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Deceased Malayan hit with $218 trillion mobile bill

Patrick McGarry

PROBLEM!! Switched Dial Up Numbers /Done twice In Fact during the month


I had no complaints when People-PC bought out my ISP and took it over. But now I'm vvery dissapointed in them. Whether it was a glitch in the software or whatever, my two Free Dial Up Phone Numbers were Deleted and TWO Long Distance phone Numbers were inserted in the Dial Up Program inside my Computer. I first noticed it when a small message said, "You can no longer use this Number...I felt they had a problem with it, or the system did at their Server, and moved me to TWO Other Free Dial Up Phone Numbers, so I didn't complain, just trusted them. Buuutttttt....when my Verizon Phone Bill came i was floored! Istead of my usual $40 or $60 dollars...it stated that I owed $900+dollars for the month!! I would like some advice as to how I should handle this. Anyone ever heard of this particular problem before?




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