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Strap-on stealth jetplane for special forces

Darren Gallagher

@Andrew Norton

*laughing* Took me back to my saturday morning youth, awaiting Centurions with glee. You yoinked Jake Rockwell. No fair I wanted to have WEASEL.

At the Toyshop of Doom

Darren Gallagher

As used on the Famous Nelson Mandela

Our Government is pretty much funded by these guys. Big guns = Big Bucks. Read the book, be surprised. Definitley When children from a school set up an arms dealership, wuite successfully may I add.

Read it skidmarks!

Dwarf superglues todger to hoover

Darren Gallagher

What a Midget Gem of a story!

Why didn't he use a PVA glue? Penis Vacuum Adhesive.

Boffins issue speeding ticket for FTL photons

Darren Gallagher

Back to the Future.

This was done back in 2002, by some bobbins with $500 worth of kit. Speed was supposed to be 4 billion Kph. 2.2billion Kph faster than teh speed of light. Good ol' Johnny Bobbins. Have a butchers on the New Scientist site.

Warner Bros to remake Enter the Dragon

Darren Gallagher

Fuck right off.

That's all I have to say.

Power gadget set to cut electricity bills

Darren Gallagher

WTF is the world coming to?

Have we really became a lifeform that cannot cope without a bollocksing remote control?

To all those thinking of buying one.

Stop being so B*stard lazy.

Stand up, Walk to said plug socket, switch it off.

Heavens forbid you may have to bend down or move furniture.


Chav-hunting toffs cop some flack

Darren Gallagher

@Landlord of the Chav and Hound

The Burberry wallpaper may cost a few bob. And you'd lower the chances of and sunday drivers venturing in, having a franchise of Greggs stuck to your pub would earn you some coin, but the booze being only Blue WKD and White Lightening may be an issue.

Darren Gallagher

The Chav and the Hound

Would have made a classic Disney remake. Chav called Stevo meets Hound called Chantelle Mercedes Lilly Dobbs. 3 weeks in, they're both down the DSS sorting out a house for soon to be, newborn, no hoper in life. He then scours through skips and meets chavette skip rat, to continue the never ending Circle of Rife.

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