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Teaching hacking helps students, professors say


Ethical What!

You have to be kidding me. You take a military statement. “Know Thy Enemy” and try to apply it in this case. What a boat load of propaganda. More time and effort should be put on how to use forensics, counter intelligence and sound investigative techniques to catch and prosecute computer criminals. Stop wasting parents and tax payer’s hard earned money teaching kids to perform computer crimes under the cloak of “ethical” hacking. This so called professor, aka “Ward Churchill” had the nerve to say, "Its fun"

What's next - will he start to teach how to crack a bank safe, or how to rob a store or maybe how to pick a door lock. We know your real motives. What a crack-pot. Any so called "Universities" teaching students how to be criminals is simply looking for the fastest way to make a dollar - they have no real interest in protecting critical data assets.



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