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Anyone fancy testing the 'unlimited' drive writes claim on Nimbus Data's 100TB whopper SSD?


Small Loop

Put the drive into a write/read loop over a 100mb area. Write that one area over and over an over again. Such would be a realistic actual use condition. at 500mb/s it would be 5 writes per second, 300/minute, 18,000 per hour, 432,000 per day, 3,024,000 writes in a week..... See how long the drive survives in this test.

4G found on Moon


Radio Modem

Do not need 4g on the moon. Just need a radio modem. Two frequencies, one for transmit and one for receive (Full Duplex). Basically the entire spectrum is available to use given the distance to the moon. Interference from earth is a trivial issue.


Robo Calls

So, I spend a billion dollars to get to the moon. Talking to my rover via 4G. Then beep, beep... incoming call...

I press the key to answer...

Slight pause...

Robo voice comes on saying "Good news... Do not miss this great deal on carpet cleaning...."

Can they make it to the moon to clean that moon dust out of my carpet?

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Re: Pronounceable Passwords

The site is still in beta testing. The plan is to have a set of client side utilities that can be used on your own system.


Pronounceable Passwords

"Microsoft and Google boffins reckon passwords should be pronounceable, rather than set to the typical recommended jumble of numbers, special characters, and letters, which are difficult for users to recall."

Another option is Orthographic Passwords


or password creators that uses a most all words, not just a few thousand words like some sites use.


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