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Samsung sets fire to $9m by throwing it at Tizen devs


No clue

It is very simple. Do what Microsoft/RIM/Apple and Android have all failed at.

Sell a phone with bands enabled or configurable for USA/Europe/Asia like the Nexus 5x.

Allow proper access to hardware (hackable) + driver source/specs so people can do interesting things with only token barriers, including the RIL and lower level functions

Sell phone in USA,UK and elsewhere and on Amazon for ease of access

Tell all the jailbreak/hacker groups + Replicant etc they can play and make money with commercial apps. Let them run wild.

Tell and/or make available to industry groups that need a general purpose computer with 4G who will put it to uses they never could have imagined, like cardiac monitor, aviation maps, restaurant ordering, embedded controller, remote camera, etc.

But like most phone companies, crippled with assumptions, hubris and only can imagine throwing cash than winning minds.

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