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Trump’s new ZTE tweet trumps old ZTE tweets that trumped his first ZTE tweet


Going back several steps... Has there actually been any evidence of ZTE tech being used to spy via any kind of built in means?

Or is this all just speculation because ZTE has some ties with the Chinese gov, as does pretty much every single large Chinese manufacturer?

Remember the Chinese elite are elite for a reason. They arent purely ideological, they have financial interests too. Just like nearly every senator in the US congress :p

Brexploitation! PC price wars? Yep. Vendors see who can go higher

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Software dev bombshell: Programmers who use spaces earn MORE than those who use tabs


What about us coders who if they can be arsed to remember to indent use tabs, but later just auto indent there code anyway from the IDE tools? :p

UK prison reform report wants hard-coded no-fly zones in drones to keep them out of jail


As some one whos seen what its like on the inside i feel I must put my two pennies worth into this debate...

Simply that they really dont have a clue what theyre talking about and are just pulling out ideas from there arse to look like theyre actually tackling the issue...

Now lets get the technical stuff out the way shall we, drones are remote controlled quad copters... Like any other RC some one is controlling them via a remote control, like cars or planes... You cant stop that.

The GPS controlled drones as many have said, the GPS assist can be turned off and still flied manually... And I highly doubt that anyone is flying contraband into prison via GPS anyway because the pilot would need to know the exact GPS possession and elevation to the said window of the person theyre flying the stuff to, and if your outside the prison thats near on impossible even if you know the cell number and even the window location by sight. So it has to be manually flown there.

People talk about jamming. Well theres a few problems with that to. One Jamming is illegal, the prison service has looked into Cell phone jamming and found a few technical issues as well as the law itsself. It is illegal to jam signals, only a very few authorities have the power to jam and only in a few limited circumstances, such as a terrorist attack.

The other issue with Jamming is, the prison tvs would stop working. I know many of you would think "Those scum dont deserve TV, What is prison a holiday camp?" Well if you been inside youll quickly learn how valuable the tv is. For your own mental health more than anything. Suicide and self harm is rife in prison, removing the TV would simply make it a whole lot worse.

Besides jamming also made the prison offers radios stop working too... So simply on a technical front, its not possible.

So what is the answer? Well I'm not so sure. Perhaps better staffing, more money put into the prison service to provide a better environment for prisoners and staff. Less over crowding to make a safer less hostile place. More money for better quality food (trust me prison food is bad, people have died from malnutrition from prison food) But what do you expect when the daily budget per head is only £1.10p.

Higher quality staffing, there are plenty of corrupt officers, as well as officers who are in the job for all the wrong reasons. Power trippers and bullies.. Dont get me wrong there are also many decent officers too, but I've found they are fewer than the majority. less corruption and better building security... If you ever get the misfortune to go to a victorian prison, youll quickly descover that if you even have a unbroken window in your sell, theyre not secure enough to stop things being passed in or swung between sells.

Quite frankly... Take the Scandinavian model of prisons, where they treat people with respect and decency and teach real life values and give people real opportunities instead of just finding a place to warehouse and forget about, and youll have far less reoffending, far less deaths, far less abuse, Things would just be better.

Just remember not everyone in prison is a lost cause, and some people are actualy rather nice and normal. While most have done something wrong to varying degrees, most people genuinely feel they made a mistake and want to be a better person. Dont get me wrong though. There are some bad eggs too. Such is the human condition.

UK copyright troll weeps, starts 20-week stretch in the cooler for beating up Uber driver


20 weeks that all?

I dont give a shit about his so called sob story. He attacked some one. What he did is classed as GBH/ABH... 20 weeks for that? Should have got 4 years.


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