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Human-free robo-cars on Washington streets after governor said the software is 'foolproof'


Only need to be better than human drivers

They don't need to be foolproof - they only need to be better than human drivers. And they definitely will be - we just don't know whether that's 1 or 10 or 50 years. Massively better.

When (not if) the risk becomes less than a human driver, then insurance will cost less. If It's up to society to make insurance work, and to stop lawyers trying to make money by sue-ing the programmer.

Boffins explain why it takes your Wi-Fi so long to connect


Need Google's help again

Surely if Google writes Android, it can build up a database of best wifi's? It already knows your location just from the wifi you're connected to? Don't need AI for that, just 'I'.

Robot cars probably won't happen, sniffs US transport chief


The industry needs to PROVE how much safer autonomous vehicles are, by building long term accident stats that people trust, comparing manual to autonomous. I'd guess they'll be at least 10 times safer.

Then they need to create a legal contract and insurance framework that gives 'reasonable' protection to all parties, (including the manufacturer). The goal is not perfection, the goal is 'better than manually driven'.

After that, the economic, social & safety benefits will be so huge and so obvious that no government could block them and stay in power.

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