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London's top cop dismisses 'highly inaccurate or ill informed' facial-recognition critics, possibly ironically


I'm a (something), which is legal, non-violent and quite usual nowadays. But if 'the powers that be' decide that (somethingism) is a threat to the state (probably because it will reduce the profits on some megacorp) then I'll be a criminal. And us (somethings) will be hunted down using, for example, facial recognition technology. 'For the greater good' to quote some spoof cop flic!

Has no-one read '1984' recently?

Spanking the pirates of corporate security? Try a Plimsoll


Great word

I really like "fustercluck"!

It's your walkie-talkie Teams mate, over. 'You don't have to say Over, over'. Copy that. Stop making the static noise, over and out


Re: "Over and out"

AFAIK 'Over and Out' was invented by Hollywood scripwriters who wanted their characters to sound 'official'.

Correct procedure is 'Over' when a reply is expected or 'Out' when a reply is unwanted because the conversation is finished.

Hapless Network Rail contractors KO broadband in Uxbridge


OOPS! West Drayton is? (used to be) where the Lord of the UK Skies lives (aka Distress and Diversion - who you call if you REALLY have a problem). If they are OOS then both civil and military aviation around UK are at severe risk. Hopefully they have enough redundant circuits and diverse routing to cope. Anyone know different?


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