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Must watch: GE's smart light bulb reset process is a masterpiece... of modern techno-insanity


LIFX do something like this...


"Turning your light off/on 5x slowly at the switch will reset the lights - they will color cycle or white cycle and stop on white."

Apple redesigns wireless AirPower charger to be world's smallest, thinnest, lightest, cheapest, invisible... OK, it doesn't exist anymore


The real reason...

... is 'cos they can't make it charge the MacBook Pro range? After all removing all the ports what they want. And buttons too... waiting for the power button and the rest on the iDevices to become simple gestures.

Mac users burned after Nuance drops Dragon speech to text software


Apple: You are using it wrong...

Clear people that try to use the build in stuff is using it wrong... You should be doing your best Tim or Steve impression.... and if that does work break out the Jonny Ive.

Seriously, I am sure Apple are just trying to kill the apps from their non-BFFs with their changes in APIs. And it is shame that such an important tool is now suffering from it.

Hipster horror! Slack has gone TITSUP: Total inability to support user procrastination


Re: "Hipster darling and reskinned IRC client Slack "

It doesn't use an IRC backend any more I believe. So love has gone.

How do you make those darn code monkeys do what you want? Just give 'em a little nudge


When I saw the title this sprung to mind...


Apple drops dongle prices to make USB-C upgrade affordable


Re: How on earth

You are forgetting you are meant to be using AppleTooth to connect your camera to your Appley Devices.

I expect next year Apple will finally do wireless charging (ApplePower) that can only be used the their stuff and phones and laptops shall have no ports... why would you want ports? Without them they can make the worlds most advanced laptops.... just touch screen.... The new MacBook Pro... (An iPad with a new sticker on it and without ports)

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