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The dread sound of the squeaking caster in the humming data centre


Re: Stan, Sid, let's make it simple, okay ?

I'm Brian and so's my wife...

Could an AI android live forever? What, like your other IT devices?


Dabbsy, my old friend..

... All the best with the move!

Slim pickings by the Biggest Loser: A year of fitness wearables


My first ever post on El Reg - i just wish it were under different circumstances.

Alistair, your ramblings are the main reason i come here, and like everyone i'm so glad you're back. I had been wondering why you were absent... didn't imagine that it was because something terrible had happened.

Just wanted to say I'm truly sorry for the loss of your Dad. I raised a sombre glass to his memory last night and will do the same again later. Hope you're bearing up as well as can be expected...

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