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Revolut-won: British banking app gets half a billion bucks in backing, seeks to subvert today's market incumbents


Yep. I'm wary of anything with not covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme. I was nearly burnt by Icesave's collapse years bank so am a bit more careful now.

I use Revolut regularly but only top it up the card as and when I need it. I certainly wouldn't consider paying in a salary or using it to transfer large sums.

While I'm sure their structure and ring fencing of funds mean it's unlikely anything bad would happen, to me its not worth the risk. Once they have a full bank licence and have coverage from the FSCS I might change my mind. Tell then I treat it as a prepaid payment card that offers good exchange rates and the ability to access money overseas easily.

Remember that Sonos speaker you bought a few years back that works perfectly? It's about to be screwed for... reasons


Have I missed something? Did it say somewhere that your old speakers will suddenly stop working at a certain point? Just they won't receive software updates.

Keep them and they work. Take advantage of the discount on new speakers if you want. If you don't keep using your old speakers.

Latest patent brouhaha: Sonos wheels out Doomsday device in bid to block Google Home sales.... The Register


Re: BYO Popcorn?

You can pass them on. You can sell/pass them on at anytime. But you don't get a discount from sonos when you buy new hardware.

If you choose the upgrade/discount option via Sonos your old hardware is 'bricked' x amount of days after. Sonos say this is because they don't want people buying 3/4 year old hardware thinking they are getting the newest/best and having an inferior user experience.

Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero


Re: Double the reason

Always the option to hand them in to an apple store once they no longer work. I recently dropping in an old school ipod that no longer worked and a iphone 4s. hopefully they tore them apart and disposed on the remains properly. It was that or they went straight to landfill.

BBC said it'll pull radio streams from TuneIn to slurp more of your data but nobody noticed till Amazon put its foot in it


BBC Sounds App

Could be worse... Haven't used it for a while so have given it a quick go, I was expecting a barely usable app going by some of the response on here but it seems to do what it needs to. There's a choice of radio stations, the ability to listen to past shows and download for 'offline' listening. For me it doesn't need to do much more than that.

Regarding sharing of data, the BBC wants to know what is being listened to and where they are to determine what's popular. What a shocker... 3rd party sites don't want to share this so the BBC doesn't want to share it's programming anymore.

Hull be damned: KCOM shuts shop as UK High Court waves through £627m Macquarie deal


KCOM 0 Marquarie 4

It's not your imagination: Ticket scalper bots are flooding the internet according this 'ere study


This works and is proven to work, no tickets on the secondary market sites. I checked last year.

Inconvenience to me? None. Tickets printed on presentation of my credit card.

Ticketmaster run their own secondary market which should be made illegal.

Treaty of Roam: No-deal Brexit mobile bill shock


Re: So predictable !

Yeah. It's all the EU playing hard ball over the border that's the blame.

Have you any of these surverys to hand? Doesn't sound right to me. It may be an inconvenience and sticking point in the Brexit process but that is not a fault of the EU or the republic of Ireland.

The open border was part of the Good Friday Agreement which is seems ROI and the EU put more value on than Boris and Jacob.

Plug in your iPhone, iPad, iPod, fire up the App Store: You have new Apple patches to install


Re: Must be a popular one...

I believe for the .10 and .01 minor updates doing it OTA is quicker and it installs what is needed rather than the whole operating system.

Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads


Treat yourself to ios12 and a new battery for £25.

No, seriously, why are you holding your phone like that?


The 6S is awful for hearing what the other person is saying. Have to use headphones to make a call.

I just assumed apple had forget to make sure the phone was fit for purpose as an actual phone.

Apple WWDC: There's no way iOS and macOS will fully merge as one


Re: Nature "documentary"

It was indeed. I noticed his pronunciation of 'garage' was odd!

Virtue singing – Spotify to pull hateful songs and artists


You can...

Audiophiles have really taken to the warm digital tone of streaming music


Re: Streaming? Nah!

I assume you have a data plan and wifi at home? It doesn't have to be one or the other. You can have both. Your vinyl for listening at home and streaming for out and about. Plus you have the ability to download x amount of tracks for offline listening for when you are on an airplane or the tube.

Having used Spotify for nearly 10 years losing it would be a real shock to the system. I used to spend far more than £120 a year on purchasing CDs and now I buy I only buy when one of my favourite artists releases one.

Try one of the free trials and if you don't like it, fair play. Everyone's listening experience is different.

NHS given a lashing for lack of action plan one year since WannaCry


Re: Valuable comments

Problem being is that everyone feels 'entitled' to free care. "I've paid my taxes" etc etc so there's no incentive to take any action till its too late.

If people had to pay towards for preventable illness. Alcohol/smoking/obesity related diseases would the NHS be so stretched?

Should private health insurance be tax deductible rather than a taxable benefit if work provides it or you pay for it yourself.

So called health tourists could be clamped down on. I wouldn't dream going to America without insurance but no EU visitors can happily come here for all sorts.

iOS 11.3 update throws Jamf-managed iStuffs into a loop.. into a loop.. into a loop... into a...


Re: Stuttering Music

and I thought it was just me! Another issue I find it that occasionally it'll play the first second of a track after a track finishes and before the next one starts.

Lets see what ios 12 brings.

Sonos will deny updates to those who snub rewritten privacy terms


Not sure what I'm missing. From reading the blog post sounds like they want to use the data to improve the product as much as possible. With information such as error logs, and if you are using Trueplay or not.

The updated privacy terms explains what happens with voice data etc.

I don't own a Sonos but if I did I'd be happy for them to use this information to make the product better.

Apple blames air for iPhone 6S's narcolepsy


The battery shut down has happened to me 3/4 times over the last year before the 10.1 release.

Put it down to a software glitch and didn't inconvenience me too much. But the last time it happened was middle of November (phone on at least 40%) when I was using googlemaps on the phone so had to rely on common sense to get back to the car.

Got my battery replaced at the weekend and there was a steady stream of 6s owners queuing to either collect their phones or drop them in.

No problems so far but it's only been a couple of days.


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