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Is Apple's software getting worse or what?


The dirty secret of the software industry is that the companies - from the executives to the individual programmers - don't care about software reliability because the consumers don't care. Back in the 90s Microsoft made notoriously unreliable software and consumers ate it up anyway and complaints about bugs were handled by the industry (ie not just Microsoft) by blaming the user for failing to understand their brilliant product or by saying that due to the massive potential hardware configurations out of Microsoft's control that the problem was inevitable. Note that within a decade Microsoft would release the Xbox 360 that was built completely under their control and it was possibly the most unreliable technological product released this century. The same can now be said about Apple where both the hardware and software is under their control and the reliability is dwindling.

The astonishing thing is how little consumers care. Would anyone tolerate any other product with this level of reliability? NO! So why do we tolerate it here in tech? And I'll leave with this thought: these same people are poised to do with cars what they did with computers and phones. Soon will be the day that you'll try to leave for work only to find your car is "bricked" because it did an automatic update over wifi containing a careless bug. How can anyone who has ever used autocorrect on a phone get the impression that these same people can take the far more difficult process of driving and make it safe? It ain't gonna happen folks until we demand more professionalism from an industry that has skated along for far too long with free expectations.


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