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The Large Hadron Collider is small beer. Give us billions more for bigger kit, say boffins


Re: Dark matter/energy question

Is there a reason there can't be multiple experimental facilities at multiple locations?

Ding dong merrily on high. In Berkeley, the bots are singeing: Self-driving college cooler droid goes up in flames


Perhaps they are starting the next pizza craze. Instead of a wood-fired brick oven, we have a battery fired plastic oven. Are they missing another opportunity here?

Goodnight Kepler! NASA scientists lay the exoplanet expert to rest as it runs out of fuel


Re: Fuel? Why no solar panels?

The fuel was for station keeping not for general propulsion. It also has nothing to do with sunshine, which is used to run the platform's electronics packages.

The design life was 3.5 years. They got almost 10 out of the platform. Sorry that nearly 3x the design life isn't acceptable.

One down, two to go. Russia inches closer to putting a crew on Soyuz while celebrating 50 years since the first Return To Flight


Re: Interesting final line.

I haven't studied the design, but I suspect the lander would separate from the transport stage to become the relay. Similar to the lunar module separating from the Command and Service Modules of Apollo.

How an over-zealous yank took down the trading floor of a US bank


Re: Multi-GB Unplugging the keyboard = kernel panic ?

Not in 1996.

He would have been at the OBP (aka the OK> ) Prompt. Resume would have done the unthinkable, resume the still in core OS.

Yeah, Sun hardware circa 1996 had its quirks.

Oh my Tosh, it's only a 100TB small form-factor SSD, SK?


Anyone who would put all that storage in one rack, without needing a final capacity in the Exabyte range is looking for a really bad day.

Tech rookie put decimal point in wrong place, cost insurer zillions


Re: Lloyds

Okay, brilliant. Until you have to do the math spanning years in COBOL, which was the business programming language of the time.

SpaceX to pick up the space pace with yet another Falcon 9 launch


Re: It’s a Geo orbit

They've recovered from GeoSync launches in the past, that's what the drone ships are for.

'Autopilot' Tesla crashed into our parked patrol car, say SoCal cops


IMO, the important metrics to consider are:

Accidents per whatever unit of distance compared to human drivers.

Fatalities per whatever unit of distance compared to human drivers.

That's a start of looking at this objectively rather than with an impossible to meet standard of perfection. Ample evidence exists to demonstrate humans are far from perfect as drivers.

Trump White House mulls nationalizing 5G... an idea going down like 'a balloon made out of a Ford Pinto'


One of the challenges not mentioned, is that the US is very large in terms of square kilometers/miles/(insert REG unit of area here) in comparison to South Korea, Japan or Norway.

So nationalizing the initial 5G buildout is not on the surface a bad idea. Too soon to dig deeper, and honestly it is unlikely to happen. Guaranteed if the US government builds it, it will be to increase capbailities of the spy state already in place.

US cops point at cell towers and say: Give us every phone number that's touched that mast


Re: @coresstore

You have a possible suspect. You don't have a perpetrator until you can establish a lot more information. Unless they're using data from multiple towers, you haven't established that the person is actually at the locations of the shooting, just at the nearest tower.

What you don't have is a case, but rather a coincidence.

Ohm-em-gee: US nuke plant project goes dark after money meltdown


First we have to define what "X proof" really means.

Jet proof? Okay... What size? What speed?

For tornado and earthquake proof, what magnitude on their respective scales is the design supposed to withstand?

Quad goals: Western Digital clambers aboard the 4bits/cell wagon


You'd think that a tech-focused endeavor would not fall into the the trap... I guess my expectations are too high. One third more cells, double the data density.

What is this – some kind of flashy, 3-bit consumer SSD? Eh, Seagate?


Re: Tool for the job

What point are you trying to make? That business and consumer workloads and requirements are different? Well noted by the author that these are consumer grade SSD.

As for plug it in and have a failure? That happens with traditional disk as well without warning.

Uber coughs up $20m after 'lying about how much its drivers make'


Re: "slash their funding"

Sadly, it will be reality TV without the quotes in the US.

Handling tech baggage: How American Airlines, US Airways merged IT


Without knowing anything about the architecture nor the application it's tough to make the determination that it can't be done.

It is likely that in this environment they've built wide (safety in numbers) everywhere possible, with load balancing. This is a very robust solution, and you can take servers down (virtual or physical) without taking them out of rotation. The load balancer's job is to detect the service outage and remove it from the group.

From a database perspective, Active / Active clusters can be built which would allow for a DB server to go down without any visibility to either the application or customers. There's also Oracle's RAC (and probably others) as an alternative beyond 2 servers.

There are ways to skin the cat that would involve minimal disruption and go unnoticed outside of the people managing the systems.

I suspect they have taken just a little liberty though. I'd bet hey have an engineer or two keeping an eye on things as a CYA while they are patching.

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