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Google will build 1Gbps fiber networks to the home

james dobson

re: near DVD over 1Gbps

I hate to point this out but 1Gbps = 1024 Mbps, a blue ray is rated at 36.55 Mbps, you can stream quite a few full HD streams down a 1 Gbps link i.e. 1024 / 36 = 28... Obviously getting 1Gbps is the *real* problem as must gigabit links I know of max out at around 55-60 MB/s or ~480 Mbps.

I still want one!!!!



MS pulls plugs on XP SP3 mass launch

james dobson

@Photoshop comment

If you don't know what your talking about i.e. didn't do a quick search on google then STFU. I use both windows/linux and have a love/hate relationship with both, but at least I would check what I say before saying something doesn't work at all...


I suspect people here need to actually need to look at both before making dumb comments, personally I love the penguin but even I know that until other 'dumb' companies start making native apps we will be stuck in wintard land and not freetard land.


BT rubbishes BBC bandwidth throttling reports

james dobson

P2P ISP Moaning

1) I *PAY* the ISP for a connection, this connection has a limit if *I* go over the limit I pay more. This basically means that if an ISP says I only have a 1 GB limit then what I choice to do with that 1GB is entirely up to me.

2) If the ISP can't cope with the bandwidth they have three options reduce the bandwidth limit, upgrade there network or change there pricing (up or down) anything else is an excuse.

3) Any P2P traffic that is confined to there IP block is cheaper for the ISP as it doesn't transit across there external links (unless there routing is wrong), this makes local caches/proxies an attractive solution but can be a legal gray area (thanks to our mostly dumb laws put in place to protect business and not customers).

4) The whole industry (ISP) is basically trying to get profit out of existing copper networks (with the old BT fibre network in places), this is never going to work in the 21st century as bandwidth requirements are only going to go up i.e. HD content.

If I was getting my internet connection for free then I would agree that they might complain about other companies using there network, as I *PAY* them to use there network with a limit I can't see how any of them can complain.



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