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No need to code your webpage yourself, says Microsoft – draw it and our AI will do the rest


Quality output

"Once you have drawn these wireframes on a whiteboard..."

I look forward to receiving a web page full of blurred scribbles and smudges using a colour palette of 6 faded colours. All enhanced by a background image from the last person who tried to use a permanent marker on the whiteboard.

New AWS auto-scaler started life as private show for Netflix


Customer needs

> Amazon has always claimed to be driven by customer needs, so this is evidence of that creed at work

Assuming you are as big a user as Netflix is.

DVLA denies driving licence processing site is a security 'car crash'


Someone intercepting a card payment is bad. Someone being able to access my DVLA account and issue a new driving licence in my name to another address is terrible. Driving licences are effectively ID cards in the UK. I'm in the process of buying a house and the driving licence is the single piece of ID that ties it all together and is visually confirmed. Everything else I could easily forge.

London council 'failed to test' parking ticket app, exposed personal info


Was thinking just the same. But under GDPR, how do you work out the cost paid for a public organisation? Is it calculated on total income from tax, revenues etc.?

HMS Queen Lizzie impugned by cheeky Scot's drone landing


Can he now claim to have made the first flight from the deck of the aircraft carrier?

Uber hires Obama's attorney-general to review its workplaces


Re: Re:Why? and then we ask ourselves why women in are few and far between

Your HR department is woefully wrong, and quite clearly so. The practice is indirect discrimination and prohibited under the Equality Act (section 19).

An simple argument is to change the salary levels you quote, since these are arbitrary and set by the company. What would happen if you only looked at male candidates asking for under £20,000? Then of course you will get no male candidates qualified for the position applying and would only ever appoint a female candidate.

Power 'issue' fells UK web registrar's servers


Lost potential clients?

If you lose clients as a result of an outage to your hosting, then you need to look at how you are hosting your site and your backup plans. We're way, way, past the days of building solutions and just hoping they don't fail. It's *your* responsibility to examine the products each provider has and work out the solution that can provide the reliability that works for your business. And yes, we got hit too but our critical services all kept running without anyone noticing.

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