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Fork it! Microsoft adds .NET Core 3.0 including Windows Desktop apps


Re: What a mess

:) So this time its the year of Linux.

UK private sector joins public in... Escape from DXC Max



I don't know how is this even possible.

Alibaba beats Google for IaaS market share, with IBM out of sight


:) was going to ask the same question.

You made my day.

Samsung battery factory bursts into flame in touching Note 7 tribute


It was probably the storage facility used for the Galaxy S8 batteries :).

Docker user? Haven't patched Dirty COW yet? Got bad news for you


Re: But...

:), there should be a small asteriks in the end of container advertising.

Huawei to OpenStackers: Don't try to chase Amazon, Microsoft and Google


Some nice words to hear :)

Axe to fall on staff at IBM's Global Technology Services 'this Friday'



I think that the second part of your comment applies not only to the USA but the world in general :).

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