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Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that

Johan-Kristian Wold

Now, Tim Cook being Carly Fiorina or vice versa, doesn't scare me. A gay man becoming a homophobe, or a homophobe becoming a gay man (or woman) - he'd lock up in an infinite loop.

Now, in the old days, you could say that is where Tim Cook normally is, Infinite loop 1 being the address of the old Apple Campus...


Net shoppers bullied into being Verified by Visa

Johan-Kristian Wold

Other methods

Norwegian banks have a common BankID scheme that's used for Verified by Visa.

The confirmation page runs a Java applet that first requires you to enter you personal ID no. (Norwegian equivalent of social security no.), and the prompts you for a 6-digit code from an electronic code generator and a personal password.

You use the same method to log on to your net bank, and requires another verification whenever you try to either pay something via the net bank or transfer money out of your account.

With this scheme, for a transaction to be completed, you need:

a) Your visa number.

b) Your verification code.

c) Your ID number.

d) A one-time code that can only be had if you physically posess the key generator.

e) Your personal password.

It works pretty well, and even works on a mac...


German model railways derailed by filth

Johan-Kristian Wold

There's no substitute for a dirty mind

It seems like there's a lot of dirty model railway figurines to be had.

I had a look at the maker Noch's website (www.noch.de), and if you take a look at the "Figuren und Ausschmückungen" section, there's quite a few laughs to be had... Hint: Look closely at the figures section...




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