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US authorities swallow security-free script for pill that knows when you're off your meds


so what if

You are deliberately not taking your pills and drop this smart pill in a glass of vinegar sat next to you. I'm guessing that would be enough to fool it

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?


Re: !!!!!!

I worked somewhere that thought about that scenario during a major rebuild - generators on roof; tick.

Then the 36in water main burst and flooded --- the basement transformers

PACK YOUR BAGS! Boffins spot Earth-size planet most likeliest yet to harbor alien life


Re: Pack your bags?

And let's not forget the telephone sanitisers...

How to leak data from an air-gapped PC – using, er, a humble scanner


Re: Oh right,

Re windows, if you use a pulsed laser and range gate the timing of which reflection you monitor, you can use reflections from whatever shiny surface you can find inside the room (hello mr pot plant) not just the window

UK vuln 'fessing pilot's great but who's going to give a FoI?


Commit to publish flaws

FOI provides an exemption for information intended to be published, so providing HMG makes an upfront commitment to publish details of resolved vulnerabilities (rather than stuffing them in the zero day sack)...

US-CERT's top tip: Hack your crap Netgear router before miscreants arrive


Re: Put PR at stake

Well this is the same netgear that "upgraded" their extenders by forcing you to login in with an email address and snarfing your password, so when you forget your password they can send it back to you as cleartext. Waiting for the inevitable breach...

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