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Meet the Internet of big, lethal Things


I for one welcome our robot overlords

Apparently John Deere have been able to monitor and remotely turn off farm machinery for years if it is used outside certain parameters eg hooned. Also if you don't make the payments, don't expect it to work ;-)

This is interesting because you don't own the thing totally anymore, you are more like leasing it. I think this may be the way the car and lorry manufacturers push higher tech and hence higher cost hybrids and autonomous vehicles onto us. Cars are only designed to last 7 years or so now anyway, manufacturers are not interested in them lasting longer than the warranty and hence dealer $ rates, so I can see more manufacturers slipping in constant monitoring of vehicles and no-tampering based warranties. All for our benefit, of course!

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?


Hawker Tempest please

I always liked the Hawker Tempest, partly (as suggested by a previous commentard) because of the model I made of it as a kid, partly because of the stories about being fast enough to fly alongside doodlebugs and tip them over with a wingtip!

So they weren't slowed down at all by the pilot's balls of steel...

Virtual reality is actually made of smartphones


What a great man lol

Yeah, we all owe Steve Jobs a debt for moving humanity on. Of course he was thinking of others rather than his bank balance and that of his shareholders, as all business leaders do...

Hold on Lassie, you say that he actually was thinking of his remuneration and shareholders? Boy, was I wrong!

Given that Moore's law has held for a fair few decades, I suspect these new technologies would be invented and popularized by somebody, they were in the right place at the right time so they got the prize.

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