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Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels

Glenn Meyer
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Two likely containment breaches as of this am, PST, Wednesday, 3/16.

Once again you've gone out on a limb as the limb was being sawed off. Can I give you a double thumbs down for saying that there's no chance of a containment breach? If tomorrow I read in your column that there's no chance of a Chernobyl-like disaster, I'll know it's probably already happened.

Give it a rest. Anyone who builds a nuclear power plant in an earthquake/tidal wave zone is asking for just this kind of disaster. "Clean" energy isn't clean if it leads to catastrophe. Even if it doesn't, what happens to the spent nuclear fuel rods, which are still radioactive? Who's disposing of them, and how?

Glenn Meyer

Are you kidding me?

In the wake of the third explosion, as we head past a Three-Mile-Island disaster toward a Chernobyl-class cock-up, don't you think it's about time you stopped trumpeting nuclear power and waited for the news to unfold?


Asus CEO: Eee PC to get HDD options, Intel Atom CPU

Glenn Meyer

Oh come now.

I know the bikini babe is distracting, but did everybody miss the caption? ... waiting for a HARD DRIVE. ? Sorry for the big letters, but really, where's your imagination? Apparently not down in the gutter with mine. As for the EEE, I have had no trouble getting a black 4G model in the States (hate white), have purchased two in the last month, in fact. The first was a mistake only because I ordered a surf on ebay and wanted a webcam. I'd like to have an 8G, but if they're releasing it with XP, forget it. I don't like paying for an operating system I don't use. Otherwise, the EEE is very smart, very upgradeable and very open, especially for an inexpensive item.


Nokia N800 internet tablet

Glenn Meyer

Wrong question!

Your review wasn't so bad, once I had read the whole thing, but the first page had me incensed. Is it a phone or not!?! Bloody hell, just because it's a Nokia product doesn't mean that the issue of a phone ever has to come up!

It's not a phone, it was never meant to be a phone, and nobody who's looking for a small but not miniscule internet tablet for browsing and handling e-mail while traveling would ever need it to be a phone. My tiny cell phone works just fine for phone calls, but I would never use that damn small screen for either internet browsing or e-mail. (Yes, I'm over fifty, so what?)

To get back to the point, it's called an internet tablet for a reason. It's aimed at people who travel a lot but don't necessarily need their laptop with them. I want to be able to browse and check my e-mail, but that's about it. I need a reliable connection, and my cell phone with bluetooth provides that, because I am often in places with cell phone coverage but not broadband. I also need a larger, more crisp screen than I get on my cell phone. I am a developer, so a platform that I can develop on, that doesn't make Bill Gates any richer and that doesn't devote more than half its cost to the OS is fine with me. Finally, I need a little speed, and enough memory to handle large numbers of e-mail messages and rss feeds. The Nokia has all these things. (And by the way, did you notice that the N800 has TWO slots for memory cards, not one?)

So stop trying to treat it like a phone. Cell phones as now configured will soon be obsolete anyway, when people figure out that they can carry their computer in their pocket or purse, and talk on the "phone" as much as they want on their bluetooth headset.

I hope that when Nokia comes out with the next product in this line, you won't still be trying to compare it to a cell phone. I also hope that you'll check around before you call this line unreliable. I've been trying mine out for weeks now, and it's never crashed.



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