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Patch blues-day: Microsoft yanks code after some PCs are rendered super secure (and unbootable) following update


Windows 10 & Avast

Windows 10 has also been affected by this (1803 & 1809), during testing I've had issues on 3 W10 devices, which magically worked normally again once the update had been uninstalled in Safe mode.

This was caught on the W7 devices on the first test device and reported to Avast (via Barracuda who now own Managed Workplace) and so hasn't gone any further.

Avast have pushed out a micro update which needs to be installed and have a restart before the update then stops causing problems.

Sophos look to be working around with exclusions.

Fun all round....

I shall no doubt be moaned at for taking so long on updates this month!

Wileyfox goes TITSUP*: Smartmobe maker calls in the administrators


Double bugger.

Brought a Swift 2x a couple of weeks ago.

So may look to use my 30 day refund with Amazon to get a replacement.

Was thinking something not quite right as no security updates received.

Tower ProLiants on the warpath: HPE takes on Dell 'n' white-box gang in SMB space


Used to be a big fan of these but less so now.

The hardware is good, although the iLo functionality is questionable on some of the newer editions.

The killer for me is the inability to get the firmware (BIOS) support after the warranty expiry unless you exchange some green stuff. This has killed the 2nd user market and makes Dell a better choice for support longevity. Short sighted approach from HP.

Uneasy rest the buttocks on the iron throne. Profits plunge 14% at Sky UK and Ireland


Re: Say what?

Corporate efficiency = redundancy/downsizing in management speak.

Botched Microsoft update knocks Windows 8, 10 PCs offline – regardless of ISP


DHCP on IPV4 seems to be the issue, IPV6 seems to be ok as I've a tablet just connected via IPV6 but DHCP address on IPV4 is 169....


Thought it a bit odd yesterday when the MS website on the support area has a big purple banner saying if you cannot connect to the internet to restart not shutdown.

So a worldwide issue and ironic that a workaround that some people will never see.

Microsoft: You liked Windows 10 so much, you'll get 2 more in 2017


Re: 'two additional feature updates'

.......I'll be happy if M$ created Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 and realeased it, TBH

Bit late to the party on this...

MS have released what they call a convenience update KB3125574 which is almost SP2.


Not available for WU, you have to get it from the update catalogue.

£1m military drone crashed in Wales after crew disabled anti-crash systems – report


Outdated and not up to the job - Thales stich up job

Seems to me some technology hasn't changed much in 35+ years.

The Midge (Canadair USD-501) used by the army for surveillance in the 70's and 80's (even the first Gulf war) were programmed using waypoints, although these couldn't be changed after launch.

This returned to terra firma via parachute normally quite successfully but not always in one bit - I have pictures to show the after effects.

These were designed with replaceable nose cones etc. to absorb landing damage, something I'm sure the Watchkeeper doesn't as it's designed to land on runways.

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