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eBay seller nabs $1500 for Jesus-like garage stain


Well ...

Jonas Taylor, you must not know many Americans, you're comments are ignorant. Cash does drive America ... unfortunately big business rules and that won't change as long as money influences politicians. Religion is shrinking every year (not soon enough for me) and agnostics are starting to gain power. As for your other comments, the bulk of Americans are good caring people and not judgmental bigots and homophobes. As for crazies ... America certainly does not own exclusive rights there.

Your comments do accurately describe the clown currently running our government (and his administration), but his administration does not represent all the American people. We'd have another leader if the monkey's in the Democratic party could have come up with a candidate that didn't make the Three Stooges look like University professors.

I've been to several countries many many times (UK more than most) and have seen people's anger towards America. However, nearly every time it's misguided. They are angry with our government's policies the arrogance at the helm.

Don't judge by worthless politicians and the people the news companies decide to highlight. Travel and engage. Now if in 2009 a Bush crony gets elected I'll eat my words and move to Canada to avoid the flood.


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