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This LAN is your LAN: Storage world still keen on high-speed Ethernet, luckily for Mellanox

Eric 23

Didn't Intel buy Qlogic's infiniband line a few years back?

I realize a fair amount of vendors OEM Intel ethernet chips, but not sure Intel getting more of a monopoly is a good thing.

Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown

Eric 23

Re: Oh God

Ran into the same issue when trying to report a few annoying telemarketers. Despite it all being handled by a webserver to submit the complaint, we get a nice little splash page saying the site is down due to the shutdown.

I'm fairly sure the telemarketers, robocallers, and scammers are aware as the number of these annoying calls has increased. Luckily my phone provider adds "SPAM?" to the callerid for most of them.

AWS outage killed some cloudy servers, recovery time is uncertain

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Re: But I thought The Cloud solved all problems...

Thunderstorms happened. I live in the area of the US-East-1 data centers. My UPS's were freaking out for about 5-15min yesterday late afternoon/early evening.

Another IoT botnet has been found feasting on vulnerable IP cameras

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Re: Yet still the unwise go and buy this crap!

any photo of Kim K makes me gag & get queezy.

Elon Musk promises Tesla investors Trump won't send him to Mars

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Re: Please Elon, speed up the Mars Mission

Put if we send his Cheetos-ship Don the Con to Mars, and there is already life there... We risk starting an interplanetary war in retaliation as I doubt they'd take kindly for us dumping him on them...

Scale-out sister? Unreliable disks are better for your storage

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Paris Hilton

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)

Tape is fairly reliable, and has a nice side effect of being very power efficient.

When I first think of HSM, SamFS comes to mind as I used to work in a shop which used it, and it worked really well. I think Sun released it as open source years back, and no clue of it's current status.

I have no experience in it, but there's also the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) which sounded promising.

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