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London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


Re: Shoot it down?

fast drone with a skilled operator and long strings\ribbon\whatever attached underneath. overfly the offending drone and the strings tangle the props. have the strings on a velcro or something so they don't pull down the attacking drone. hell, I would love my job to be to sit at an airport all day waiting for a alarm to go off so I can fly an "attack" drone

£1m military drone crashed in Wales after crew disabled anti-crash systems – report


Very simple way to land a smaller plane (RC, Drone Etc) in adverse weather.

Set attitude at level and airspeed at a rate that will result in a shallow decent. keep everything level and aligned with runway until a sudden decrease in sink rate is detected (i.e. ground contact.)

upon ground contact, engine to idle and brakes on. if sink rate increases again (like in a false contact) return engine power and brakes off. this way the plane comes down to a 3 point landing, and when it is on the ground the controls keep it level and straight until it stops. might run out a bit longer then their current landings and it may result in a few hard contacts but it should not result in a CFIT like this. (Controlled Flight Into Terrain i.e.. diving straight into the runway.)

Have this as the override instead of just shutting off the crash prevention.


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