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Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?


Re: the error is in call it "AI" !!!

"The "A.I." in a driverless car would be able to recognise a tiny fraction of the things we are able to recognise" - Sorry but selfdriving vehicles are able to recognise much more than human and have a lot more possibilities to crunch a lot of "impressions" in a very short time. So every selfdriving car knows that if a ball crosses the road, there might be a child that follows. Maybe it knows it very well because the car in the front has recorded this child and already informed the following cars. The car also recognizes if someone standing beside the road is shaking his head and maybe knows that the person did run for the last few minutes because he/she wants to take the bus that will stop on the other side in just one minute. A selfdriving car knows what is happening after a hill what a human never could know/see. So it is not about one car. It's about the connection and reaction to a lot of data, delivered by a lot of devices (cameras, web, smartphones, smartwatches, fitnessbands, traffic lights etc.) much more data that a human can analyse in the same amount of time.

Veeam ponders hyperconverged data protection play


"Improve availability of hyperconverged systems .... to ensure it remains relevant"

From my personal perspective, this sounds like analysts pushing a vendor to show some activities around a hype although there is no need for this from a technical perspective and from a financial perspective. It's not important to cover hyperconverged systems (HC-Appliance market is growing but in total revenue a very small market - I'm only talking Appliances, not DIY-Solutions etc.), it's important to cover the software-stack that they are build up with. And that is something different (a lot of customers are looking into that). So for some vendors like HPE with their HC-Systems build on StoreVirtual-VSA Software Veeam already has a very powerful implementation incl. Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots capabilities. Focusing on the SW-stack is much more relevant than focusing on the box.

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