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PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable


Vista Issues

Having just bought two Acer Inspire computers with dual Intel processors for home use I was more than upset when the pre-installed Vista home edition turned out to be a heap of crap. Firstly I couldn't see any real advantages over XP or Win2k for that matter and the only real difference was the 'packaging' both actual and on the GUI. To make matters worse, unlike Win2K or XP many of my favorite applications failed to install leaving me with a pretty useless OS. Finally, it appears that with 'only' 1Gb of memory its loads and shuts down at such a slow pace making it a sick joke. To make my new computers usable and fast I dumped Vista and installed XP home edition on them both and the problem was solved at a stroke. Everything now works and the PC's are fast and user friendly compared to when they had Vista on them. This constant treadmill Microsoft tries to force us to upgrade always demands more horsepower from the PC and this time is worse than any previous upgrade. Its a well known fact that if MS had produced a bug free OS on day one they would be out of business by now as aside from their OS's most people use third party apps over MS apps. Only by having buggy software in their OS can Microsoft continue to scam us for the next 'latest and greatest' under the pretense of fixing security issues and adding pretty 3D GUI's that most people don't give a toss about. Vista has certainly turned out to be the worst version of an OS whether you're upgrading or buying a new budget PC.



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