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Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

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I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

ICO smites Bible Society, well fines it £100k...

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We said they'd be trouble when they appointed Father Dougal Maguire as head of IT.

HMRC boss defends shift to AWS, says they got 50% knocked off

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Are HMRC now going to investigate themselves for tax dodging ?

Credit insurance tightens for geek shack Maplin Electronics

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The death of the walk in shop, a shame as you can no longer ask for four candles.

Raspberry Pi burning up? Microsoft's recipe can save it and AI

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My Christmas wish, a die shrink to 10nm (or there abouts) for the Pi 4

The axeman strikes again: Microsoft has real commitment issues

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Microsoft behaves like the kid in the class with ADHD who's forgotten to take his Ritalin.

Forget the 'simulated universe', say boffins, no simulator could hit the required scale

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Douglas Adams nailed it:

"Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space."

There's a way to dodge Fasthosts' up-to-160% domain renewal hike but you're not gonna like it

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I wonder who's got that ?

UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

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Knee, stop reacting like that you jerk.

Man sues date for cinema texting fiasco, demands $17.31

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Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over

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Mozilla, people actually use Thunderbird rather than the ill fated (we told you so) Firefox OS that wasted an enormous amount of time and money.

Qualcomm to demand US iPhone import ban

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Is there a scenario in which both sides lose as I can't root for either of them regarding a patent dispute.

China's first large passenger jet makes maiden flight

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Is it as safe as their lifts ?

I'll take the stairs.

What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years

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They should be compelled by law to give security updates for 5 years.

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips

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Re: Optional

@AC>There will always be a resistance to aggressive sales tactics blackmail like this.



There will always be a resistance to blackmail extortion* like this.


* More appropriate

"Extortion and blackmail are similar in concept, but there are differences between the two. Extortion is a form of theft that occurs when an offender obtains money, property, or services from another person through coercion. To constitute coercion, the necessary act can be the threat of violence, destruction of property, or improper government action. Inaction of the testimony or the withholding of testimony in a legal action are also acts that constitute coercion."



Broadband providers almost double prices after deals end

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Your insurance, gas and electricity all go up as well unless you switch. Inflationary force vs customer inertia.

Boeing and Airbus fly new planes for first time

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Re: Yes, they look beautiful

Wow instant down vote, how sad you are still monitoring me.

I'm not interested in votes, but in scientific truth.

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Re: Yes, they look beautiful

Do note people not a singe mathematical disproof of my point. If you're really bothered take this thread over to physicsforums.com/or similar. We live in a quantum world, things have moved on a bit since Aristotle.

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Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>@Doc Ock: Are you still here? You're Matt Bryant and I claim my £5.

Yes I'm still here and you lose £5.

Too ashamed to reveal yourself ?

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Re: Yes, they look beautiful

> Classical, as in Aristotelian.

Yes, everything you say is correct, thanks. I did my posts while tired.

Oh look, beer o'clock again!


Ok let me ask you three questions.

1) Switching engines off at T=0 will kinetic energy of the aircraft be equal to the force of gravity, drag and friction ?

2 ) What is the direction of your energy gradient as per the second law of thermodynamics ?

3 ) What will be the kinetic energy of an aircraft if it doubles it's speed ?

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>The kinetic energy part is finished as soon as you have gained full speed,

You possess kinetic energy which is being dissipated by the opposing force of drag, if you didn't replace your kinetic energy by thrust you would slow down and crash or land. You are constantly being slowed down so you are actually constantly accelerating to maintain speed, i.e constantly changing velocity. Scalars and vectors.

Basic GCSE physics.

Newton's third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>Erm, Vic is correct throughout. Drag eats your fuel, kinetic energy is no concern. Yours, a physicist. OK, ex-physicist. ----- totally me ---->

So what's drag ?

Erm the kinetic energy of the fluid/gas hitting you and multiplying it by a constant (drag coefficient) and the area of your object and using your velocity (i.e the resultant velocity, you could have a tailwind). Hence drag reduces your kinetic energy and thus velocity so you must increase the kinetic energy of your system by using the kinetic thrust of the engines to keep the system in equilibrium. They are opposing forces of the same equation. Drag is a squared function due to KE this only serves to make matters worse the faster you go. Simple frictional force in opposition to applied force QED the more kinetic energy you have the more drag you have. It's all a function of KE.

Are people just thick or obtuse on this subject ?

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>Drag is everything. All that energy in the tanks is there to overcome drag. Your KE figure is entirely irrelevant; it is somewhere around 0.1% of the energy required for the flight, which is why my initial post mentioned that it was irrelevant. Drag is everything - have I said that? Drag is everything.


Seriously, stop digging you are making yourself a laughing stock.

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>And yet surprisingly close to your nominal figure of 3.78GJ. And both numbers are so very, very different from the 4.3TJ in the wings.

Yes you are stupid, that's assuming no other opposing forces once you have attained said velocity but hey shall we throw in drag per second then add gravitational downforce per second. Note from the drag equation the squared velocity term, look familiar does it ? It's the opposing KE force applied to the equation.

You are quoting total available fuel energy, try realising all that energy at once, you'll have might big fucking bang. How many newtons thrust does your engines provide ?

By the way what is the difference between velocity and speed, a very important concept ?

>Simple mathematics. MTOW of a 787 is between 228t and 254t, depending on variant. Max cruise speed is 511kt. Even you can work out the KE from those numbers.

WTF ? I've already done it for you as proof.

Now stop bullshitting you know what you are talking about.

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

> you might be completely wrong when discussing topics you clearly know nothing about.

Do you not understand simple physics ?

Double the 787-8's velocity assuming it doesn't fall apart.

Firstly normal cruising speed

Operating weight empty = 119,950kg, velocity (cruising speed of 903km/h) = 251m/s

KE = ((119,950)/2) * (250*250) = 3.78GJ

Double it

KE = ((119,950)/2) * (502*502) = 15.11GJ

for MTOW of 227,930 kg

KE = ((227,930)/2) * (251*251) = 7.18GJ

KE = ((227,930)/2) * (502*502) = 28.72GJ

I don't know where you get:

"The KE of a 787 at MTOW and at max cruising speed - a situation you'll never actually achieve - is less than 5.7GJ. "

Clearly bollocks.

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>Far be it from me to accuse anyone here of hypocrisy, but seriously - you clearly don't fly, so you might want to give some credit to those that do...


No I'm a Chemist, thermodynamics is par for the course.

Ok Einstein, why does fuel consumption increase with payload ?

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>That equation is irrelevant to the discussion at hand:

Oh yes it is, the faster you go you need to square your input energy even before you start to account for drag and gravity. Basic thermodynamics.

Where do you think that equation (D = CdρV2A/2) is derived from ?

Note the squared velocity term.

>as there is plenty of energy stored in the fuel tanks.

The more energy (i.e. mass) you have in the fuel tanks only makes matters worse as you have both an increased gravitational down force and energy required to reach your cruising speed.

Please don't throw equations around until you fully understand them.

Doc Ock

Re: Yes, they look beautiful

>Cruise speed of the 707 was 977km/h. Cruise speed of the 787 is, well, erm, 903 km/h.60 years of progress and we are moving slower than our grandfathers.

And how much fuel did the 707 burn per hour per passenger ? There was something that got you there faster but Concorde was extremely expensive and thirsty. There was also the Convair subsonic jet the CV 880 with a cruise speed of 990kph but that flunked because of the 707's slower but more efficient cruise speed.

Ye cannae change the laws of physics, an inescapable equation - K.E. = 1/2 m v2

IT contractors behind IR35 calculator to leave HMRC... because of IR35

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Re: Take Footgun

>Almost as crazy as Ivanka Trump learning to code

Let's face it if you are rich enough you pay someone else to do it and go off scuba diving from your yacht.

Windows 10 Creators Update: Clearing the mines with livestock (that's you by the way)

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"CU also adds the ability to perform in-place upgrades of a Windows 7 BIOS-based PC to a UEFI-based Windows 10 setup."

Do I smell broken GRUB potential here ?

Toshiba's nuclear power plant business runs out of steam

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Re: Every design is unique

>Mixed design fleet doesn't make sense....

Trouble is by the time you have gone through your design, build and commission unless you build all your reactors simultaneously (or very closely) then due to the constant shifting nature of the regulations and knowledge they won't be identical anyway and have modifications or in some cases quite substantial design changes. They are not commodity items that just roll off a Ford production line, they are amongst the most expensive and most complex things to make on Earth.

As for fix anywhere, these are very strategic installations and if you do have a critical fault in all reactors that requires them to be all off line simultaneously (think grounded aircraft) that's going to cause you a serious power generation problem. In the West all RBMK reactors would have immediately (or very quickly) been shut down permanently which is a huge capital and generating capacity loss.

Doc Ock

>common fleet of reactors

There is a good reason to have a mixed design fleet, they won't all suffer from a single design flaw should one emerge.

Regulators Find Design Flaws in New Reactors (AP1000)


The Nuclear business is very risky with new regulations be written every day in a post Chernobyl and Fukushima world. Let someone else work out the bugs and design issues then buy off the shelf and build locally.

Good piece here on the risks:


My old man used to work for Fairey and he used to manage the factory that made reactor cores, they built the graphite moderator core for the last home grown generation of British reactors, the AGRs. The AGR project was also fraught with massive cost overruns , design issues and delays.

Doc Ock

Perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea by BNFL to flog Westinghouse after all.

BT hit with £42m fine for Ethernet compensation delays to competitors

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£1.2 Billion would help great deal in getting VDSL (or better) to areas which still have crappy ADSL.

Dishwasher has directory traversal bug

Doc Ock

>Water is heavy - 1 Kg for 10cm^3

Ah but what if it's heavy water ? Then it's 1.1 g mL−1. Throw in some uranium 235 and you've got a fantastic self sustaining "extra hot wash" cycle, note this model is only for those with deep pockets and lots of spare lead lying around. With that D2O it can also handily double as a H1 NMR*

*Super conducting magnets and RF generator not included and sold separately.

UK.gov confirms it won't be buying V-22 Ospreys for new aircraft carriers

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Re: ->The V22 has a less than stellar safety record, bring back the Fairey Rotodyne

>Ok, I am biased as I used to work for Hawkers at Dunsfold so naturally have an afficity for it.

My old man used to work for Fairy, it was a sore point through the company for years that the Rotodyne was cancelled. For info they also manufactured the graphite cores of Britain's last generation of home grown nuclear reactors, the AGR.

Doc Ock

The V22 has a less than stellar safety record, bring back the Fairey Rotodyne

US Senate votes to let broadband ISPs sell your browser histories

Doc Ock
Big Brother

Yikes, Phorm on steroids. You folks in the US need to get your pitchforks and torches out.

'Clearance sale' shows Apple's iPad is over. It's done

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Re: I've said it before...

You can't do CAD on a laptop, only a workstation will do. Horses for courses.

BlackBerry admits dying BB10 is in pain

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>You shut your mouth,


I still rest my case, lots of misty eyed fan boys who forget too easily. Missing phone logs, dropped calls, failing to pick up the next cell tower, random crashes, constantly having to pull the battery - shall I go on ?

That's just the Bold, the less said about the (shit) Storm the better.

Doc Ock

BB OS has always been a pile of buggy shite.

National Audit Office: Brit aircraft carrier project is fine and dandy... for now

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we still have "just" a reasonable anti-sub capability this is what the type 23 was designed to do

HSMS Gotland


Doc Ock

Carriers are very vulnerable to submarines and there are lot's of nations out there with extremely quiet submarines.


Shameless crooks fling Star Trek-themed ransomware at world

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Re: TOS beats down TNG

>Data: I can't sir.. I...i've been penetrated by Kirk and only Spock can save me.

Ties in nicely with the reg story on love robots:


Hmm now there is a thought, can you catch the clap from a robot. Your knob/map of Tassie has been encrypted.......

Manchester college swaps out disk for rackful of hybrid flash

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Re: Geography fail?

It would be correct to say Greater Manchester but as you say it isn't Manchester.

Time crystals really do exist, say physicists*

Doc Ock

It's nothing to Bragg* about.

* X-ray diffractionalists will get the (poor) joke.


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