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Overzealous n00b takes out point-of-sale terminals across the UK on a Saturday afternoon


Re: You should have been sacked

quite a bit of years ago I was the universal techie at a small university research institute.

We had a famous (within his field...) professor that was very proud over his "find all instances of something in a database", that took about 48 hours to run. It really trashed the disk all that time. At this time I was working at optimizing disk cache systems, and thought this was a problem that might be

solved with some intelligent selection of program memory versus disk cache.

The professor where asked about how much memory was used, and he said about 250KB.

I put all of the memory in the machine up as a disk cache, and the program finished in about ten minutes.

The professor nearly died, and jumped on the phone to call his department at MIT with orders to inform his techs how close they where to be fired.

One bottle of reasonable champagne was handed over to me, and the professor moaned over how much of his life had been wasted waiting for his program to finish....

User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert


Re: Is it on?

The trick is to ask the user tun unplug the thing, and then replug it bac in.

Nobodys ego is bruised, and everybody is happy!

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