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Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

Paris Hilton

_S_ervices - the capital gives it away

The text is talking with reference to Google Services, i.e. Docs, YouTube, Blogger, etc. and what you make public.

It doesn't mean everything and anything you do in the browser..

I think in general it has a bit of away to go to push my FF3 install out from default.

It doesn't maximise correctly on my multi-screen (multi-res) setup for a start. Grr.

It does make a nice 'Google Apps' browser though. Especially with its App-pop-out desktopy bit (but you could do that with 'Bubbles' anyway.. erm, Google for it (irony!))

Paris - cos she would probably mis-read the small print too. If she even bothered to read it that is..

How can I run Windows apps on a Linux Acer Aspire One?


Luckily, I fixed this very issue 2 days ago :)

Well, you won't be able to run Windows Apps on Linspire that easily, as if you could get WINE to install, you then still might have a problem with your CAD software being supported (highly unlikely).

Though you could get a USB CD-ROM drive (£15-20 on eBay) and install XP.

I did that with my g/f's One this weekend, took a few hours as its not the fastest of processors, but works really well and is pretty nippy to use.

Drivers for XP available from Acer - Google is your friend :)

SIM modding kit offered to Brits

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RE: What's the point????

Some peope have more than one contract you know!

My g/f and I have 4 between us (work + personal, each) across 3 networks. Being able to 'borrow' her O2 iPhone 3G and run it as my personal phone on Orange would be brilliant, well worth £20. Especially as she's getting bored of the phone and is eyeing up my Blackberry...! :)

I, for one, welcome our SIM card unlocking overlords.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow



To all those who keep harping on about the iPlayer using your bandwidth...

Why not watch it via the Red Button on BBC channels?

No pixel-vision, and watch on the big screen rather than the computer screen.

And, doesn't touch your bandwidth...

(Obviously, only valid for those with Virgin TV, but that's probably most of you...)

And "I'm sticking with Sky" or "I'm going back to BT".

*snigger* Really? Average of <5Mbit/sec line speeds. Disconnects @ 6pm when street lighting comes on and mircowaves turn on (common 'noise' affects of ADSL), endless nights resync'ing your ADSL modem to squeeze an extra 100kbit/sec out of your SNR dB....

I'll stick with my nice fibre optic cable, rather than the 100 year old copper twisted pair thanks!

BestBuy blasts into UK with Carphone Warehouse buy

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Could be interesting...

BestBuy is the states is a pretty amazing retail experience in comparison to anything in the UK. PC World still has a 'more expensive than the net' feel, sometimes stupidly so on their accessories & cables, probably from the DSG parents who think £19.99 is fine for a £1.99 SCART cable....

Bare in mind CPW-BestBuy isn't going to be another PC World. Its more like wireless gadgets/products for the home. A market we don't really have stores for yet at a sensible consumer level.

And to Alexander who brought up TalkTalk.

You do realise that's now a separate company to Carphone Retail?

Plus - yes, when it started Free Broadband it was a total farce - who'd a thought loads of people want broadband for free - but now its actually a pretty reliable service. Check uSwitch.com if you don't believe me...

I look forward to some massive stores with hopefully keen-US-style pricing.

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