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Meet R2-DILDO: 'Star Wars' sex toys? This is where the fun begins

Sawari Ma

Picture Slideshow Here

Here's Your Pictures. Just Select 'Start Slideshow'.


Suck it, Elon – Jeff Bezos' New Shepard space rocket blasts off, lands in one piece

Sawari Ma

Re: "Musk is openly aiming for Mars,Bezos is only aiming for 100 or so klicks up."

He's waiting until Musk lands a few Amazon Prime members on Mars first.

Meet the woman with a supernatural affinity for stiff lovers

Sawari Ma

Who's Bad

It's All Sh*ts And Giggles Until Someone Sees Michael Jackson Haunting A Child Care Center...

Watch the world's biggest 'flying bum' go arse over tit in a crash

Sawari Ma

Re: It's a ship.

You pump the ballast to the rear. I'll watch...

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