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Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt

Elly Pratt

Response from Mr D. Pratt's missus!

Thank you to all of you for your responses. Was quite surprised at the amount of people posting on here who feel the same as we do.

This t-shirt when purchased in California was not bought with the idea to shock, be obscene or to incite violence. It was bought to get a smile reaction from the person reading it. I am sorry that there are certain folks in Peterborough who need to urgently book in for a "sense of humour health check!"

We are folks who mind our own business, we keep our noses clean so you can imagine our reaction to be faced with someone telling us we were breaking the "Public Order Act"......... The offending word in question P*SS is a slang word, so does this mean they are going to ban every t-shirt with slang imprinted upon it? The FCUK t-shirts, to a dyslexic this reads as a swear word, even to small kids it does as only the first and last letter has to be in the right place to form the word, the brain does the rest!

This issue the council has slapped in our faces is taking the extreme too far, will folks have to cover up tattoo's which contain swear/slang words in the future? Before you ask, neither my husband or myself have tattoos. But do you see where this is heading? Pretty soon Peterborough council will have us all dressed in the same clothes carrying around a little red book which resembles communist China. Now as much as I adore Chinese food...............I don't wanna live in a communist state!

I am pretty sure my husband will respond to all your comments when he gets in from work.........I will leave him to say the rest.

Thanks again for all your support.

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