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After last year's sexism shambles, 2019's RSA infosec bash has upped its inclusivity game


"That's prejudice. If people don't kinda act like you and look like you should they be removed if you attend? Maybe that's another problem to add to the pile"

All you Reg Vultures out there please feel free to correct me, but I'm not sure that was the intended meaning...

I read it as "someone with whom I can identify" rather than "someone who is my doppelgänger".

Facebook to appeal against ICO fine – says it's a matter of principle not to pay 18 mins' profit


Facebook to appeal against ICO fine

They're appealing on the grounds that it's not a data leak, it's an undocumented feature.

Swedes grumbling about Apple Store in their park are lucky – in Toronto, Google eats all your data


Shouldn't that be iSore...?

Yale Security Fail: 'Unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our Smart Living Home app


I am so confused...

Will someone remind me again why connecting your whole home to some nameless, faceless smartphone app is a good idea?

Boffins blame meteorites for creating Earth's oldest rocks


Pedant Alert


A team (of geologists) has analyzed samples...

Wears my coat...?

They grow up so fast: Spam magnet Hotmail turned 22 today


Hotmail Holdout

I've had a Hotmail account since 2003 when I switched over from @Netscape.com.

Spam was never an issue (maybe I didn't visit the right websites?) and Hotmail is still my preferred email address.

And I am no fan of Micro$oft. Go figure...

At last! Apple admits its MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards utterly suck, offers free replacements


No, No... It's The Liquid Sensors

My wife's Macbook keyboard quit some months ago. When we took it to the Apple Disingenous Bar, we were told the Liquid Sensors had been tripped. If you saw how my wife cares for her MacBook, you would realize that this is a very low probability scenario...

We were subsequently informed that as well as the $400+ keyboard replacement (not under warranty - liquid sensors), there were also two other boards that required replacement that would be covered by warranty. I was out of town so my wife asked our adult son why the keyboard was not covered, but the two other boards were. His reply:

"They broke it taking it apart"

User spent 20 minutes trying to move mouse cursor, without success


Re: Speaking of which,

I used to clean my mousewheel with a Q-Tip dipped in Windex.

The challenge was like peeling a tangerine... see if I could remove the crud from the mouse-wheel in one long strip.

You're a govt official. You accidentally slap personal info on the web. Quick, blame a kid!


Re: Unisys screwed up

"If my bank left a pile of money on a table for me to take my own, I might be tempted to take a bit extra"

I believe that this analogy only holds if it's "public money". You can take as little or as much as you want and it's totally free. The issue here is that the "public money" also contained some krugerrands the bank had stupidly forgotten to separate out, and the kid arrived with a dump truck.

I'm Canadian, and I think the charges need tossing...

Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing



OMG... that looks to-die-for!!

That would be supper I weren't in stuck Belgium gagging down moules-frites and Grimbergen beer.

Is the recipe on-line...???

Canucks have beef with Soylent as to whether or not it's a real meal deal


Re: We'll stick to real food, thanks

I thought poutine was in the Good Nutrition Guide as one of the Four Major Food Groups...

(If I recall correctly: Alexander Keith's, Moosehead, and Forty Creek are the other three)

Microsoft's new Surface laptop defeats teardown – with glue


Re: Does Microsoft offer an exchange program too?

Return older kit to Apple?

How about put an SSD into my wife's plastic unibody Core Duo MacBook, install Linux Mint Mate, and never look back...

Is that recycled enough for you?

Microsoft to spooks: WannaCrypt was inevitable, quit hoarding


Re: Let's mention Microsoft's Policy of hoarding patches unless you pay up.


I had this very problem. I tried every suggestion on fixing broken Windows Update with zero success.

The solution I found that worked was WSUS Offline Update. YMMV, but it worked for me.

Lenovo's 2017 X1 Carbon is a mixed bag


Intermittent Freezes

I was loaned a Lenovo T440s a few years ago that was kitted out pretty much as the X1 in described in the article, except running Win7. It, too, would occasionally freeze for twenty seconds or so, for no obvious reason. It was the first computer I had ever used with an SSD, so I thought it might be the SSD doing some load leveling or trash management, or something.

However, I liked the T440s enough that when I needed to replace my old laptop, I bought myself the identically spec'd T440s from Lenovo. And until I read your article, I hadn't realized that mine DOESN'T freeze, and never has.

And it rocks Linux Mint ];-)

The trouble with business executives…


Tribal Knowledge

>> “Business management pours close to 100% of our IT budget into consultants and third-party off-the-shelf solutions and services, so we have nearly no 'tribal knowledge.'” <<

I was a high level consultant at a company helping them organize their operation and put some documented procedures in place. Four of the team were staff and the remainder were contactors of varying ability. A couple of the contractors were 'long term', some only stayed for a few months.

If I once pointed out to company management that I was training their contractors, I must have pointed the fact out a dozen times. The contractors regularly quit; all trained up for a better job elsewhere. And with them went the Tribal Knowledge.

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court



I believe I shall cease watching/reading/listening to broadcast news about THE DONALD, and just get all my DONALD news from The Reg Comments section whenever there is a DONALD article.

So much more fun than ABC, BBC, CBC ... NBC ... XYZBC.

Zut alors! Uber wrecked my marriage, fumes French businessman


Zut Alors, Indeed...!!

"...the husband was enjoying a cinq à sept, a French term for a lover you see after work but before going home to the wife and kids."

I guess us dumb Canucks got that one wrong. Our cinq à sept usually happens in the bar, not the bordello... with beer, and chicken wings.


Samsung SmartCam: Yes, those eyes really are following you around the room


I am so glad I'm a Luddite

>> It's still not clear to this reviewer why people would want cameras in their home.

>> Or even outside their home.

O M FSM... I am so happy that I am not alone in this world!

Red squirrels! Adorable, right? Wrong – they're riddled with leprosy


But do they still make good eating...?

Blighty's Home Office database blunders will deprive hundreds of GB driving licences


Re: Total xenophobia !

I don't know what the CTA is, or it's relevance here, but maybe having your passport examined in Dublin has something do with Eire (like the U.K.) not being part of the Schengen Zone.

I'm a U.K. citizen living overseas, and my passport is checked every time I enter the U.K..or Ireland, irrespective of whether I've come directly from overseas or via the E.U. However, I travel widely inside the Schengen Zone without having my passport checked except on initial entry.

And 259 innocent people having their licenses revoked is 259 too many: "That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer". Or something...

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