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Shameless crooks fling Star Trek-themed ransomware at world

Mike Moyle Silver badge

To be fair, if you intersperse it randomly with Nimoy's (extraordinary) rendition of "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins", you've probably got something that's chargeable under the Geneva Conventions.

Zombie webcams? Pah! It's the really BIG 'Things' that scare me

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Re: Crap security devices

"...within that space there's little impact in an office HVAC trying to make the building a fridge. There is impact beyond the fence when a substation goes down."

I could be missing something here, but a few blocks of buildings in midtown Manhattan all suddenly cranking heat AND AC to maximum seems like it would play hob with power substations without an attacker ever having to target them directly. There MAY be a dividing line between "Stuff We Don't Have to Worry About" and "Stuff We Have to Worry About", but I'm not sure where that line is, and I don't think that this is it.

(But then, I tend to be a bit paranoid -- Don't ask what I was expecting to find out that the REAL plan on 9/11 was!)

Lawyer defending arson suspect flees court with pants on fire

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Re: "not part of his defence strategy"?

I can't claim this as a universal, but it seems to me that every case of a phone or e-cig battery catching fire that I've read, mention seems to be made of the device being in or having been carried in a pants/trouser pocket as opposed to, say, a shirt pocket. I have to wonder whether the majority of problems can be attributed to flexion of the battery, connections, etc., and could be ameliorated by simply carrying potentially explosive electronics in pockets not subjected to regular -- and sometimes extreme - bending.

I dunno... Too simple?

BOFH: Elf of Safety? Orc of Admin. Pleased to meet you

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Is this a stealth rerun?

I happened to note that the filename in the URL is "bofh_2016_episode_2"

Get this: Tech industry thinks journos are too mean. TOO MEAN?!

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Let's see what happens when we rephrase...

"The [tech industry ] does have a responsibility not to [turn out crap that spews customers' private information across all creation or spontaneously bursts into flames] – even if doing so [saves up-front money and ] generates more revenue."

Connected car in the second-hand lot? Don't buy it if you're not hack-savvy

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Re: Hackers dream

".. which makes me wonder what this would do on a double decker bus. "

Oh they used to laugh at me

When I refused to ride

On all those double-decker buses

All because there was no firewall on the top.

-- "Twisted" (with apologies to Ross & Grey)

Get it while it's hot: NASA's Space Poo contest winners wipe up $30k

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Re: one more....

...And a special shout-out to Hugo Shelley for his turd-place win!

Trump's new telecoms chief bins broadband subsidies for the poor

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Re: Program Expansion

Besides, if the recipient can decide how to apply the government subsidy then it's officially a "voucher". Based on the controversies swirling around charter schools and Republican plans to replace Social Security, Medicare, et al here in the States, I thought supply-siders LOVED vouchers!

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Re: The dead hand of Obama lives on...

"I pointed out how Obama weaponized his EOs during the transition to paint Trump as the bad guy, and the only responses totally ducked that charge and tried to defend Obama by basically saying free handouts are good things so shut up."

From the article: "In opening Lifeline for Internet services, Wheeler was putting into force a decision voted on in March 2016. The two commissioners that voted against Lifeline then were Pai and O'Reilly."

So-o-o-o-o-o... This was a "weaponized" transition-period executive order... exactly how?

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Re: The dead hand of Obama lives on...

"'A rising tide lifts all boats' - Ronald Reagan"

The problem is that -- as with many aphorisms -- many people who use them reflexively have them exactly backwards.

In this case, supply-siders see it as meaning "If the rich get richer, wealth will trickle down and everyone will benefit."

What it REALLY means is "If you help the mass to rise, even the ones NOT part of that mass will be lifted as well."

There's a reason why no one ever said "A rising yacht pulls the tide behind it."

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Re: The dead hand of Obama lives on...

"Wouldn't it be BETTER of people just EARN enough to PAY for things, the way it's ALWAYS been up to the point that SOCIALISM was thought up? Otherwise, WHERE is the motivation to EARN?"

How far back do you want to go? Should all roads be made toll roads? Maybe have a coin slot and turnstile at the end of your property to pay the owner of your street before you get onto it?

Are you willing to pay back the cost of your education, at full market rate, from nursery school on up, as well as that of your children, if any, so that you can be out from under any "socialist" obligations? Because I will guarantee you that your parents and you paid less in taxes for your education than it actually cost.

Garbage collection...? There's "socialism" for you! Why should someone be paid at the public "teet" (sic) to empty trash cans in public when people should just carry their trash home and pay someone to haul it away to their private (unregulated) dump? And if I don't WANT to pay someone to haul my garbage away, then I shouldn't be FORCED to, because it's on MY PROPERTY, isn't it?

Firefighters? Police? All the protection you can afford? Back in ancient Rome, unscrupulous real-estate speculators would rush to the site of a house fire with a gang of "firefighters" and offer to buy the burning property for a ruinously low sum, all while their bully-boys were keeping anyone else from extinguishing the blaze -- not uncommonly leading to pitched street battles between the staffs of rival speculators while their bosses were "negotiating". If the owner didn't sell, they would let the property burn to the ground. If he did sell, they would extinguish the blaze but the previous owner was still ruined financially. It wasn't until the Vigiles (serving predominantly as firefighters but acting as a police force, as well) were established by the State (*gasp* SOCIALISM!!) that this practice was stopped (or, at least, significantly reduced).

...Or is it just anything that's changed since your grandparents were born that must be kept in The Free Market (TM)?

OpenStreetView? You are no longer hostage to Google's car-driven vision

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Re: Privacy?

"Then again, everybody can see your face too. But consider this: would you be OK with Google taking a picture of you, walking down the street while on the phone, without you knowing, without your consent, and without payment, for them to make money with it in their new ad campaign for their new Pixel Phone 'that even an idiot can use"?'

A friend of mine once got an irate phone call from her mother because a Weather Channel camera crew had caught her jaywalking while shooting footage of the tail end of a hurricane. TWC made money off of the footage (selling ads on TV). Since Google makes their money from selling ads also, how is Google's use of the exterior of your property different? (Note that, in the mobile-goalpost version used in your example, the salient fact is that it implies that the person in the ad is using a Pixel phone which, being disprovable, sets them up for a massive libel suit by encouraging the audience to infer that the person is an idiot who can ONLY use a Pixel phone. So there's that.)

Super-cool sysadmin fixes PCs with gravity, or his fists

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Not so much an actual repair as a "Fonzarelli Moment" -- The large university that I attended had a campus center/student union building that included offices and a university-run hotel which was frequently used by parents bringing little Jimmy or Jane to check out the school before applying. One student group that I was a member of had its office on an upper floor. One day, I entered the elevator followed by a Jane, her parents, and and younger brother. The elevator in question had a quirk that there seemed to be a built-in delay of a few seconds after a button push before closing the door. ANY button push - even the door close button - appeared to reset the delay. You got used to it after a while but if you weren't aware of it it was annoying. So I push for my floor and pater familias reaches in front of scruffy, disreputable-looking hippie me and pushes for theirs, and the elevator just sits there. So -- right before the delay would have ended -- he reaches over and pushes the button again, which resets the delay. Getting visibly irritated -- and, again, JUST before the reset -- he hits the floor button AGAIN, followed by the door close. Me, I'm just slouching there watching this. He's just about to hit the button again when I raise one hand and say, in a quiet, bored voice, "Hold on," and, without otherwise moving, shoot a snap-kick at a randomly-chosen spot under the control panel, which resonates with a loud, satisfying BOOM. Having thus delayed things just long enough, EXACTLY at the moment of impact the door slides closed and the elevator starts moving and I go back into the same bored slouch I was in before. The expressions of shock (on the faces of the parental units) and awe (on the face of kid brother) were priceless. If there IS any lesson to be learned from this, then it's that sometimes just LOOKING like you know what you're doing can solve a user's problem.

IETF 'reviewing' US event plans in the face of Trump's travel ban

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Re: For real sexsim, anti intellectualism and racism...

"For real sexsim, anti intellectualism and racism...

..you can't beat radical Islam. You even get anti-semitism thrown in."

Well, to be fair, you get all of those with Dominionist (radical) Christianity. They cover all of that and THEY'VE had almost 700 years LONGER than Islam has had to get over themselves.

Trump's cartoon comedy approach to running a country: 'One in, two out' rule for regulations

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Re: When?

He'll be out when he gets as many as possible of the things that the Tea Party has been salivating for accomplished: eliminating taxes on the top 10% (because they're egalitarian that way!), privatizing Social Security/Medicare/the postal service, selling off public lands, etc. Then, when things inevitably go pear-shaped, they'll SUDDENLY find out that he's been colluding with Putin/enriching himself via Presidential decisions or something else that everyone else has been talking about for months.

Exit Trump, enter Pence, who is safely hyperconservative and will double down on whichever of Trump's actions he thinks he can get away with while blaming anything bad that happens on his watch on Trump's (and Obama's -- ALWAYS Obama's!) -- terrible decisions.

Trump lieutenants 'use private email' for govt work... but who'd make a big deal out of that?

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Re: The return of the high horse @Mike Moyle

"All committed by mobs of rioters Mike?"

I wish I could post that photo of the football referee calling an "Illegal goalpost move".

You said, and I quoted in my reply:

"You know what Tories and Republicans don't do?

Smash shit up when they don't get their own way! "

You said that (conservatives) don't smash things. I showed that they do. You didn't mention "mobs of rioters", so I didn't address mobs of rioters. I refuted the claim as stated.

Also: "...following your logic all muslims are terrorists?"

I hope you don't smoke, P. (May I call you "P"? "PTW" just seems so formal and since we're apparently on a first-name basis, and all...) I understand that those straw men can be awfully flammable.

How did you get wa-a-a-a-a-ay over there from my pointing out that conservatives DO, in fact, smash things when they feel like they don't get their way? Note that I did not say "ALL conservatives", but merely pointed out examples where conservatives had smashed stuff -- and on a grand scale, in some cases! So, again; answering the claim as stated.

"And don't confuse religion with politics, PP attacks are by religious nutters"

Which of the cases I mentioned were committed by liberal religionists? None of them, you say...? They were all acts by conservatives with a religious bent? (Religiously-bent conservatives...? Oooooh; kinky!)

Then whatever their proximate motivations, the perpetrators were conservatives who tried to "(s)mash shit up when they (didn't) get their own way."

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Megalomania ?

"One thing NPD people dont have, is a sense of humour."

Of course they do. They have the BEST sense of humor. Absolutely the best. No one has a better sense of humor! Even comedians tell them -- and they know the BEST comedians, really; top-notch comedians, not like those losers on SNL... Not funny at all... Sad...

But THEY can make fun of, or laugh at, ANYONE! That, to them, proves that they have a great sense of humor. What they DON'T have is any sort of self-deprecating sense of humor, for obvious reasons.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: As they say in Russia, to my frieds everything, to my enemies the law.

"So if Trump throws a wobbler then the Vice-President and Congress could step in"

You're... Not making me feel any better.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: The return of the high horse

"You know what Tories and Republicans don't do?

Smash shit up when they don't get their own way! "

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

Austin Texas IRS Office Attack

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Planned Parenthood clinics in Sioux Falls, SD; St. Paul, MN; Grand Chute, WI; Bloomington, IN

...just off the top of my head.

The difference, as the Kennedy brothers and Bill Clinton on the left, and Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush (among others) on the right showed us, is that Democrats screw people RETAIL, while Republicans screw people WHOLESALE.

Wine 2.0 lands: It's not Soylent for booze but more Windows apps on Linux and Mac OS

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Re: "get a guernsey"?

"I can't see why y'all keep generalising."

I assume that that was intended ironically, since "y'all" is predominantly a southern USian thing and most of us will have none of it.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: "get a guernsey"?

Well, there's me, silly American, assuming that it was one of those rhyming slang things that you folks seem to like so much: Guernsey cow --> bow. I.e. "Get a Guernsey" = "Get a bow (or a nod)". (Is there a term similar to "backronym" for back-rationalizing an etymology?)

Jinn workers besiege delivery app co-founder to protest wage changes

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Re: Targeting immigrants as a workforce?

As long is it works long enough for the founders and the first-round investors to get their money out, that's "long-term" isn't it?

'Exploding e-cig cost me 7 teeth, burned my face – and broke my sink!'

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Sounds like me to be a good reason....

My god...! Can you imagine how some people's heads would explode if someone could market a certified nicotine-free GMO potato?

Renault goes open source with next-gen electric buggy you might generously call 'a car'

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Re: French cars + electrics

Li-Ion battery = Pom Fritte?

Fake History Alert: Sorry BBC, but Apple really did invent the iPhone

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Re: In a State

Does it follow from Ms Mazzucato's thesis that someone educated at the public expense who later goes out and kills someone is committing state-sponsored terrorism?

White House report cautiously optimistic about job-killing AI

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My biggest issue with self-checlout is that, at various times, I've WORKED retail gigs; if they want me to ring up and bag my own groceries for them then I flinking well expect an employee discount!

'Twas Brillo but then Android Things, which watched as Google Weaved its Nest

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Well, *I* thought the title was brillig... er... brilliant!

Kingpin in $1m global bank malware ring gets five years in chokey

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Re: David Roberts

...a requisite reprobate?

'Public Wi-Fi' gang fail in cunning plan to hide £10m cigarette tax fraud

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: “nothing can be traced”

Shouldn't that be: "Rule number one of freight club: Never talk about freight club"?

Blue sky basic income thinking is b****cks

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Re: What I love...

"How about this. Invest more in GOOD education (and I don't mean starting kids in school before they have learn't to eat solids)."

Speaking of vagaries with no definition, exactly what is good education? Your suggestion is as worthless as the lack of alternatives from the rant that you loathed.

As a starter, take some of the proven workers who have been "aged out" of the workforce and pay them to do all of those things that teachers are currently forced to do for free that take away from actual teaching time -- coaching sports, directing the school band/chorus, organizing the Christmas pageant, doing the bulk of the staffing for the field trips/"Spend An Educational Week in __________" excursions, etc., etc., etc.

Pay the teachers to concentrate on teaching and either hire people to do those secondary things that you want available for "broadening" your child's world or shut up.

If you bought a dildo in Denver, the government must legally be told

Mike Moyle Silver badge

It could get even BETTER (For small values of "better"!)

In some places, COMMUNITIES can add on a fractional amount for LOCAL sales tax. California, for instance, is a patchwork of varying sales tax rates, from (IIRC) 6 - 10%. Just wait until every community wants to make sure that they get their cut, and every local busybody can see what you're buying!!

Fun times ahead!

Oi, you, no flirting, no touching in the back of our rides, sniffs Uber

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Isn't Uber always going on about how they're a software company, not a taxi company?

Making rules for what you can do in a hired car AFTER you've logged off their system...? THAT sounds like something a TAXI company would do.

"If you don't play the game, you don't get to make the rules."

New British flying robot killer death machines renamed 'Protector'

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Still waiting for someone to name their killer drone the Flying Monkey.

"I've got a wing of Flying Monkeys and I'm not afraid to use them!"

Chernobyl cover-up: Giant shield rolled over nuclear reactor remains

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I'm disappointed...

You had the chance to write a headline along the lines of "Ukraine builds world's largest mobile shed," and you just... threw it away.

I've come to expect better of you, Reg!

Trump's plan: Tariffs on electronics, ban on skilled tech migrants, turn off the internet

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Disturbing

"This is the America I've seen so far. I really hope it gets better choices in 4 years time..."

With any luck, things might have a chance of changing in two. The members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms, so they are all up for reelection in 2018. and the Senators serve six, so 1/3 will be at risk. Congress often changes hands during the midterm elections. You may recall that, as the minority party, hard-line Republican Senators filibustered virtually EVERYTHING that the Democrats tried to do from 2008 - 2010. After Congress changed hands in 2010 they didn't need the filibuster to be obstructionist; they could do it by sheer numbers.

Over the past eight years, they have demonstrated how they think a responsible party should act, both as the minority party and as the majority.

"They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind"

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: And we thought BREXIT was bad

"I know, it's a bummer when democracy doesn't give you the result you wanted."

Actually, DEMOCRACY (according to the counting at this time) apparently would have given us Hillary.

In the U.S., we don't actually vote directly for president; we vote to tell the members of the Electoral College (essentially, our sitting Congress-critters) who to vote for. The argument for this set-up was that, while Representatives are elected proportionately to the population of each state, every state gets exactly two Senators. Since there were/are, more "rural" states than "urban" ones, this was intended to keep less-populous, mostly-rural states from being overpowered by more-populous, highly-urban states. Essentially, one could argue that the makeup of the Senate was DESIGNED to impede unfettered democracy!

What this means in practice is that a candidate can WIN the popular vote by winning the urban states and a few of the rural ones and still lose the Electoral votes because there are a LOT more rural states than urban ones. (And most states are "winner take all" states, meaning that no matter how slim the margin of victory is, the candidate takes all of the Electoral votes.)

And herein ends your American Civics lesson for today.

There'll be a short quiz next period.

Hitler's wife's lovely lilac knickers fetch £2,900 at auction

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Just noticed...

Amusingly, Eva Braun's monogram appears to be the source for the neon "Excellence In Broadcasting" logo that Rush Limbaugh has hanging behind him in his radio studio.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"(T)he silk knickers were sold for £2,900 when they went under the hammer..."

Oddly enough, that's how Adolph used to refer to in on late night visits to Eva's room...

A British phone you're not embarrassed to carry? You heard that right

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: "WileyFox"

Well, it's less worrying than Wile E. Coyote!

Uber, Lyft drivers shamed for 'racial bias' by uni eggheads

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Name and Photos?

Not sure if this scales generally but, in my neck of the woods, there are "taxi" and "livery" licenses, each with different regulations.

Taxis can pick up anyone who flags them down or can hang around airports, hotels, etc., to pick up any business that they can, but they must be marked with signage that clearly identifies them as taxis.

Livery services can have unmarked vehicles (think airport limo services), but are ONLY allowed to pick up pre-arranged fares.

So, Uber, Lyft, et al are more closely related to livery services that I've used where, when picking me up at the train station, have asked for a description so their driver can recognize me, since I won't be able to identify the car. I suppose that they could have a text box where you could type in a description, but may have decided that it was more likely that they could get some drunk leaving the bar @ 2:00 AM to take a selfie than type in an intelligible description. That and the name can also help when more than one person pings the service from the same bar at closing time.

I may have other issues with the UberLyfts, but those methods of identifying the fare aren't among them.

Hackintoshes hackable

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Better Headline:

You macking on my Hackintosh, bro...? Not cool!

LASER RAT FENCE wins €1.7m European Commission funds

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Against birds this might work but I'm having trouble seeing it being effective against ground-runners, at least after the plants become tall enough and leafy enough to minimize the light getting to ground level. Add in the fact that, unless you have a laser pointing pretty much straight down each row of crops you're soon trying to shine it across multiple rows of foliage, further blocking the effect. (Also raising the issue of SEEING the critters running under the foliage, in order to target them.)

Well, I suppose that's what the testing is for.

...then too, would it make sense to use red lasers instead of the green one shown in the picture? That way, any light blocked by the foliage would at least be feeding the plants, so the farmer is getting some return for the extra drain on his electric bill!

LinkedIn, Dropbox hack suspect named as Yevgeniy Nikulin by US prosecutors

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Were I the suspicious and cynical sort of individual (which, of course, I'm not!) I might watch for the FSB arresting an American visitor, having suddenly "discovered" evidence that s/he had committed a crime while in Russia.

Smoking hole found on Mars where Schiaparelli lander, er, 'landed'

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: It's WAR


F'Narxbothamly Smythe (In three-legged tweed plus-fours, to his friend S'kizzx Pertwee-Jones): Good shot, old tharthnag! You took it on the wing!

Meet the slimeballs who are openly sabotaging Virgin Media

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Exploding rodents ...

While related, technically rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents.

Just sayin'.

Trump vs. Clinton III - TPP looks dead, RussiaLeaks confirmed

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Trump should not be on the ballot paper

I strongly disagree -- Trump absolutely SHOULD be on the ballot paper.

...Maybe if we can get him to go on the paper, he won't spread his poo all over the rest of the house. (BAD Donald! No cookie!)

The exploding Note 7 is no surprise – leaked Samsung doc highlights toxic internal culture

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"We gave Samsung a lengthy opportunity to respond to the questions raised (...) We have yet to hear back from the company."

...They just can't stop copying Apple, can they?

Redback sinks fangs into Aussie's todger AGAIN... second time in five months

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Not all creatures down there are dangerous

Knowing the Aussies, I'll presume that they already have a joke about how knowing which sheep are the safe ones could save you from a nasty paternity suit later, and not invent another one.

Moron is late for flight, calls in bomb threat

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I'm confused (Not that that is an unusual state for me, mind you).

"...received 12 months in jail along with a fine of CA$3,844.88 (US$3,000, £2,200)."

$3,844.88 seems like an awfully precise arbitrary fine. I mean, this was a Canadian court, fining a Canadian resident for a crime that happened in Canada and yet the court selects a fine amount which (apparently, at that day's exchange rate) rounds nicely to a US dollar amount -- the which monetary system should have no bearing in the court. The only times that I've seen that sort of precisely-specified, non-rounded fine were when the victim's actual losses were calculated and a round number penalty was added on top of that. That, though, does't explain the nicely-rounded-to-the-nearest-thousand-in-US-dollars nature of the fine.

Something doesn't add up (Sorry!), or something got mis-reported, or I'm just missing something blindingly obvious.

Shopkeeper installs forecourt khazi to counter mystery Dublin dung dumper

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Thank you, said the reader gasping for air

You're not alone. From his description, it sounds like Mr. Buckley was left gasping for air, as well -- just in a different way.

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