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Russia raises fare for NASA's Soyuz rocket rides

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Sorta make you proud...

...how well they've learned the lessons of monopoly capitalism!

Renault intros e-MPV

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Re:And the gearbox is for ?


Canon PowerShot SX200 IS compact camera

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Just to let you know...

The two cathedral shots don't link and (I hope!) you've reversed the image stabilization on/off pictures.

On the camera itself -- I've been happy with both Canon compact cameras that I've owned but, yeah, the lack of optical viewfinder may keep me off this one.

London cops trial 'leccy patrol cars

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Dead Vulture

Ah, crap...!

Like police really NEED another reason to get testy, let's embarrass them in front of their fellow cops and everybody by making them drive around in an electric jellybean-car that the average mall rent-a-cop wouldn't be seen dead in...!

Tombstone icon because, well... cranky cops'll do that to ya...

British steam car completes final testing

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That's all well and good...

...but at 23 cups of tea per second, does this mean that we have finally achieved the true jet-propelled guided NAAFI, then...?

Cops wanted compulsory DNA cards

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Am I reading this correctly...?

"The second review again confidently claims: 'The Identity Cards programme’s potential for success is not in doubt. As the SRO and Programme Director recognise, however, >>>there is much work to be done before a robust business case can be established for a solution that meets the business need<<<'."

Translation: "Our ID cards are a solution in search of a problem..."?

...Nice of them to admit it.

Card-sniffing trojans target Diebold ATM software

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@ Oliver Mayes

I could be naive, as well, but my suspicion is that the ATMs in question are the privately owned NoNameCashSpot™ machines often found at gas stations and convenience stores, rather than bank-owned machines. (G**gle "own an ATM" and see how many companies are willing to sell one to any Tom, Dick, or Vladiszlav with cash in hand...) Someone comes in every so often to put cash in and unload the records (electronic or paper), and the store owners don't pay any attention 'cause it's not their machine.

Buy one, install the sniffer software and put it out someplace, upgrade the software whenever you go in to service it, and no one gives a rodent's rectum 'cause "it's just the guy servicing his machine."

It's why I try to avoid using those particular machines if at all possible.

French yoof offered Halo-esque electric buggy

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@ Ash

"Sweet baby jeebus, let them do something stupid once in a while. At least if they keep doing it, it'll reduce the amount of stupid left in the gene pool once things go wrong for them."

Don't worry... they WILL do something stupid once they realize that "night-vision camera" + "heads-up display" = "driving without headlights".

Its first midnight "rendezvous" with anything larger than -- I expect -- a MiniCooper ought to skim the algae off of the gene pool pretty well.

MIT boffins fashion working plasma rocket from Coke can

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Bringing new meaning...

...to the term "bottle-rocket".

Very cool! This is the sort of thing that Heinlein would have had "The Rolling Stones" using, had he but known.

Spaceborne-forces planners meet with orbital joyride firms

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@ AC 14:34

I think that you'll find it's pronounced Dam-FOOSS -- it's one of those Frenchy things...

Storage breakthrough could bust density record

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Two words...

...Seek time?

(Which is not to say that I wouldn't happily take a handheld computer with a 2TB drive if it was offered to me, mind you...!)

Pirate Bay supporters ram Swedish IFPI website

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Lionel Baden

Re: "hang on !!"

I think, if you read the article again, you'll see that that was paragraph 2 of the "NewGen" manifesto which appeared on the ifpi page before it was taken down altogether, not any of Sunde's comments.

Photography rights: Snappers to descend on Scotland Yard

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Let's do the math...

"The counter-argument from police and government is that these incidents are exceedingly rare: people continue to take hundreds of millions of photos every year, and while these encounters, when they happen, are clearly intimidating to the individuals concerned, they affect a negligible fraction of the populace."

Hmmm.... combined population of England and Wales -- 53 million-some-odd...

Combined uniformed police forces of England and Wales -- 143 thousand-some-very-odd...

"The counter-argument from photographers is that these incidents are exceedingly rare: people continue to take hundreds of millions of photos every year, and while these encounters, when they happen, are clearly intimidating to the police officers concerned, they affect a negligible fraction of the populace."

... Only fair, really...

Apple White MacBook Early 2009

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@ Rob Beard

No. You're not.

Freeway-averse Peapod runabout to go on sale in April

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I couldn't help it...

When I saw the line at the bottom of the article:

"Next page: The Peapod Range"

...I momentarily imagined that page 2 would contain nothing but a photo of a hand with thumb and index finger held about an inch apart .

Big labels or Google - who is the songwriters' worst enemy?

Mike Moyle Silver badge

So many f*ckwits, so little time...

@ By ACoward 15:43 GMT

"Artists create for art. If they're not creating for art they're just money-grubbers, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber."

You appear to be saying that if someone enjoys doing something, they should not get paid for it.

Let's see how that plays out...

"Programmers program for art. If they're not programming for art they're just money-grubbers, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber."

"Doctors and nurses heal for the sake of helping. If they're not healing for the love of helping others they're just money-grubbers, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber."

"Engineers design and tweak for art. If they're not designing for its own sake they're just money-grubbers, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber."

"Truck drivers drive because they love being on the open road. If they're not driving for the love of driving they're just money-grubbers, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber."

... Can we assume, BTW, that you hate and despise your job, and didn't end up in it because it was related to something that you enjoyed as a child? because, remember -- "(if you want to get paid for something that you get satisfaction from, you're just a) money-grubber, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber."

@ ACoward :: 16:12 GMT

"Hey, why not sell the songs for a few pence a pop. I'd buy the ones I want from an album and not the others, we'd soon get better quality songs, because they're the ones that people will be prepared to buy..."

So which music site DO you buy your music from? You CAN buy individual tracks from most of them, I believe. ARE you buying it, or are you "just download(ing) the whole album for free and delet(ing) the tracks the don't want"?

Are you actual;ly putting your money where your mouth is, or just blowing wind?

@ MahatmaCoat"

On top of that, music can now be written, performed, produced, arranged, mastered and distributed by kids in their bedrooms."

First off, I'll bet that that kid is listening to music that has been written, performed, and mastered by (reasonably) skilled professionals. ...You know... the ones that the ACoward above believes should be doing it for the joy of it, not because they want to make a living at it...

Secondly, I'll wager that that kid has hopes of making a living doing something that s/he enjoys, like making music. Sorry, Kid... you're just "a money-grubber, slightly more cynical than everyone other money-grubber."

So, when it reaches the point that all that kid in the bedroom hears is music written by other kids in their bedrooms, guess what all music will sound like...?

When some kid in his bedroom creates something that is as glorious as Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, or as heart-wrenching as Gorney and Clare's "You're My Thrill" -- and releases it into the wild anonymously and for free -- then I might accept your point, as well as those of the ACowards above. Until then, not so much.

"(...) Or DJs (...)"

Again, the DJ's stock in trade is remixing what someone with more talent has created initially. You can take both a GOURMET beef dinner, and a lousy beef dinner and make hash out of them. You'll probably get better tasting hash if you make it from the gourmet dinner, so you'd better hope that there will always be chefs out there willing to create gourmet meals for free. Otherwise you'll have lousy source materials to make your hash from.

...But, in any case, it will STILL be hash.

"(...) Or anyone with a good idea, some talent and minimal kit."

Well, yes; having a good idea and talent ARE important -- you get THAT much, at least.

That point that some DON'T seem to get is that, if someone creates something that you want, tTHEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO GIVE IT TO YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT IT! It might be a nice thing to do, but it is NOT required, any more than you should be required to give me all of your money just because I want it. If I want something that you have created (and I'm differentiating here, between "want" and "need" -- a difference that most children learn before they are 10, or so, but which some people never DO learn!) I should find something that YOU want and trade you for it.

Now, that something that you want may be something as simple as me slapping my hands together rapidly and repeatedly after you give me that item, or it may be a huge wodge of cash, or something in between. If I think that the exchange is acceptable, we have a deal. if not, we don't make the exchange. The one right that I do NOT have is the right to force you to make the deal that only I want to make.

Anyone who says that artists should only create "for the love of art" is saying that the artist does not have the right to determine the value to himself of his own output , but rather must accept others' determination and abide by it.

That line of thought is one of the reasons why guilds, and unions, and Fair Trade commissions were invented. If anyone who argues that artists should only create" for the love of their art" works in a population that has benefitted from any of those sorts of groups, maybe s/he should re-think that position.

MP wants Welsh text on ID cards

Mike Moyle Silver badge


How thin could they make a functioning, credit-card sized, e-ink-style display?

Since they're already talking about having biometrics on a chip on the card, they could probably code in any number of languages for the small amount of text that they'd need for the "Name:", "DOB:", etc. descriptor fields and make the language displayed user-selectable.

...Plus, since the display manufacturers would clearly have to ramp up production to meet the eager public's insatiable demand (Excuse me while I remove my tongue from my cheek...!) for these truly "smart" cards , it should bring their price down -- making e-book readers, sub-notebook-sized e-notebooks, e-journals, and e-sketchbooks mass-market commodity items!

Everybody wins!

...Well... unless you don't want national ID cards, of course. Then, you're just screwed.

Police pursue crime suspect by Wii avatar

Mike Moyle Silver badge


Psst.... Most, if not all, police departments stopped using actual sketch artists years ago, in favor of the standardized IdentiKit. Originally a set of clear acetate overlays with variously-shaped heads, eyes, noses, etc. (each with a code-number); a semi-reasonable composite could be created, and then the codes could be transmitted, allowing anyone with an Identi-Kit to create the composite, rather than faxing the drawing out shotgun-style. Nowadays, of course, it's all computerized.


@ Andy Barber:

"How could El Reg get caught out by such an obvious Mii-m?"

I fixed that for you. <gr>

Mac flirts with 10 per cent web share

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Liam Thom

>> A cricket site I made shows 97.71% Windows use.

...Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

DARPA seeks Transformer helicopters

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Just for fun...

Let's all imagine what happens when one rotor blade gets stuck at full extension when all of the others retract.

Force 1800 superhurricanes snapped on far-off world

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Planetary temperature

"Generally the faraway gas-planet sees a balmy 500-odd degrees, but as the massive world barrelled in to periastron, sun swelling hotter and hotter in the sky, this soared by 700 degrees in just six Earth hours."

That's the old estimate.

James Hansen has already adjusted it upward.

ISS astronauts lose 'alarming' amounts of hipbone strength

Mike Moyle Silver badge


...how do they test the astronauts' bone strength?

Push 'em off a curb and see if they break?

25 years of Mac - the good, the bad, and the cheese grater

Mike Moyle Silver badge
Thumb Up

A subtle plug...?

"First, a disclosure: I'm a Mac fan, a fanboi, a Mactard, a >>Mac addict << - depending upon your point of view."

A shout-out to the old neighborhood, Rik? Aren't you a Mac user, as well? <gr>

Good bit of nostalgia, there.

Mac malware piggybacks on pirated iWork

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: But Macs don't get viruses

@ AC -- 22:49 GMT

"I quote from one of their Mac and PC commercials "I run Mac OS X so you don't have to worry about the viruses and spyware that PCs do"."

True enough, in the sense that viruses and spyware written specifically to take advantage of Windows -- anything that looks for files on Drive C, as a trivial example -- will fail to run under OS X. Therefore the malware that users of (Windows) PCs have to worry about are not the same ones that Mac OS X users do.

It's all in how you phrase it, isn't it?

Why, yes; I HAVE worked in advertising before...

Obama's rainbow stealth aircraft uncloaks over Virginia

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Diffraction grating as stealth technology...

"...it's so crazy that it just might work!"

ISPs slam CEOP bid to rewrite RIPA

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Seems fair...

The Sun is a free newspaper, then?

Because if their business is providing eyeballs for their advertisers, then the advertisers are carrying the whole cost, surely...!

Fake plane death businessman left SOS bullet-point list

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Be fair...!

Charging him with making a false distress call -- okay, that's a fair call; but "purposely crashing a plane"...? No such thing!

It was flying just fine on its own, last time he saw it!

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Mike Moyle Silver badge

A few comments...

Some (all) of these may have been covered -- I didn't feel like wading through the nigh-endless iterations of "linux roolz", "linux sux", "stupid 'murricanz", to see if there was actually any information posted, so...

1 - To all of the "she should have just gone online and..." posters: Did you actually read the part about her not being able to run her ISP's install disk...? ...Hello-o-o-o-o...! (Yes, many public libraries have internet connections, but if you DON'T KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR, it's hardly useful, is it?)

2 - A Technical College is NOT a university and may not even be particularly "technical" in the sense that you're thinking of it. They often fall into a gray area between two-year junior/community colleges and full-service state universities. A friend of mine teaches at a technical college in a rural area which has degree courses in farm management, animal husbandry (keep it clean, you...!), veterinary science, etc. So, yeah, a lot of their incoming students aren't of "technical" mindsets.

3 - "'I'm extremely frustrated,' Schubert said. 'I wanted to get back to school, but I needed a computer to be able to do that.'" ...Stay-at-home-Mom who wants to get back into school now that the kids are in school...? Guess what: THESE are exactly the people that Linux needs to attract if it is ever to get out of being a Geeky, niche OS. If you really want Linux and OSS to conquer the world, you need to make it simple and intuitive enough that, when you demo its advantages at the local library or senior center YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE ANY WORDS THAT YOUR AUDIENCE DOESN'T ALREADY KNOW. If your presentation uses any words that start with "config" or "driver", you WILL lose them to Windows™ (or possibly Mac OS -- but, even then, if they've only been exposed to Windows, it can be a bit uphill).

Curve/ball phone-cam tech 'to match professional kit'

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Curved like a retina...?

So, how about an actual artificial retina?

Power and connectivity issues still remain, I know... but if they can get this part working, it puts us that one step closer.

That possibility, alone, should be reason enough to be working on this technology, whether it solves the shorter-term issue of 'phone camera sensitivity or not.

Cash-strapped US businessman jumps from light aircraft

Mike Moyle Silver badge


File your flight plan for a SOUTH Florida airport -- say somewhere around Tampa/St. Petersburg -- and jump out in Alabama before your flight path crosses the Florida panhandle and heads out over the Gulf of Mexico.

No last message, plane wreckage found in the Gulf, no body found...

Hell... leave a partial package of antihistamines and a half-empty bottle of rum with some clothes in a flight bag so they can come up with a plausible explanation of why you fell asleep, crashed in the ocean, and couldn't make it to shore...!

Honestly! Do I have to think of EVERYTHING around here...?

Microsoft and Apple: 25 years of couples therapy

Mike Moyle Silver badge

And then, of course, there was MS Works...

The office suite that (at the time we used it, at least) couldn't open anything created by any other MS program nor create docs in any format that THEY could open!

The Product Designed With Ghettoization In Mind! ®

Mattel bemuses gamers with 'brainwave' toy

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Apparently, I'm old...

...because my first thought was "A Krell headset".

Clearly, the ball is held aloft by monsters from the id.

...I guess that makes mine the baggy cardigan with the patches on the sleeves and the slippers and reading glasses in the pockets...


Steve Jobs dismisses death rumours

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ AC 16:23 -- Re: @Ted

Webster...? Is that you...?

Mac Tablet/Mega iPod Touch due fall 2009 who knows when

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Luke

"odd that it seems to have a brand name written on the side, can;t quite see it but it could be "samsung" or something!"

You have better eyes than I, then, because I zoomed way-the-foo in and all I got was a rectangular blur that, in picture 2 COULD be the Apple logo with the word "Apple" and in pic 1 looks more like a fingerprint scanner than anything else. Could be most anything, really.


Columbia disaster 'not survivable', NASA concludes

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Marcus Wilbanks

...And thank YOU for being a complete and utter fuckwit.

The purpose of a report like this is to:

A - Determine exactly WHAT happened, in exactly WHAT sequence, in order to see if ANY procedures could be modified/instituted that could have saved the crew ("When the wings start to melt, have the crew cabin eject automatically," as an example that they might consider for a future spaceplane, if any). Believe it or not, Bright Boy, spotting which fragment of slag scattered over dozens of square miles of terrain melted FIRST (not to mention second, third, and twenty-seven-thousandth) may not be as obvious at first glance to everyone as it presumably is to someone as clever and perceptive as yourself;

B - Confirm/maintain the pretense (take your choice -- I prefer to believe the first) that the crew were, in fact, doing their jobs and attempting recovery -- as they were trained to do -- when it all fell apart, and;

C - Confirm/maintain the pretense (take your choice -- I prefer to believe the first) for the bereaved families that the crew didn't suffer more than a few moments of anoxia and were not conscious of burning to death nor of falling at transsonic speeds from 30 miles up.

Of the three purposes, the first is important for the future engineering of the space program, the second for the public perception of the program, and the third for the peace of mind of the survivors.

(Note also, please, that this was a 400-page report detailing those events, conclusions, and recommendations -- of which YOU read a nine-paragraph summary and commentary before deciding to show off your wit and charm.)

So, yeah; from an engineering, as well as a PR standpoint, it actually makes sense to pay someone to figure out what happened when

What's YOUR excuse?

101 uses for a former merchant banker

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Support the Arts

I suggest drafting them into Muppaphone orchestras:


Apple ejects iBoobs

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Surely, you meant...

"...we can only congratulate them on a jub well done."

Right... I'm off!

Poor pensioners falling through DWP data holes

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Because you KNOW it's coming...

"Now, if all of those pensioners had some sort of national ID card, then we could know what services they needed..."

Prof's robotic pole-snake goes big in Korea

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Have they designed...

...the COUNTER-rotating camera-segment, so that the operators don't get massive vertigo as the snake rolls up the pole?

Man trademarks ;-) emoticon

Mike Moyle Silver badge
Thumb Down

I have just one thing to say...

:-P **Pp-p-p-t-t-h-b-b-b-t!!!**

iPhone owners to help clean up vomit

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Mike Flugennock

I thought it was just that flies were smaller and easier to tip than cows.

(Of course, you do have to be a bit faster to catch the little buggers unawares, I suppose...)

How to customise the Acer Aspire One GUI

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"Invisible" panels

Must there always be four icon panels and are they fixed in place by the OS?

If the answer to both is "yes". then could one take "slices" of the background graphic in an image-editing program, save the parts that would normally be hidden by the panels and use them as the panel graphics?

Inelegant, I know, but it would at least give the impression of the icons floating over the BG. (Hey... I'm not a coder; I'm just the Graphics Geek!)

Tell Santa to bring more assault rifles

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Bob

First off, I'm not a gun-owner -- I haven't fired a shot since I used to go target shooting with my father and brother better than 40 years ago.

So; no rabid gun-nut, here.

That said:

"The entire mentality of gun ownership in America is completely and utterly stupid and we just can't understand how the (apparantly) premiere nation in the world can be so collectively idiotic."

The fact that something that you don't understand must therefore be "completely and utterly stupid" is -- well -- completely and utterly stupid. (And WE don't have train-spotters' clubs so... you know... <gr>)

The fact that needs to be remembered apropos the American fascination with guns is that the national mythos centers around the explorer, the adventurer, the wanderer going off alone into the lawless wild -- generally with gun in hand. This is our history within, at the very least, our grandparents' memories, if not our own.

To expect a complete 180-degree turn-around in attitudes within a couple of generations is foolishly naive, at best. This is also, unfortunately, a good part of the reason that the race issue has been so intractable for so long in this country. Presumably, having never had much in the way of slavery in the UK in the first place and having legally abolished what there was more than 200 years ago, you folks on that side of the pond are blessedly beyond racial prejudice. Otherwise, one might have to assume that societal attitudes take more than a generation or two to change. ;-)

"As mentioned previously, must gun crime is an act of passion, or accident. Husbands shooting wives, kids accidentally shooting parents, robbers without guns taking guns off home owners and shooting them."

You seem to be trying to make one of two points:

1 - If an otherwise legal and legally-owned implement can be used as a weapon in a moment of passion, it should therefore NOT be legal (and the implied assumption is that all of these cited ARE legally-owned. Unregistered firearms or guns in the possession of unlicensed owners are already illegal, so in terms of the "good people wouldn't do bad things if the couldn't own guns" argument, these shouldn't even be on the table -- they're a whole 'nother issue.) or;

2 - If something was designed to be a weapon, it should not be legal for private individuals to own.

In regard to either of those arguments, I can only reply: *Huh?*

Any other argument that I can see from you post would be reducible to "I don't like/understand guns, therefore i don't want anyone to own them." I really can't see any choice other than those three.

...Well... unless you are saying that stupid people shouldn't own guns, which is a stance with which I happen to agree. OTOH, I also believe that stupid people shouldn't be allowed to drive, vote, get on the internet, or breed; so, there you go.

"...you are surrounded by two huge oceans and only a tiny, tiny strip of desert to mexico."

Ummm... since when is almost 3,200 km a "tiny, tiny strip of desert..."? I'm not sure what map you were looking at, but that's a border roughly the same length as the Russian border from St. Petersburg on the Baltic to Rostov on the Black Sea.

I'm just sayin', is all...

Microsoft opens arms to Firefox with OXML plug-in release

Mike Moyle Silver badge

So, once again...

"The software giant said that its new Open XML Document Viewer works within Firefox and can be used on Windows and Linux platforms without needing a local installation of MS Office."

So, once again Macintosh users are callously and cruelly locked out of the fun and joy of using Microsoft's latest...

...oh, wait a minute...

I don't want or need to read Office-formatted files in my browser...

,,,and I've got OpenOffice installed, anyway, should some misguided soul start spreading them around.

Never mind... Have fun; carry on!

Danish IT chief 'on the run', suspected of fraud

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Stein Bagger

...a stone blagger, then...?

Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers

Mike Moyle Silver badge
Thumb Down


I see that word a lot here; "oversold", "oversubscribed", etc., etc.

The implication seems to be that the ISPs are at fault for not asking, when they signed up the user, "So, how much capacity are you planning to use...", then apologizing with utter embarrassment when they couldn't sign the customer up that month because they wouldn't have the capacity to feed them everything that they wanted to use.

...Because we all know, of course, that people would all be blissfully honest about what they were planning to do with their bandwidth. ("...Hosting a torrent of every season of 'Dr. Who'...? Of COURSE not!! Why, the very THOUGHT...!")


The plain fact is that, for 90% of users, the unmetered plans offered ARE effectively, unlimited. Do you take a duffel bag to an "all you can eat" buffet? After all -- it doesn't say "as much as you can eat while you're sitting in this chair," it says "all you can eat". That's "unlimited", isn't it? If you try to sit there for five hours until you feel hungry again they'll kick you out for "exceeding normal usage." (Yes, it's an inane analogy -- but it's about as rational as the analogies used by the 10% to defend their monopolizing of the system.)

Here's a simple question for all of those who carp "I'd be willing to pay for truly unlimited service!" Suppose the standard user paid the current price but you could opt for a plan that charged you the standard fare every month times the multiple of "average" usage that you consumed? That is, if you used five times the average, you would pay five times the basic tariff... Would you go for that? If you can't say "yes", then you're really just trying to convince others (or yourself!) that you're not really a bad person; you're just tragically misunderstood.

Snipers - Cowardly assassins, or surgical soldiers?

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Michael, Cal


I read the title/opening as "Everybody knows..." in the sense of "Everybody knows that the world is flat..." -- an ironic assertion for the rest of the article to disassemble.

OTOH, it seems to me that whenever the other side (whomever the "other" is) uses an unconventional-warrior strategy, we (whomever "we" happens to be) will refer to the unconventional warriors as "cowards":

Setting Gatling guns against single-shot rifle infantry? Cowardly.

Potshotting from behind trees with rifles rather than standing and firing in massed ranks of musketry? Cowardly.

Shooting arrows from long-distance, rather than going hand-to-hand with sword and axe? Cowardly.

Whacking with a bloody great stick rather than using the teeth and nails that the Ungchuk the Creator gave us? Cowardly.

Mine's the one with the extra pockets for all sorts of Cowardly toys.

Motorola TLKR T7 two-way radio

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Great... Another one!

Use them on the worksite -- no problem.

use them in the field -- fine.

...But am I the only one who ALWAYS ends up in the train car with the fuckwit that uses one of these so they don't drop out in the dead zones and spends the entire trip making everybody listen to BOTH sides of their utterly inane conversation AND the annoying *BEEP* every 2.5 seconds!??!

When's someone going to invent a portable EMP unit so I can fry these toys of Satan, that's what I want to know.

Feds shutter one-stop stalker shop

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Oh dear...

"Tracer Spence"?

I'm assuming that the final "e" is NOT silent.

After all, Spencer Tracy DID star in the 1941 version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", so I suppose it makes some sort of sense.

French record labels sue, um, SourceForge

Mike Moyle Silver badge

And let's not forget...

As long as we're firewalling them, let's remember that someone could mail an illegal mix-tape to a friend in Le Belle France. So we'd better block la Poste, as well.

Woops...! That car has a duplicate CD in the glove box. CLOSE THE BORDERS!

Thank god it's not MY government saying something stupid, for a change.

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