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Big labels or Google - who is the songwriters' worst enemy?


“Nothing competes with free”

“If I may quote a real economist, “Nothing competes with free”.”

I'd like this “real” economist to explain the bottled water industry to me. If nothing competes with free (which is a total lie) how is it that the Water Barons are making money hand over fist selling us a commodity that we can get essentially free from any tap or drinking fountain.

Downloading music and songwriters have nothing to do with each other. He even says several times in the article about how the record industry screws songwriters (which I agree with) and how the popularity of uninspiring rock/pop music has made the modern songwriter obsolete (which I also agree with). If the ROI of a professionally written song isn't higher then some hack amateur's version why would a record company retain a large staff of songwriter? Wouldn't this be a waste of money?

Even if you could throw a magic “no music downloading” switch and stop all music downloads, would this return the world to a fairy tale, songwriter's utopia? Would the music industry return to it's pre-P2P levels? Wasn't the record-able cassette tape supposed to be a harbinger of doom for songwriters and the music industry?

It's much easier to blame the nameless, faceless evil of the phantom “music pirate” then to face the reality of changing trends. Whether or not one thinks that downloading music from the Internet is morally wrong / criminal, or progress is really a moot point. The genie is out of bottle. It's done.

What we can do is stop whining about thing we have no control over. My god why doesn't this guy see that fact that the music industry is squandering the single greatest money making opportunity in the history of it's industry? All they would have had to do was package it better then the freetards and they would have made MORE money than the 90's. They would, most likely, have to hire twice as many songwriter. The music industry is the problem not the freetards.

If the bottled water industry can build enough value into their product to compete competitively compete against the free water market, someone should be able to figure out how to sell music (and pay songwriters) on the Internet for profit.


P.S. > Artists create for art. If they're not creating for art they're just money-grubbers, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber.

Wow, this guy doesn't get out a lot. I can't figure out if he's a freetard or just slow and angry.

I think you're confused. Let me try to clear this up for you.

An artist, like anyone else, has a right to “want” the maximum profit from his or her creation. Why would this in any way make a artist anymore “money-grubber” then lets say a Systems Admin who wants paid for preforming the art of network maintenance. Both persons may “want” $50 p/h but the market will determine the value of the creation. I really don't see any “money-grubber” in either of these persons.

Would you know a base station if you saw one?


Someone had to say it...

That's no moon, It's a base station.

Canadian Taser death caught on camera


Just a thought...

Now, if this same man would have been beaten to death by 4 cops with bull whips would you be outraged? What's the difference between a taser and a bull whip?

Again, just a thought...

UK gov advisor proposes 'licence to smoke'


FYI fascists...

Hitler was the first major European politician to implement smoking bans...He hated the stuff.

If you agree with smoking bans and anti-smoker campaigns you agree with Hitler.

Now, basically, you're that crazy guy at the pub who's defending Hitler saying, "I agree with some of the things he did. Not everything he did was bad. What about all the good things Hitler did?"

Do you REALLY want to be that guy?

AT&T turns screws on iPhone unlocker


Setting the record strait...


“anyone who complains that $500/$600 is too expensive for the unsubsidized iPhone must be ignorant of the $500 retail price of the Blackberry 8800, $600 Blackberry 8830, and $600 Palm Treo 750 - all locked to a single network.”

You are completely right the Blackberry 8800 & 8830 and Palm Treo 750 are over priced devices that allow you send & receive email using your cell carrier’s network. Everyone knows that sending & receiving critical business information from a mobile device is very 2 years ago. Apple is innovating and looking to the future while everyone else is continuing to provide useful functionality.

Apple (as well as anyone in the know) understands the future of the business world is the ability to play YouTube video and send messages on Myspace. I can’t tell you how many deals I’ve lost not because I had to wait till I found a Starbucks of McDonalds to check my email on my iPhone, but because my (old) Blackberry’s browser was to cumbersome to allow me to quickly respond to a clients Friend Request on Myspace.

For everyone who’s still not convinced, I closed a 5.6 million dollar deal yesterday. I did this not by having critical information available at my fingertips (which I clearly can’t access by using my iPhone), but by playing that Skateboarding Dog clip from Youtube. Having the president, board of director, purchasing agent, director of HR and IT all huddled around my iPhone created a sense of community and closeness that really closed the deal.

You see productivity and functionality are dead! Long live feel good, and community building!

“The real crime is AT&T requiring a 2-year service agreement when they are not subsidizing the phone.”

HEY! AT&T is paying A LOT of money to Apple for the privilege of provide iPhone users the very best service available on any carrier. AT&T is simply using a 2-year contract to protect you from ever having to experiencing the crappy level of service provided by other carriers. iPhone users should really be thank full that Apple decided that the carrier that paid them the most would provide the optimal iPhone experience. It’s obvious that the carrier that payed the most money Apple has the best network.

@Ian O’Friel

Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him.


@Graham Bartlett

I don’t know what your talking about…

I have never been ironic or sarcastic in my life.

@Ashley Pomeroy

No real need for exaggeration when talking about my beloved Apple. It’s comical enough all on its own.

@Andy Enderby

“Most important technical innovation in twenty years?” is just echoing a quote from a fellow iLifer on the Engadget comments. Most importantly it’s correct!

@Jason Rivers

I work for Apple’s Truth Enhancement Department.


You've probably never even used an iPhone!

@Morely Dotes

Clearly you don't understand that the iPhone is the most revolutionary technological advancement in the last 20 years! Apple has been constantly pushing the envelope on innovation but you naysayers are too closed minded to see it. You are the same people who ruined AppleTalk (the best networking protocol ever invented ) by adopting TCP/IP just because it's open, fast, functional, and actually works as advertised.

You people really need to stop thinking that just because you or 99% of the population can't see how great an Apple product is doesn't mean it's just an overpriced piece of junk. They're NOT. Apple products are innovative and valuable.

You need to stop assuming innovative means better. When it comes to Apple it doesn't. It simple means doing something totally different from every other rational person on the planet. Apple's innovations allow me to do things completely differently from every other PC or cell phone user. These innovations aren't better, just different. Doing things differently makes me individual. Being obsessively individual is what iLife is all about.

Apple products (mainly the iPhone) are NOT overpriced. Like I said earlier, "Apple products are...valuable." You may not be able to see the value BUT I know it's there. How else could a company charge $600 for a cell phone? This is a clear case of "You Get What You Pay For" and when I bought my iPhone I got a $600 dollar cell phone.

Outrageous price is, in all actuality, a great feature of ALL Apple products. With out an extremely inflated price average/unworthy people like you could afford to experience iLife, and that my friend is an experience reserved only for the wealthy or the true believers!

My iphone was the single most important purchase of my life.You asked earlier, "How stupid would a person have to be to buy an iPhone?" They would have to be just as stupid as me. Because I am the kind of, "moron [who] would buy an iPhone"!

Porn company Perfect 10 sues Microsoft




Telstra sex romp woman back on the job


Why wasn't the sacker of the sackie sacked?

I find it hard to believe the manager, Steve Hatzistergos, wasn't sacked...I mean he, according to the testimony, was, but I mean sacked after the sacking.

Sacking (of the non-firing type) of a subordinate is usually dealt with quite harshly.

If I'd been a witness to such a situation I would have been much more concerned about a manager involved, and less about being sexually harassed.

Sounds to me like the other women involved were just being snobs and wanted her fired because they didn't like Miss Streeter.

Earth will feel the heat from 2009: climate boffins


Too little data, too big a system

The earth is approximately 4.4 - 4.5 billion years old (give or take a few million). Now I don’t know exactly how long we’ve been collecting “accurate” data for these climate models, but I’ll be generous and call it 50 years.

Let me get this strait. Data from .00000005 of the total running time of the planet proves what? It proves you can tell me what happened for the last 50 years. THAT’S IT. You can’t even come up with a good guess with that little data compared to the total life span of the earth.

I just don’t understand the belief that a system as HUGE and COMPLEX as the planet earth is supposed to be constant, stable, and predictable. It’s very egotistical of the climate alarmists.

Climate alarmists are VERY small picture people. They study infinitesimally small pattern and try to apply them to the inconceivably huge systems. What they end up with is bad theory and junk science. I hate to use the analogy but it’s the whole Chicken Little mentality.

Now, here’s the kicker, I believe in globe warming. I just don’t believe we really have anything to do with it. We just haven’t been around long enough is the grand 4.5 billion year scheme of things to have any effect.

The earth goes through climate cycles (and there IS billions of years of evidence of this fact), but anything more than that is still just a guess.


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