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Zero arrests, 2 correct matches, no criminals: London cops' facial recog tech slammed


Have you actually read the report? Met Police also used it Remembrance Day.


Re: Surely though

You are absolutely right. Out of the 2 million people that visited Notting Hill, it thought that 95 of them matched a face in a watchlist. When each match occurs it creates a system event showing the original and captured image side by side which a human being reviews and confirms before any action is taken.

The police will have set the system to have fairly low matching confidence as they'd rather have false positives than miss people. The alternative is to have human beings monitoring CCTV feeds and manually picking faces out of crowds. They used technology to filter those 2 million down to 95 people before then manually reviewing. I don't see that was a waste of time.

WileyFox Swift 2: A new champ of the 'for around £150' market


Re: But, the reviews ...

OK, I've had one about a week now and I've been reasonably impressed so far. It feels like a much more expensive phone, fingerprint sensor is quick (and I'm getting used to it being on the back), seems pretty quick (certainly quicker than my old Xperia Z3).

Re. the expertreviews review:

Display - I do wonder whether they're comparing specs here rather than actually testing it as I've had no issues either inside or out.

Camera - maybe this is just me but if I want top quality photos I'll use a proper camera. They seem fine to me.

Performance - again, I think they're just comparing numbers. This is probably one of the more responsive phones I've had.

OS - there may well be update issues in future but that could apply to any Android phone. I'm liking Cyanogen and the higher level of control over apps access. Was worth it for that alone.

Other comments:

GPS - drove into London yesterday and didn't lose signal once. Other phones I've had have often lost it in central London.

OTG - tried it with a USB-C OTG cable and didn't work. The cable was designed for a Mac but I'm assuming it should be standard and therefore the phone doesn't support OTG.

Bluetooth - got it connected to three devices simultaneously with no issues. Supports APT-X.

NFC - yep, works fine.

I've not compared it directly to a G4 but, for me, the extra size of the G4 would probably be a deal breaker. The Swift2 is just about useable with one hand.

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