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Russia: The hole in the ISS Soyuz lifeboat – was it the crew wot dunnit?

Mike Moyle Silver badge

If it WAS an astro-/cosmonaut...

...I expect the story to show up in "Who, Me?" someday

Top Euro court: UK's former snooping regime breached human rights

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: So how long until this?

"Why do retired senior US intelligence officials get to keep their top secret security clearances? Why are they entitled to on-going briefing on top secret matters when they're no longer working for the government?"

There have been cases of former intelligence officers being called in to consult in "This is what we THINK is happening, but you've dealt with this guy face-to-face -- what do YOU think is going on?" cases. For that, they need clearances to get to look at the raw data. I don't necessarily think a clearance should be revoked at the instant that someone leaves a TLA, but I can see a case to be made for a sunset clause: after n-number of years, that sort of interpersonal data becomes too stale to be useful and clearances should be allowed to lapse.

Boffins bash Google Translate for sexism

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"(The paper) also cautions that because the Google Translate code is subject to ongoing revision, the research results, gathered in April 2018, may not be reproducible."

Right... Hands up, all you researchers who wish YOU'D thought of this dodge...!

Wannabe Supreme Brett Kavanaugh red-faced after leaked emails contradict spy testimony

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: "Critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy"

"Do they understand they are transforming US exactly into that model they fought in the cold war?"

Of course they do, with the understanding, "But it's OUR police state, so it's okay!"

make all relocate... Linux kernel dev summit shifts to Scotland – to fit Torvald's holiday plans

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Work out-of-work

"Wonder then at those who would bring the entire office in person to your family holiday!"

Linus's new definition of "Kernel Panic".

Benchmark smartphone drama: We wouldn't call it cheating, says Huawei, but look, everyone's at it

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Isn't this easy to fix?

Seems to me that the solution is to run benchmarks continuously until either the battery runs down or the phone cooks itself to death and publish those results alongside the battery life under normal use.

It puts the benchmark and battery life numbers into a usable context.

Roskosmos admits that Soyuz 'meteorite' hole had more earthly origins

Mike Moyle Silver badge

So far, 27 Roscosmos employees have confessed to drilling the hole.

More confessions are expected shortly.

Russian volcanoes fingered for Earth's largest mass extinction

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"We need to figure out what the dynamic is here that initiates million year long volcanic events."

...a really killer vindaloo? (Well, there have been times when it FELT like a million years...)

Voting machine maker claims vote machine hack-fests a 'green light' for foreign hackers

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"So, um... (you knew this was inevitable, didn't ya) ...voting based on blockchain, anyone?"

If the energy consumed in bitcoin mining is any indication, then voter apathy might be the only thing that would keep blockchain-based voting from bringing entire national power grids to their knees.

Android data slurping measured and monitored

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"'As we repeatedly point out, Apple makes its money from selling overpriced hardware'

It's all about the money, money, money - they don't really give a toss about YOU, just your pocket."

Back in the '70s, an aftermarket automobile oil filter company ran a series of ads featuring a supposed auto shop mechanic extolling the virtues of their product. The tag line was "You can pay me now, or... Pay me later."

Plus ça change...

Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: illegal

"As in taking something and depriving the owner of it. Copyright violation is not theft, copyright violation is copyright violation."

Copyright is the right to determine who can legally own a copy of something... It's kinda right there in the name. Copyright, in the U.S., is a property right, and property rights are defensible in court, even if the property in question is not physically removed (e.g., trespass).

Further, appropriating the fruits of someone else's labor without their consent constitutes "theft of services", or doesn't the U.K. have that one?

Apple shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to find gambling in its Chinese App Store

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Why not ban Forex Trading Apps?

There are Forex Traders? Those things haven't been made in years; I wouldn't trust them, myself.

Are they at least MIB or have they been used?

...there's REALLY a market for those sorts of things? Ewww...

Internet overseer continues wall-punching legal campaign

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Anglo-Saxon....

Not a linguist by trade, but my understanding is that the Normans had picked up a lot of Romanized terms -- as one does when trying not to appear a parvenue after invading the West. Meanwhile, the Angles/Saxons/Jutes kept much of their language, generally not bothering to learn more than the minimum British needed to get their message across*. So, in the end, their words tended to be short and their sentences direct, until their Romanized brethren showed up with their posh talk and fancy grammar.

Thus, for instance, the Anglo-Saxon serfs butchered sheep and deer, while the Normans ate mutton and venison, the poor shat while the rich defecated, etc., so the rule of thumb became "If it's monosyllabic, it's Anglo-Saxon, if it's polysyllabic, it's probably a Norman import."

* -- This also explains why English is the rare language that, in general, doesn't gender its nouns: The British nouns had gender but the invading Saxons, et al, couldn't be bothered to learn them, so they just didn't. "Bring food!" was clear enough to get the job done, so that was it.

Juno this ain't right! Chinese hackers target Alaska

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: A note to you Brits

Juneau, I was just about to make that point. Have one of these for getting there first! ---------->

Congresscritters want answers on Tillerson's rm -rf /opt/gov/infosec

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: We all know the US doesn't need cyber-security...

"Instead of defending them with some ridiculous "whataboutism" as though the kettle wasn't as black as the pot. If it's not criminal because it's in the past, why the current fuss about past actions by the Cheeto?"

Because he IS in the office right now and his historic pattern of behavior is relevant to anticipating possible decisions on the future direction of the country, unlike a failed candidate who has no ability to set policy.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: We all know the US doesn't need cyber-security...

"Somebody forgot to tell Hilary about cybersecurity as if her homebrew server was ever secure."

And if this were a Clinton administration, your comment might be relevant. As t is, it's just whataboutism to distract from the issue at hand.

Is Apple going ease off its HomeKit chokehold? Sure looks like it...

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: I say no

"I would love to know what slurp there is from when you turn your light on....

"This slurp nonsense is getting embarrassing"


Top Euro court: No, you can't steal images from other websites (too bad a school had to be sued to confirm this little fact)

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"... taking it from a website with no indication of copyright)..."

The bottom of every page, apparently, has a menu of notice pages, including for "Impressum/Datenschutz", or "Information / Privacy Policy". The fifth paragraph down has the copyright blurb and website contact information (quoted below, from Google Translate):

"© The copyright for all texts, photos and the design lies with schwarzaufweiss or the authors. All rights reserved. Despite great care, we can not completely rule out mistakes in content. Therefore, all information is provided without obligation and guarantee by schwarzaufweiss or the respective author, who also assume no responsibility and liability for possible errors. Disclaimer: Despite careful control, we assume no liability for the content of external links. The content of the linked pages are the sole responsibility of their operators.

"Internet travel magazine schwarzaufweiss GbR

On the Schevemoorer Heide 13

D-28325 Bremen

Tel. 0421/74837

E-Mail: webmaster@schwarzaufweiss.de

Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnr. DE 219058189

Authorized representative and responsible person according to § 5Tmg .: Helmuth Weiss

Webdesign: Stephan Eigendorf & Helmuth Weiss"

So, while they don't tell you who holds the copyright of a specific asset on the site, it tells you who your first contact to get that information should be.

I found this in less than two minutes and ich sprech keine Deutsch.

Dear alt-right morons and other miscreants: Disrupt DEF CON, and the goons will 'ave you

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: "Alt-right moron"

"that's obviously the opposite of "Oxymoron"."

Remember: They're only "Oxymorons" as long as they're breathing. Personally, I'd prefer "Deoxymorons".

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: False flag attack

...because the self-righteous (self-reicheous?) have never been shy about identifying themselves as the "saved", "awake", non-kool-aid-drinking, red-pill-taking World Heroes(tm) that they think they are.

On the other hand, if someone or some group of someones WANTS to pay $280 each (plus attendant expenses, if any) for a chance to get an ass-whuppin' in support of a false-flag operation, who am I to say no?

Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Still need that "killer app" ?

Just as a followup to this: Wristwatches were considered effeminate (we still see some echoes of this in the fact that metal bands are often still referred to as "bracelets") until they were taken up by pilots in WWI who could look at their wrists more easily than digging a watch out of a pocket of their bulky flying suits in a cramped cockpit.

The More You Know...

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: re: That's bollocks, it really is.

"What's the compelling use case for a smart watch then?"

The problem with this question is that what it's REALLY asking is "What's the compelling use case for a smart watch FOR ME then?", which is unanswerable for anyone but you. I am reminded of this every time El Reg puts up a story about phone or tablet sales. The "I just want a telephone with $RidiculouslyLongBatteryLife," or "Tablets are toys with no compelling use case," brigades come out and proceed to ignore or actively dismiss EVERYONE who points out that, FOR THEM, $Function or feature is indispensable or has, at the least, simplified their life in some way.

It's perfectly fine to say "I see no compelling use case in $Gadget for ME," but another thing altogether to generalizie to "There is no use case for $Gadget." One is intellectual honesty and one... isn't.

Trump wants to work with Russia on infosec. Security experts: lol no

Mike Moyle Silver badge


...except when he flew to the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, when he owned it.

But, true; he hasn't flown there RECENTLY.

Python creator Guido van Rossum sys.exit()s as language overlord

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: And people wonder why ...

"I'm going to try and let you all (the current committers) figure it out for yourselves."

Fortunately, given the "many eyes" theory of open source, we can at least be assured that -- whatever form the resulting administrative system takes -- it will be simple, breathtakingly logical, and satisfactory to all involved.

BGP hijacker booted off the Internet's backbone

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Good news all round

"Almost as if somebody took a 14 day holiday, was back for a couple of days and then went off on holiday again..."

So the authorities need to start sweeping up records from Trivago and the other travel aggregator sites for matching travel dates...? Don't give them ideas!

iPhone 8 now outsells X, and every other phone

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: @AC It's had its day.

"Buying outright a throw away phone and choosing a reasonable contact you are literally saving 1000's, especially over a two year period."

True enough, if you're into "throw-away".

OTOH, if you plan to trade in or resell an older high-end phone, Apples still tend to hold their value better, reducing the cost of your new phone by, potentially, a few hundred [MonetaryUnits].


GIMP masks font downloads, adds horizon fix in new build

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Still no native CMYK support...


United States, you have 2 months to sort Privacy Shield ... or data deal is for the bin – Eurocrats

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"The US government is completely dysfunctional right now, so there is zero chance anything will get done in the next two months"

Get Putin to request it when he and der Trumpster have their no-records-kept one-on-one in Helsinki and it'll be done instanter.

The strange tale of an energy biz that suddenly became a blockchain upstart – and $1.4m now forfeited in sold shares

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: "an unnamed Hong Kong resident"

Delaware is the second-smallest (by land area) state in the U.S. Thus, they hit on the idea of making really easy incorporation their main cash crop. It's not uncommon at all to see the note "A Delaware corporation" in small print on a company's ads or website.

Here's a brief spot to give you an idea of the scale:


Science fiction legend Harlan Ellison ends his short time on Earth

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Deathbird Stories

I think I prefer the original title for "Along the Scenic Route": "Dogfight on 101". I remember when it came out in the late '60s. Great story, although I have to admit that -- being an illustrator -- I bought the mag more for the beautiful techno title page illustration by Jim Steranko than for the Ellison story.

I agree that his prose and his personality could be off-putting at times, but he spun off concepts like an ideating Catherine Wheel. He will be missed.

Apple fanbois ride to the aid of iGiant in patent spat with Qualcomm

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I think the article is missing some information:

If the modem chip violates Qualcomm's patent, why is the buyer of the chip being sued instead the chip maker? Unless QC is claiming that the other would never have infringed if Apple hadn't induced them to do so, I'm not sure I see the argument from QC's point of view. (As opposed to the lawyer's POV... I think I know that!)

Does anyone know offhand if the (allegedly) violated patent is a FRAND case? Being a modem, I'm assuming that it is, but it's unclear -- and, again, I should think that that would be an issue with the modem maker, not the phone maker.

But, then, IANAL -- so what do *I* know?

Dot-Africa saga going to jury trial... thousands of miles away in America

Mike Moyle Silver badge

On the plus side...

...apparently iblesstheraindownin.africa is available!

Creep travels half the world to harass online teen gamer… and gets shot by her mom – cops

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: I thought of the child(ren)

"A .22 doesn't really have enough stopping power to deal with an intruder."

That is apparently incorrect. The alleged perp seems to have been sufficiently dealt with: he was injured and driven off, and taken into custody.

Uber's London licence appeal off to flying start: No, you cannot do driver eye tests via video link

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"'Move fast and break things' and self-driving really don't go together."

(Puts on best Pantomime Punch voice) "OH-H-H-H, yes, they DO!"

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: I'm wondering what sort of job they were doing

"The obvious end game is Uber being a monopoly and suddenly prices are going to hitch a ride on the Saturn V."

well... If it got us the Saturn V back... Maybe...

Meet TLBleed: A crypto-key-leaking CPU attack that Intel reckons we shouldn't worry about

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Is it just me...?

...or is amanfromMars 1 cloning him-, her-, or itself? There seem to be a larger number of accounts posting almost-parseable comments than usual in this thread.

...or am I just debilitatingly low on my caffeine intake this morning?

IBM’s McAfee-as-a-service cloudy antivirus wobbled for nearly a day

Mike Moyle Silver badge

McAfee-As-A-Circus, more like it...

This space intentionally left blank.

Google says Pixel 2's narcoleptic display is being fixed in June update

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Picture is neat

Not a Brit, but I suspect that the answer is the same as the one the palace groundskeeper told the American tourist who asked how they kept the lawns so perfect: "Well, first off, you start 800 years ago..."

Tor-forker Joshua Yabut cuffed for armoured personnel carrier joyride

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: I'm curious..

"When something interesting presents itself I think the primal urge to get a piece of the action is far stronger than vague notions of tactics or common sense."

"I want tell you about the town of Stockbridge, Massachusets, where this happened here. They got three stop signs, two police officers, and one police car. But when we got to the "Scene of the Crime" there was five police officers and three police cars, being the biggest crime of the last fifty years, and everybody wanted to get in the newspaper story about it."

Hey, Mac fanbois: Got $600,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Splash out on this rare Apple I

Mike Moyle Silver badge

On the plus side...

iFixit gives the Apple ! 11 points out of 10 for repairability.

I see a satellite of a man ... Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, that's now 4 sats fit to go

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"Sats 5 and 6 were launched into the wrong orbit..."

"...and the European Commission is still pondering whether they can be full members of the constellation or not."

Those'll be the Brexit ones, then.

President Trump broke US Constitution with Twitter bans – judge

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"...it will carefully reasoned, diplomatic and respectful of the independence of the judiciary."

Now THAT'S comedy!

Folks are shocked – shocked – that CIA-backed Amazon is selling face-recog tech to US snoops, cops

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I wonder how much the service costs?

I'm pretty sure that if one could get photos of everyone entering/leaving police headquarters at around shift change times that one could probably convince a certain class of persons to invest in a system that used unsecured surveillance cams to track, say, whether any of the photographed are in an area where the investors might wish to transact some business.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, and all that.

Bowel down: Laxative brownies brought to colleague's leaving bash

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: A similar tale that's full of --it

Actually, that story IS full of it:


John McAfee ‘goes underground’ in motorcade to flee SEC

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Feeling left out...?

I mean, Assange was in the news yesterday; maybe McAfee was just feeling a bit ignored.

NASA boss insists US returning to the Moon after Peanuts to show for past four decades

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: PLEEESE go back, just for our sanity.....

Wouldn't work... The rest would just decide that he was:

A -- Hypnotized;

B -- Drugged, or;

C -- A paid shill

...who's actually broadcasting from a secret NASA facility deep in Area 51.

T-Mobile owner sends in legal heavies to lean on small Brit biz over use of 'trademarked' magenta

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"I have a trademark on brown so I'm warning people now, don't give me shit."

Well, since you're the only one allowed to use it, we HAVE to surrender it to you or be in violation of your trademark!

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: And the village idiot spoketh

"I guess you’re happier as a cuck."

Someone who actually finds the word "cuck" a viable form of argumentation...

Well, that would explain the Anonymous Cowardice, then.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Both sides' extremes are idiots

"* A person’s ‘true intent’ is unknowable to anyone but them.(...)"

And sometimes, not even then. Therein lies the problem.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: What if Linux...,

"Open source technical projects, and especially stupidly complex projects are probably not the best place to fight gender equality battles. Judge people on the basis of the diffs they submit. Anyone suitably competent will have a solid reputation before anyone actually knows their racial background, gender preferences etc. This is true equality."

That would only work, I think, if -- when making one's FIRST code contribution -- a random alphanumeric identifier were assigned by an automated system to every contributor, and ALL contributions were stripped of ANY content except a description of what the code was intended to be -- e.g.; "Print Driver: [CODE]". For recommendations of code replacement, the description, followed by the code to be replaced, a divider, and the new code and a Reg-style up/down vote system. No arguments pro or con allowed, no Torvaldsian invective allowed, no input of ANY sort allowed except the pure code on which to decide. This wouldn't solve the problem of girls/minorities being steered away from tech by societal pressures before they even GET to this point, but if your argument is that project members will pick the best code regardless of its source then obscuring the source shouldn't do anything but make the code stronger.

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