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Mumsnet ordered to give users' real life IDs and messages to plastic surgeon they criticised


Dr Jesper Sorensen


Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (MingW32)







Facebook ‘Happy Birthday’ lawsuit rolls on

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One more reason...

...never to have a Facebook account.

To Hull with the crap town naysayers: UK Culture City's got some amazing... telecoms

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Hull Daily Mail...

The Hull Daily Mail is probably one of the worst newspapers in the UK. Visit their website, and have a look at what they list as "news". Many of the articles are just click-bait, which have already run on other Trinity Mirror publications.

The number of factual errors the HDM staff make is quite incredible. It is regarded as a joke by the local population. The sub-editors even miss blatant spelling errors in headlines and straplines.

The source of many of their local news stories are Twitter and Facebook. A single tweet is usually padded out to make a full news story. It's hardly journalism to sit in the office and trawl social media for dross.

Any remarks critical of the newspaper made by the readers on the website are swiftly removed, and it's not unknown for the offending commentard to be banned for making the critical post. (Not I, as I wouldn't waste my time posting on HDM, as I know the comments would be zapped).

I am still astounded at the number of quotes the Hull Daily Mail hacks use from unnamed witnesses. A cynic might offer the opinion that many of the quotes are invented by the HDM staff. Read a few HDM news stories, and you'll soon see what I mean.

If you do venture onto the Hull Daily Mail website make sure you have an adblocker running!!

Police pull up van man engaged in dual carriageway sex act

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Offensive passenger?

Surely the passenger is "assisting" the driver in the commission of the offence? Isn't that aiding & abetting? Did the passenger also get a fixed penalty ticket?

IANAL, but I wonder if the passenger could have ended up with three penalty points on their licence if a ticket had been issued? It seems harsh to let the driver take all the blame...

The van driver wouldn't have been caught if he'd pulled off at the previous slip-road.

Trump lieutenants 'use private email' for govt work... but who'd make a big deal out of that?


Megalomania ?

This is from Wikipedia.... does it sound like a description of Donald Trump?

"People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by their persistent grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and a disdain and lack of empathy for others. These individuals often display arrogance, a sense of superiority, and power-seeking behaviors. Narcissistic personality disorder is different from having a strong sense of self-confidence; people with NPD typically value themselves over others to the extent that they disregard the feelings and wishes of others and expect to be treated as superior regardless of their actual status or achievements. In addition, people with NPD may exhibit fragile egos, an inability to tolerate criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in an attempt to validate their own superiority."

Head of GCHQ Robert Hannigan steps down for 'personal reasons'


Re: "terrorism, crime and many other national security threats."

"Ergo: dog fouling is a national security threat"

Trying to get your child into a school when you don't live in its catchment area - also a national security threat.

350,000 Twitter bot sleeper cell betrayed by love of Star Wars and Windows Phone

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Re: The 80:20 rule?

"A lot of people on Twitter wouldn't pass a Turing test..."

A lot of people on Facebook wouldn't pass a turing test...

IT team sent dirt file to Police as they all bailed from abusive workplace

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Cap doffed

...to Mike.

I truly hope and pray this story is true.

I think Mike's anecdote is the IT equivilent of a seven-year-old's dream of scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup final (but obviously without the big-bucks to go with it).

Fired Ofcom Remainer bod sues UK gov for withholding his payoff


Judicial Review...

So, he was warned that "he should steer clear of politics and public policy issues, as it might be used to call into question his neutrality in future Ofcom judgments".

He ignores the warning, and eventually gets fired.

Hmm, I wonder where he went wrong.

I'm sure there's a lot more to this. I look forward to the judicial review.

Lord of the Dance set to deliver high kicks at Trump’s big ball


Re: He's a Yank

Is "Lord Of The Dance" still a thing? I saw his troupe performing the dance routine on TV many many years ago, and was bored after a few minutes. Perhaps it's not my favorite art form. However I am truly surprised Flatley is still making money from this. Maybe Trump is scraping the barrel bottom somewhat?

100 Gbps link to Europe lights up to delight researchers

Black Helicopters


Presumably with a feed to Cheltenham?

Why Theresa May’s hard Brexit might be softer than you think



Why didn't Theresa May mention the Eurovision Song Contest, because that's what we were voting about!

What? What's that, you say? The EU? Oh, bugger it....

RIP Eugene Cernan: Last man on the Moon dies aged 82


Re: The heroes of my youth

Have an upvote from me, pity I can only give the one.

RIP Eugene.

'He's taking the piss'


Re: 'He's taking the piss'

"May you live in interesting times".

I think we may all be having an interesting four years. And not in a good way. :-(

Google to kill passwords on Android, replace 'em with 'trust scores'


Re: False Rejection Vs False Acceptance

Password manager?

Strong password (maybe created with diceware?) for password manager access.

Jeremy Hunt pockets £14m through sale of course search website

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Cunning Hunt?

My initial reaction was "Bastard!

Then I thought "OK, he's probably worked hard for it to become a success, He maybe deserves it".

Then I read the two articles posted above, and again I'm thinking "Bastard!".

Very few things are clearcut when it involves politicians. Why do I never remember that?

Thanks, Obama: NSA to stream raw intelligence into FBI, DEA and pals

Black Helicopters

Re: "Department of Energy? That well known establishment of international spies and spooks

..."This is fairly amateur though, where's the the access for equivalents of Food Standards Scotland, or the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, etc?"...

I was surprised that the Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust doesn't have access to the raw intelligence. Their Jason Bourne capabilities are second only to the Department For Communities, and needs recognition.

Trump's cyber-guru Giuliani runs ancient 'easily hackable website'



"Our guru, based in Australia"...

A Computer security guru based in Australia... Hmm.

I wonder if the guru has ever been pwned?

The top doc, the FBI, the Geek Squad informant – and the child porn pic that technically wasn't

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OC Weekly...

...have a good article about the earlier parts of the court hearings.


If it's true that the FBI had an agreement that certain "repair technicians routinely searched customers' devices for files that could earn them $500 windfalls as FBI informants" then surely the whole case is screwed?

NGO to crowdfund legal challenge against Investigatory Powers Act

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... a mere tenner, but I suppose it all counts.

It was worth pledging just so I could tick the Gift Aid box.

Where are you now, Theresa May?

Total pledged now up to £14,805 when I last checked.

Verizon is gonna axe its 'unlimited' data hogs



18,000,000 / 100 x 0.4 = 72,000

You're out by a factor of 100.

NSW government drops a Catch: Bus Wi-Fi is a privacy nightmare


Re: That's a lot to ask

The sad thing is that many people will submit all that personal information without any thoughts regarding the invasion of their privacy - it's FREE wifi after all.

Australia telcos warn: Opening metadata access will create a 'honeypot' for lawyers

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"What An Excellent Idea"

...said Theresa May, as she watched developments.

Mission creep. What could possibly go wrong?

Busted Windows 8, 10 update blamed for breaking Brits' DHCP



I've seen customers of KCOM in Hull complaining to them via Twitter that Windows 10 updates have stopped their routers from connecting. KCOM (as usual) were not very helpful. A few words of advice from the KCOM drone, and a punchline of "if that doesn't work, speak to Microsoft".

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