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Decoding the Chinese Super Micro super spy-chip super-scandal: What do we know – and who is telling the truth?


Cui bono

I really wonder what's to gain from industrial espionage on companies like Amazon or Apple. The surely are advanced in operating their data centers with advanced technology, custom kernels and partially silicon. But that's still a far cry from some super secret formula.

Docker seeks Golden State burnish for cloud container expansion



It's funny how every time people run out of value propositions they will sooner or later quote "choice". Too much chaos in the product development? It's because the customer has the choice!

What do microservices do to data stores? Netflix is built on them and had no idea!


Stop the madness

Another crazy hyped technology that makes next to no sense.There's about one thing that microservices might help achieve, and that is scalability. That's not something that comes with microservices as such, however, but with the application being partitioned as microservices. On the other hand how many applications are there that do need that kind of scalability?

And on the downside with microservices there comes a plethora of problems that should be the nightmare of anyone familiar with creating applications: "the network is unreliable etc". So instead of managing a single application you get to manage a load of distributed application plus handling all kinds of transient errors just due to the nature of your now distributed application.

As Dijkstra said "simplicity is prerequisite for reliability" and who in their right mind would deny that?


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