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High rear end winds cause F-35A ground engine fire


Not strictly warplanes but US sourced military aircraft nonetheless Chinook, Apache, Tristar, Sentry, C17. Chinook was a lemon and cost millions to bring up to UK spec, Apache looks like it needs replacing already, so that just leaves some transporters which were developed from tried and tested civilian aircraft.

Have to agree US procurement by the UK military has not had a good track record! Harrier II should have been kept, the upgrade to GR9 was only completed in 2007 so they were pretty fresh aircraft, they would still have 2 years left in service even without further updates!

Apple wants to buy Formula 1 car firm McLaren – report


Re: That'll be MacLaren soon then...

Renault? Think you mean Honda, reliability isn't their main issue it is a size constraint placed on them by the chassis design. This has led to an under performing power unit.

I really can't see a complete buy out being on the cards, an investment in MAT or even McLaren Automotive is possible, the F1 side of things is part of their history but not the direction Ron is steering the group. Automotive make some amazing cars and their previous partnerships such as the Mercedes-McLaren SLR were incredible engineering feat achieved by massive corporate investment.


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