traffic info shows how far Silly Valley has to drive

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Re: That hacking graphic...

That's a "CAN controller" chip. You put data on Tx to send it ON the CAN bus; read the CAN data with the Rx line. (Note the "CANH" and "CANL" pins: that's the CAN bus high and low lines.)

If this chip were already installed in some device in the car, you could clip Rx, but then it would lose ALL connection to the CAN bus and be useless. You could also clip Tx to block data TO the CAN bus, which would result in OTHER devices failing due to lack of data.

If this chip were part of a diagnostic tool (OBD, etc.), we'd want to use Rx to read the car's bus, but keep Tx limited to diagnostic-required messages (such as requests for special data from onboard devices). It would be up to the diagnostic tool to keep the data sandboxed and not broadcast elsewhere.

As I mentioned in another post, I don't know about automakers, but regarding SAE J1939: I'm okay if my brake swtich, wheel/vehicle speed, transmission gear, throttle percent, engine torque, fuel economy and engine run hours are broadcast. Have another car read it and "slipstream" behind me as if I'm driving a train. The real issue is when this telemetry is combined with GPS for actual location; NOT okay with that.

My other car is an IAV Stryker

Re: "Auto makers keep the CAN bus locked down"

Regarding "codes": That's true. I personally work on SAE J1939 networks, but know next-to-nothing of LIN (General Motors?), FlexRay (Ford?), etc.

As for the German connection: it's not JUST automakers:

- Bosch AG: created CAN standard

- Vector: makers of popular bus analysis software (CANoe, CANalyzer) and adapters (including standalone loggers, automated test equipment, etc.)

But money can defeat obscurity. I'm sure I can buy the right "database" files (.dbc) from Vector for other bus types; they usually provide them depending on the add-on packages you buy for CANoe/CANalyzer, such as the J1939 toolkit which comes with J1939.dbc, current to the SAE spec at time of purchase.

Apollo center fundraiser: That's one small check from man, one giant leap for our peace of mind

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Re: Quote

And most historians now agree it was "One small step for 'a' man..." and that one tiny syllable was muffled/garbled by the connection. But people will assume what they already know -- what EVERYbody knows -- is the real history. Don't waste your breath on it.

US vending machine firm plans employee chip implant scheme

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Missing the point, but...

It is stated this company is in Wisconsin; specifically, it's the city of River Falls, on the western edge near Minnesota.

KSTP is nicely situated straddling the border between Minneapolis and St. Paul (= STP: check the call sign). Yes, ON the border -- and not just of two cities: two counties.

The station happens to be closer to that city than it is to my parents' house (in the exact opposite direction). I guess that makes it "local", compared to a further-away Wisconsin mass-media market such as Eau Claire.

But still -- to a born/raised Minnesotan... it just feels so WRONG.

My other car is an IAV Stryker

Or "The Matrix"'s belly-button laparoscope/vacuum.

BOFH: Halon is not a rad new vape flavour

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Re: Halon?

Let me walk down to our server room and see if the warning signs on the doors are still there (doors that exit to a 3-story atrium as long as a railway platform). Of course, I know nothing of the actual systems inside, but the warning is enough. If a BOFH lurks inside, I wish not to disturb it.

(At least I know it's on the ground floor, with no windows except to the atrium, and those don't open. No risk of tragic falls here. There are other hazards far worse, though, and if I mention them the BOFH will know, so I'll be a good luser and be quiet now.)

Capita call centre chap wins landmark sex discrimination lawsuit

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Re: Management speak ...

"Why is it that women, supposedly, receiving less pay is screamed about in the media but men being disadvantaged is largely ignored ?"

Ah, to live in the United States of Capitalism, where I used my own two weeks of vacation for helping the missus through the first -- and roughest -- two weeks post-partum, three times in the span of five years. (All happy and healthy kids, they are, thankfully.)

To get just those TWO weeks paid without docking MY vacation would have been a huge blessing. Six or more weeks would have been inconceivable and indescribable!

The only GOOD thing that came of it financially was that the second time through, my boss said I got the advancement I had hoped for to "senior" level, so my "vacation" was earned at the new, higher rate. I give him alone all the credit; none to "the company".

When can real-world laws invade augmented reality fantasies? A trial in Milwaukee will decide

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Re: Actually seems reasonable to me

Likewise, the makers of any AR app that determines pick-up locations for each user individually should not have a problem. It is up to each user to decide whether to use the app and make the pick-up. Pokémon Go's system of offering the SAME item to ALL users at the SAME time is similar to an organized event.

So, the logical legislation is this: Geospatial pickups limited to X users within Y hours for a given location with radius of Z distance (in standard Reg units, of course). As X users hit one spot, the next X users will have to go Z distance away for the next drop until Y time passes. Let X, Y, and Z be variable based on geography, population density, et cetera. This sets upper limits acceptable at the crossroads between rural farms and the urban parks downtown and everywhere in between.

Man nicked trying to 'save' beer from burning building

My other car is an IAV Stryker

Re: Minnehaha

Plenty of nicer places named that... in Minnesota, not SoDak.

I recommend a visit to Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis to everyone at every opportunity. Especially see the waterfall; the old stone stairs are a good workout. Just take the light rail line from the airport (in the opposite direction of the giant shopping mall).

Boffins exfiltrate data by blinking hard drives' LEDs

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Re: Root access

"Oddly they're allowed to lock their PCs and leave them running though."

It's often requested by IT so us (l)users get our patches overnight.

Feds snooping on your email without a warrant? US lawmakers are on a war path to stop that

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Re: Email is not private

To King Jack: Only the contents. Not the metadata: sender (you), recipient, servers used, date/time-stamp of sending (and possible of every hop in the route, plus the route itself). All that is important.

That is, assuming there isn't a TOR system for email. Even using an old(er)-school email anonymizing service, only some of that information is occluded. I'm not up on "avoiding scrutiny" tech.

Make America, wait, what again? US Army may need foreign weapons to keep up

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Re: Military spending

Only because that's part of the program contract: you shall spend WAY too much time worrying about contracts, financials, documentation rather than engineering and testing!

My other car is an IAV Stryker

Re: Military-industrial 101

In regards to "all-American" vehicles in Europe:

First, I was referring to GROUND vehicles, so put the ships and planes away.

Second, I didn't say the following platforms were "all-American" -- they are definitely Euro-born-and-bred from "local" subsidiaries -- just that the taxes on the profits come to the US via the parent corporation.

Here's the list:

General Dynamics Corp. -- parent, traded GD on NYSE, HQ near D.C. (incorporated in Delaware)

- General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS)

-- GDELS-Steyr: ASCOD AFV (Ulan), Pandur II

-- GDELS-Mowag: Mowag Duro, Mowag Eagle, Mowag Piranha (--> Canadian LAV, US Stryker)

-- GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas: Leopard 2E, ASCOD AFV (Pizarro)

- General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited: Scout SV

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