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NZ parents may lose battle to keep baby '4real'

Ed White


Ok, after reading the story I can see why they wanted to named their kid "4real". I think they were happy to see that they were going to be parents, and did not really think about the future of that kid. I think that if they wanted to call the kid "Forreal" or "Foreal" it would be no different that someone naming their kid "Jaquanda" or what ever other odd names I have heard in the states since I was a kid. I think they should take a moment and think of that kids future.

On a 2nd note, Yes I was one of the ones that was picked on also, however that all stopped as soon as I broke the nose of the little fu@ker who kept bothering me for 2 years. Kids are not born mean, they learn it from their parents. I don't care what anyone says when they complain about too much violence on TV or Video games etc.. The bottom line its parents who did not think.

Bottom line in this, the parents need to think about the kid and not about what sounds cool to use as a name.



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